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Let's Get Batty - Bat Crafts for Kids

Updated on October 2, 2012

Bat Crafts for Spooky Halloween Fun

Get your kids into the Halloween spirit with bat crafts! Add bats to pumpkins, walls and windows. Create bats out of paper, foam and paint. Use materials around the house or pick-up a bat craft kit to get you started.

Find bat craft tutorials, bat craft ideas and bat craft kits to get your child started creating bat crafts.

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Construction Paper Bat Picture

Bat paper craft
Bat paper craft

It is time to get out the construction paper, scissors and glue! It is easy to make a bat to hang on the wall or turn into a picture to hang on the fridge. Just cut out a black (or any color you want to make your bat) circle for the head, Next using the same colored construction paper cut out an oval for the body. Next two triangles out of black are needed for the bat ears. Finally, cut out bat wings and some black pieces for the feet. Glue all parts together.

To decorate the bat you will need to cut out two circles for eyes, and two white triangles for fangs. Add sparkles, paint or anything else you wish to decorate your bat.

Image provided by San Jose Library, on Flicker under Creative Commons license

Bat Punch

EK Success Tools Punch, Vampire Bat, Large, Old Package
EK Success Tools Punch, Vampire Bat, Large, Old Package

Create paper bats quickly with the bat punch. Cut out paper bats make great accents for scrapbook pages or other crafts.


Bat Craft Template

If you cannot draw a bat do not worry. There are many people who share free bat patterns to help aid you with your bat inspired Halloween crafts. Here are a few places that offer free bat templates:

Create a bat that can easily hang on clothes lines, curtains or streamers using a basic clothes pin.

This clothes pin bat craft is easy and perfect for young children who are able to use scissors You can find these around the house or at a local store. Just paint the clothes line black and wait for it to dry. Cut out a pair of bat wings and glue them on to the back of the clothes pin. You can paint on eyes or add googly eyes. Add extra details to your bat to make it your own.

You can purchase a Halloween Bat clothespin Craft Kit to get everything you need to make a clothes pins bat.

Free Bat Coloring Page on Pixabay

Free Bat Coloring Page on Pixabay
Free Bat Coloring Page on Pixabay

Clay Bat Foam Activity

Martha Stewart Flying Bat Pumpkin Transfer

Martha Stewart Crafts Flying Bats Pumpkin Transfers
Martha Stewart Crafts Flying Bats Pumpkin Transfers

With Martha Stewarts Bat Transfers you can makeover your pumpkin for Halloween. No need to carve your pumpkin this year just place the transfers on your pumpkins and your ready for the holiday.


The toilet paper bat craft is easy for kids to make.

Supplies Needed: toilet paper roll, black construction paper, black paint, googly eyes, scissors, glue and markers

Start by painting the toilet paper roll black or gluing on black construction paper around the tube. If using construction paper make sure you measure the height of the roll with a ruler. Measure out the size needed on black paper and wrap it around tube until covered. Use scissors to trim any excess material

You can create the head on the black toilet roll or cut out a piece of black construction in a circle to attach atop the tube. If you are making a construction paper head. Add face details like two white triangles for fangs, two black triangles for ears,eyes or decorations before attaching the completed head piece.

If you are making you face on the tube just add all facial features one at time. Draw on mouth and glue on fangs. Add googly eyes, cut out eyes from construction paper or paint on eyes to finish your bat craft.

Bat Craft Projects

Looking for some to make some bat inspired crafts this Halloween? If so, you could make a bat out of craft pumpkin or egg carton. You could even try to make a bat puppets out of construction paper or a simple paper bag.

Paperfacets writer of Origami Bats in the Kitchen for Halloween has a cute paper bat project for older kids.

Paperfacets shows you step by step how to make origami bats. Websites features picture tutorial on how to construct the bats from start to finish. This fun project will help kids make a fun Halloween decoration to celebrate Halloween.

Image by paperfacets

Halloween Bat Stickers

EK Success Sticko Sticker, Bat Crazy
EK Success Sticko Sticker, Bat Crazy

Decorate your Halloween projects with bat stickers. Just peel away from backing and stick on your craft projects as desired.


Share your bat themed Halloween craft ideas for children below.

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      um, ok... directions for these great ideas???

    • iamraincrystal profile image

      Rosyel Sawali 5 years ago from Manila Philippines

      Cool! I made some paper bats myself in one of my Halloween lenses. They're fun to make ^_^