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Halloween Inflatables - Get Your Vampire Homer

Updated on December 12, 2011

Halloween Inflatables - The Ancient Tradition?

Nothing says spooky holiday season like a large, inflatable, Halloween-themed... thing in your back yard. The age old tradition of planting big blow-up figures outside...Hey wait a minute, I'm lying through my teeth. How long has this Halloween business been going on, anyway?

Vampire Homer.

Mmmmmmmmm, blood.
Mmmmmmmmm, blood. | Source

Lost In The Mists Of Time? Not So Much.

Like many traditions whose origins are lost in the mists of time...

Halloween as we know it is actually a pretty recent invention.

You heard me. This whole thing, with the spooky decor and the carved pumpkins, and trick or treating? Pretty recent.

The Scholarly Bit.

Some ascribe Halloween's origins to a Roman feast, or their festival of the dead. It's also linked to Samhain, the Celtic festival whose name means 'summer's end'.

The word Halloween first appeared in the 16th century as a Scottish term for All-Hallows-Eve, the night before November 1st, All Hallows Day. This day has been celebrated by the church since 835 AD.

Trick Or Treat?

The earliest known use of 'trick or treat' in print comes in 1927 from Canada. The writer tells of the typical tricks and practical jokes played by children who could only be prevented from doing them if bought off by treats. So, you know, criminal extortion right there. Start them young.

Yep. Trick Or Treat.

Jack O' Lanterns.

Jack o' Lanterns date back a ways. They used to be carved from turnips back in the old days in Scotland. In the US, they turned to pumpkins since they were more plentiful, bigger, and easier to carve.

Pumpkins. Scary. Woooh.

Pumpkins. With Faces.
Pumpkins. With Faces. | Source

Legends: Invented By Sub-Editors To Sell Pumpkins.

Legend - by which of course I mean a mischievous sub-editor with some pages to fill - has it that Jack o' Lanterns are named for one Jack, who, on his death, could not enter Heaven because he was such a miser. Nor could he enter Hell, being no friend of the Devil. This being the case, he was pretty much forced to stroll aimlessly with his lantern until the Day of Judgement. Which has worked out pretty well for pumpkin sellers.

So That's Halloween -

So that's Halloween. A flaky mix of Celtic ritual and the night before a major Christian festival, all mixed up with a little harmless extortion and practical jokes.

And a great time to scare the bejesus out of your nearest and dearest, as well as play keep up with the neighbours. With Christmas still weeks away, how are you going to impress the neighbourhood? You can't turn on the Christmas lights yet; that would just be silly.

...But you can display a humongous, life-threateningly large and awesome Halloween inflatable. Let the neighbours tremble as they behold your awe-inspiring and unfeasibly huge blow-up Halloween decoration. BEHOLD...

Halloween Inflatables Slideshow

Horror Movie Marathon

Not enough? Then have a horror movie marathon of your very own, with a selection of titles guaranteed to have your children scream themselves awake in the small hours and keep them in therapy for years to come.

How about a zombie movie evening? Or, if you're the literal type, the 'Halloween' series? So many horror films, so little time.

Halloween is a great celebration, and it's a great time for children. Dressing up, creepy stories, trick or treating and eating yourself silly. What's not to love? Let them enjoy being pleasantly scared.

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