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Animated Halloween Props

Updated on September 9, 2014

Scary Animated Halloween Props

While you're recoiling in fear, a hairy spider skitters across the floor so fast you barely see it dart around the corner. You can get this kind of effect too at your Halloween party this year with these ultra scary animated Halloween props!

Lunging Zombie Reaper Prop
Lunging Zombie Reaper Prop

Halloween Props That Will Give Your Vistors A Good Scare!

Welcome to the world of animated Halloween props. A favorite of Halloween-lovers for years. When you least expect it, they come alive, shocking, scaring and ultimately entertaining visitors. When it comes to creating a lively, attention-grabbing, spooky house, animated Halloween props are the perfect combination of frightening and funny for the scary holiday.

Don't be fooled: you don't have to be a kid to enjoy the Halloween holiday. The best part is that Halloween brings out the inner child in people of all ages. Hair-raising masks, spine-chilling skulls and horrifying ghouls are amusing for both kids and adults alike. Just try to keep from screaming after a Zombie jumps out at you when you least expect it. Sure, stationary props are almost as fun. But they don't have that extra measure of surprise that animated Halloween props do.

How many times have you walked by a skeleton on someone's porch while Trick or Treating, expecting it to come alive any second? It's a little bit disappointing when it doesn't, right? Animated props talk, shake, fly and walk, coming alive before your very eyes. Whether you just want to put a few carefully placed props in your entryway or you're going all-out and turning your home into a haunted house, there's an animated prop out there for you. From small, battery-operated props to large, elaborate ones, you can find some within your budget.

Small props will fit on tables and counters while large, life-sized props can hang from trees or sit on the roof of your house. To figure out which prop best suits your Halloween atmosphere, think about the things you find eerie. Does the idea of a severed hand that scurries across the floor send chills up your spine? Maybe you've always been freaked out by the supernatural, and a crystal ball with a talking woman inside matches your idea of spooky. Whatever your preference, you won't have trouble finding a broad range of animated Halloween props.


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    • Scarlet Spider profile image

      Scarlet Spider 5 years ago

      Ah Halloween, my favorite time of the year. This is a great lens!