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All Things Haunted Just in time for Halloween

Updated on June 15, 2019

Halloween is fast approaching and it makes the mind think of haunted things. In this article we will find out the top haunted places and things that make you get a chill up your spine.

Let us take a look at the places or things that you will want to stay far away from, or get closer to, depending on your nature.


Haunted Places

The first on the list is Alcatraz Prison. Alcatraz was built by military prisoners in the 1850’s. In 1933 it was taken over by the Federal Government and it was the place to put prisoners who were hard to handle.

According to the website page Haunting Ghost Stories of Alcatraz; the most active area for ghostly encounters is in the utility corridor. Three inmates were shot numerous times after a failed prison escape. In 1976 a prison guard heard eerie clanging sounds coming from the area.

Another area that is said to be haunted is Cell 14D. A prisoner in the 1940’s was hysterical saying a creature with glowing eyes was killing him. When the guards checked in on him the next day he was strangled in his cell. When a head count was done later there was one too many prisoners. Someone spotted dead convict in line with the other prisoners before he vanished.

Al Capone was a prisoner at Alcatraz. He was in poor health due to syphilis and he started playing the banjo in the prison band. He felt he would be in danger playing the banjo in the prison yard, so he asked if he could play in the shower room and his request was granted. Zooming to the present day a park ranger heard banjo music coming from the shower room. He didn’t know about Al and couldn’t find a reason for it. Visitors and Employees say they hear banjo music coming through the prison walls. Music is said to calm the savage beast and perhaps it has helped the notorious Al Capone too.


The Stanley Hotel

This hotel was built in 1909 by F.O. and Flora Stanley. They wanted to create a secluded retreat and did so in Colorado in Estes Park. The Hotel became famous due to the novel and movie The Shining by Steven King. King stayed at the hotel and experienced some events that were paranormal and that made it into his novel.

According to the website Haunted Places in America there are more than a few ghosts running around the Hotel. The couple of F.O. and Flora have been seen many times. F.O. has been spotted in the Billiard Room and the Lobby because those were his favorite places to hang out while he was alive. His wife Flora has been seen a lot too. When she was alive she used to play the piano for guests. Now that she has deceased she still plays the piano, music is heard and the piano keys are moving, but when someone enters the room the playing stops along with the piano keys.

Room 418 is a room where there are reportedly young children being heard there. The cleaning staff has heard noises coming from the room and impressions on the bed when no one has rented the room. When the room is occupied people complained of kids out in the hallway playing even though, at the time, no children were staying there.

The Stanley Hotel has taken advantage of their ghostly occupants and offers ghost tours for those brave enough to attempt it. . It is a good way of making lemonade out of lemons.


Pasadena Suicide Bridge

This bridge was built in 1912 located Colorado Street over the Arroyo Seco River. It is a beautiful bridge named the Coronado Bridge, but it seems to have a dark side to it. The first suicide happened in 1919, but the largest amount of people that died happened during the depression. Fifty people took their lives then. A suicide barrier was put up in 1993, and it has helped to cut down on the number of suicides. Why did this bridge become the end of the road for some people? Urban legend states a bridge worker fell off the side and was swallowed up in the wet cement and remains there. It is said he convince those that are troubled to end their lives.

Ghosts abound there and people have seen a man with wire framed glasses and a woman with flowing robes. Homeless people that have stayed underneath the bridge have seen ghosts and heard strange sounds.

The Coronado Bridge is the third most deadly bridge in the United States. It is beautiful, but deadly.


Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

This hotel was built in 1927 for 2.5 million dollars. It is located in Hollywood, Los Angeles California. According to Haunted after the hotel went through a renovation in 1984 celebrities that had once stayed there began to reappear. The only trouble is these stars are deceased.

Montgomery Clift stayed at the hotel in 1952 while he was starring in the movie From Here to Eternity. He stayed there for three months in Room 928. People have seen a ghost walking the hallways or have heard him playing the trumpet there also. Maids have said they felt a presence or felt as if someone were staring at them. A lady and her husband were in bed in the room and she felt someone touch her shoulder. She thought it was her husband, but he was sleeping.

Carole Lombard has been spotted on the 12th floor of the hotel. Her and her husband Clark Gable used to stay there. Marilyn Monroe was also spotted when an employee was dusting a mirror. The employee saw a blond haired sad looking lady, but when the person turned to look no one was there.

They must have had a good stay there to want to go back and spend more time there.

The White House

According to the website the White House has ghosts that are former presidents and their loved ones. Abigail Adams (wife of John Adams) has been seen heading to the East Room because it was there that she used to hang her laundry. Mary Todd Lincoln, who believed in spirits, said she heard the ghost of Andrew Jackson stomping and swearing down the halls of the White House. Jackson’s room called the Rose Room is thought to be the most haunted rooms of the White House.

Harry Truman heard noises during his time in office, sounds in the hallway and floors making noise and drapes moving back and forth.

Abraham Lincoln seems to have stayed at the White House through the years, and he has been spotted by Eleanor Roosevelt, President Coolidge’s wife, Lady Bird Johnson, and Winston Churchill. Queen Whelhelmina of the Netherlands heard a knock on her door one night. When she answered it Lincoln appeared to her in his top hat. She fainted on the spot.

If you have to see a ghost Lincoln would be the best one to see.


A Few Haunted Things

To see ghosts you don’t always have to be in a house. Here are a few things that are said to be haunted.

Annabelle a Raggedy Ann doll was purchased by a lady in a thrift store in the 1970’s. She gave it to her daughter who was in college. After she put the doll in her dorm room strange things began to happen.

The doll began to be in different rooms and one day it was standing up on its own legs. The daughter and her roommate went to a psychic who said the doll was the spirit of a young girl who wanted to be around college students, but that was a lie. The girls contacted a husband and wife psychic investigators named Ed and Lorraine Warren. They discovered it was a demon that possessed the doll to try and get the soul of one or both of the girls. They gave Annabelle to the Warren’s who put the doll in a glass case with a sign that says”Warning: Positively Don’t Open “. The doll is in their Occult Museum. Hopefully the doll will remain behind the glass for eternity.

James Dean’s Porsche Spyder

This was the car that James Dean died in, in the year 1955. The sports car was a limited edition made from the years 1953-1956. The car through the years not only killed Dean, but a number of people through the years that followed as well. The remains of Dean’s car seemed to bring bad luck and death to those who were around it. The first bad thing to happen was a fire in 1959 in a garage where the car was stored. In the same year of 1959 the Highway Patrol thought sending the car to numerous high schools around the area would be a reminder not to drive too fast. The vehicle transporting the car was involved in an accident. The driver was thrown from the truck transporting the car the car rolled of the truck bed and landed on top of the driver killing him.

The car was then bought by another person and went on exhibit in other states. A fifteen year old was standing near the exhibit when the bolts came loose on the stand and the car ran over him crushing his legs. He survived by a miracle. Another mishap happened a short time later and it fell off the truck bed onto the pavement and created another fatality. The owner decided to have it returned to California by box car the car mysteriously disappeared before it reached its destination. Maybe that is a good thing. Wherever it is may it not hurt anyone else.

Halloween is a time to reflect on the unexplained in this world, and pray that we don’t encounter any of these other worldly incidents unless we want to, and I for one, do not.


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