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Angry Birds Birthday Cake and Cupcake Ideas

Updated on September 7, 2014

Make an Awesome Angry Birds Cake!

Are you looking for the perfect Angry Birds birthday cake? You've found the right place! Search through a variety of the popular game cakes and cupcakes that your child will love. This new hit game is the most popular out there right now and kids are begging to have a birthday party about it! Find Angry Birds cake toppers and invitations as well to complete the fun!

Done by Hyeyoung Kim

Done by lam_chihang

Angry Birds in Space

Taken by Sam Cheong

Lovely ones by Shaun Dunphy

20 Piece Birthday Cake Topper Set with 15 Building Blocks, 4 Boulders and Unique Catapult Launcher


Oona and Angry Birds cake pops

An easier alternative to an Angry Birds birthday cake is to just plop an Angry Bird plush on top of the cake! Not only does it make a great cake topper but after you eat, it's a new toy for the birthday boy or girl too!

Angry Birds Cake Video

Here is a fun video of making an Angry Birds birthday cake from YouTube.

Birthday Shirts

You can't have a birthday party without everyone wearing awesome T-shirts with bird and pig characters on them!


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