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Angry Birds Party Supplies

Updated on March 18, 2015

Angry Birds Birthday Party Ideas

So you want to throw an Angry Birds party and your looking for some Angry Birds party supplies? Piece of cake, even if you are like me and have no idea why there is such a huge craze around Angry Birds. I have some great ideas that will make you king of the Angry Birds or at least cool enough to get some props from whoever is really into Angry Birds.

All on one page are a ton of Angry Birds party ideas and supplies. There are Angry Birds printables, unique party favors, party food ideas and fun ideas for games and activities to be done at the party, decorating ideas and even supplies for making an Angry Birds cake and cupcakes.

Angry Birds personilized invitations
Angry Birds personilized invitations

Angry Birds Party Invitations

The first step is invitations of course. Now you've got several options for this and they range in how out there you want to be. For something affordable and easy you can head to Angry Birds 365 where they have two different designs that you can either print out and write the info on, or use your computer to add in all the information. If you want something that will really stand out Jingvitations has these stunning handcrafted invitations. You have the option of attempting something similar yourself if you are crafty (or just really want to spend a few hours cursing at why it never turns out the way you pictured in your head) or having Jingvitations create them for you. The final option would be to head over to Etsy and find a digital invitation file that you like. The great thing about these is that you can add pictures and usually print them anywhere you want, so you can have the invitations right away

Angry Birds bunting banner by TinyPrintables
Angry Birds bunting banner by TinyPrintables

Angry Birds Birthday Party Decorations

The next thing you want to do is figure out decorations. Luckily Angry Birds is all about birds in bright colors, so you can quickly make an Angry Birds themed party just by getting red, yellow, blue and green decorations. Then with a few simple Angry Bird touches you can have a huge impact for not that much time or money. Birthday Direct has tons of great decorations that you can use and they even have the Angry Birds Space theme if you really want to get specific with your theme. My personal favorite decoration (coming from someone who knows very little about the game) is the giant wall sticker. This huge sticker makes it look like the bird is busting through the barricades (sending piggies flying) and coming right for you. It is a must for any Angry Bird fan. Another great idea comes from The Party Animal Blog. This blog offers templates for all of the angry birds so that you can attach faces to regular balloons. This is a great way to easily transform regular balloons into great decorations and they are great for a party game (which I'll get to later).

Angry Birds Party Food Ideas

Next you are going to need some way to feed your guests, and once again this comes down to how adventurous and crazy you want to be. The simple idea is to choose foods that can be tied to Angry Birds like pigs in a blanket, deviled eggs, gummy worms, just any food staples that can be tied to birds or pigs and you are set. If you want something a little more outrageous that will get your guests talking, then I’ve got some great ideas for you. The best and probably the most time consuming Angry Birds food is this watermelon carving (I know what you’re thinking but there’s a tutorial!) from It is definitely worth the effort if you think you can pull it off! If you want themed ideas that are still a blast to look at but not quite as labor intensive, has a ton of great ideas.

Angry Birds cake decorations
Angry Birds cake decorations

Angry Birds Birthday Cake Ideas

For the cake I've got some bad news, some overachieving dad out there that obviously has too much time on his hands, created the best Angry Birds cake around. It's playable, yummy and even the makers of Angry Birds thought it was awesome. As if that wasn't enough, he had to post a tutorial to the 10 hour long cake making process... if you have the time go for it (Here's the link but no picture because then you'll sit and try to talk yourself into it, because that's what I would do. Don't click the link unless you have 10 hours or more to devote to the cake). Birthday Direct has a great little cake topper set that you can add to your own cake or one that you have made at any store. Since Angry Birds is such a popular theme your grocery store may even have their own cake design that you can take advantage of. If you are dead set on creating your own but don't want to go the playable route you can also head to EBay and get an edible cake topper that you can even customize with your own picture!

How to Make Angry Birds Cupcakes

Angry Birds Party Games and Activities

For the party games you are in luck because this is a great way to get some use out of all those boxes you have lying around everywhere. PinkPepperMintPaper had the idea to stack up boxes and then use stuffed pigs and birds (you can make your own pigs and just use bean bags) to recreate the Angry Birds game. Another variation would be to get those Angry Bird balloons you made and attach them to a wall or fence. Then you can use bean bags to try and knock the birds down (you can use green bean bags and have it be the piggies revenge). If you want a simple game option or an easy way to get Angry Birds bean bags, you can purchase the Angry Birds bean bag toss game from

Angry Birds Favor Boxes
Angry Birds Favor Boxes

Angry Birds Party Favor Ideas

Now for the favors you have a wide range of options that are very easy and don't take much time, which depending on which of the above options you chose is a very very good thing. has an Angry Birds favor pack that comes with enough favors for 8 bags (with 6 awesome favors in each bag and none of them candy) so it is probably my favorite option. You can add in some runts or M&Ms if you want some candy to fit the theme.

Angry Birds Party Note

So there you have it, an amazing Angry Birds themed party and you didn't have to harm any piggies to do it...well any real ones anyway.

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