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Beautiful Bath Salt Holiday Gift Jars: Craft Project for Kids

Updated on November 14, 2015
The finished product
The finished product | Source

A Wonderfully Easy Holiday Gift For Kids To Make

This is a great craft to do with kids. It's fun and teaches them about colors.

Are you looking for something special for your child to give their teacher, grandparents, or favorite neighbor? This easy project makes a great gift for the holidays. There is always somethings special about a gift made by a child.

It involves very little skill and no sharp objects.

It's simple: Epsom salts, food coloring, and a clear glass jar with a lid. All you add is the time and imagination.

These homemade gifts are great for a teacher, grandparent, or aunt.

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What You Need for This Craft Project

You can find most of this stuff around the house

You only need a few things to create these beautiful homemade gift jars. You might even find that you have them in the kitchen pantry or the hall cupboard. If you don't have them on hand, check out your local dollar store. You're sure to find most of these items for cheap.

1. Clear jars with lids--These can be mason jars, mayonnaise jars, jelly jars. As long as they are clear, clean, and lidded they will work. If you want to start small, use baby food jars. Be sure to remove labels and the sticky glue residue before starting the project.

2. Epsom salts--Get the largest container and the cheapest kind you can find. Stay away from pre-colored and pre-scented brands.

3. Multicolor food coloring pack--The regular four color package is the best. It comes with the standard colors: red, yellow, blue, and green.

4. Disposable cups--You'll use these to mix the salt with food coloring. You'll need several cups depending on how many different colors you'd like to make. As the cups will be stained with food coloring, use styrofoam, paper, or plastic cups. I've kept cups over multiple projects, so there is no problem reusing them for more gift jars at a later date.

5. Straws or sticks--These will be used to mix colors. They can also be used for making indentations in the salt for designs.

6. Newspaper--You'll need to cover the workspace or you'll have salts and food coloring everywhere.

That's all there let's make our first bath salt jar!

Cute Little Jars

Kamenstein Square Glass Jar with Hinge Glass Lid, 4 Piece Set
Kamenstein Square Glass Jar with Hinge Glass Lid, 4 Piece Set

These jars would be perfect for this project. At 3-1/4" tall, they are the perfect size for little hands to work with. Clamp down lid is secure, so you won't have any accident spills. No one wants Epsom salt all over the living room carpet.


*Tip #1*

You can buy 4 packs of food coloring at the grocery store. They are also available in larger one color single packs.

Regular ol' food coloring makes the beautiful shades
Regular ol' food coloring makes the beautiful shades | Source

Mix The Colors and Epsom Salt

Variety is the spice of life!

This is going to be your child's favorite part of the project!

1. Set up the cups in a line.

2. Pour an equal amount of Epsom salt into each cup.

3. Put two or three drops of one color into a cup.

4. Mix the food coloring in with a straw or stick.

5. Add one or two drops of another color and mix again.

When you are satisfied with the color, set that cup aside, and start on another.

It's good to have several different colors for each jar. No doubt your child will make at least two colors the same (my niece was great at making brownish grey). Try to get several different colors so that the jar will be colorful.

Simple household items are needed
Simple household items are needed | Source

Pouring the Bath Salts into the Jar

Kids love making a mess

Next, you'll fill the jar with bath salts. You want to pour small amounts that vary in width so that an uneven pattern merges.

1. Take the first cup and pour about an inch of salt in the bottom of the jar.

2. Take the next cup and pour a half an inch.

3. Take the next cup and pour it only on one side.

4. Keep pouring colors. Start over with the first cup when you've gone through all the cups.

5. Gently tap the jar from time to time, so that the salts settle a bit. Don't shake it too hard or you'll mess up the pattern.

6. When the jar is full, put on the lid. You're done!

You can add some designs to your gift jar by using the sticks/straws. When you have a couple of layers poured in the jar, use the stick to make an indentation of an inch or so. This will create a V shape. The next color poured will fill the indentation. Play around with it and you'll come up with some surprising designs.

Things You Didn't Know About Epsom Salt

Epson salt is not just a brand name, it is the actual product.

Epsom salt is really magnesium sulfate. The name Epsom comes from a town in England.

Epsom salt has medicinal purposes, makes a relaxing bath, it's used to ease sore feet, and is used in the garden.

*Tip #2*

Clear glass jars work best. Make sure the lid screws on tightly so their are no accidental spills.

The Finished Product - My Niece's Bath Salt Gift Jar


My Niece made this jar when she was 5 years old. I assisted when needed--to prevent the creation of more brownish grey salt. For the most part she did this on her own.

You can dress it up by gluing a ribbon to the lid or adding some lace around the edge.

This one has been lovingly displayed by her Grandma for the last 10 years. And, you know Grandma can't pass up a homemade gift from one of the grandkids!

More Modern Colors to Try

Neon Purple Green Pink Blue 4-pack Food Color
Neon Purple Green Pink Blue 4-pack Food Color

Now we're talking! No more red, yellow, blue, and green food coloring. This set comes in purple, pink, green, and blue. Oh, what color combinations can be made with these!


© 2011 Melody Lassalle

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    • PinkstonePictures profile image

      PinkstonePictures 4 years ago from Miami Beach, FL

      Nice present idea

    • GypsyLyric LM profile image

      GypsyLyric LM 5 years ago

      What a great gift idea - I'm thinking this will be great for my co-workers! Thanks for the idea and the wonderful tips!

    • choosehappy profile image

      Vikki 6 years ago from US

      Very pretty! Blessed ;)

    • profile image

      marsha32 6 years ago

      I've always wanted to make these and add to my homemade gifts....hadn't thought about them staining the person, or the bathtub!

    • GonnaFly profile image

      Jeanette 6 years ago from Australia

      What a wonderful craft! Pretty and useful :-)

    • Othercatt profile image

      Othercatt 6 years ago

      These are so pretty! This would be fun to do with my daughter.

    • hayleylou lm profile image

      hayleylou lm 6 years ago

      Favouriting this lens as I know that my boys would just love this :)

    • profile image

      GiftsBonanza 6 years ago

      What a lovely gift idea and looks like fun!

    • LissaKlar LM profile image

      LissaKlar LM 6 years ago

      Great lens! I think kids would really enjoy making this. I like the idea of starting out using baby jars. i'm looking to put a huge box full of these to use!

    • clouda9 lm profile image

      clouda9 lm 6 years ago

      Very sweet craft for the kids to make and a wonderful gift idea too. Bath salts remind me of my grandma...she always sprinkled in a tablespoon or so into my bath when I stayed at her place.

    • seashell2 profile image

      seashell2 6 years ago

      Cute idea, I used to make lavender bath salts to sell at craft fairs many years ago!

    • MelRootsNWrites profile image

      Melody Lassalle 6 years ago from California

      Glad you all like this! I think I had as much fun making these as my niece did ;)

    • profile image

      bdkz 6 years ago

      Very cool!

    • Faye Rutledge profile image

      Faye Rutledge 6 years ago from Concord VA

      I love this idea!

    • Ann Hinds profile image

      Ann Hinds 6 years ago from So Cal

      I'm sold, great idea!

    • SandyMertens profile image

      Sandy Mertens 6 years ago from Frozen Tundra

      Great idea.

    • jmsp206 profile image

      Julia M S Pearce 6 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

      Great ideas!How we all would love a bath with epsom salts.

    • Sylvestermouse profile image

      Cynthia Sylvestermouse 6 years ago from United States

      LOL! I love you conclusion! I was going to ask about that, but you were prepared! I love this idea. I probably would never open it either. I would be just like Grandma and save that precious treasure! It sure makes a very pretty jar! Excellent directions. Angel Blessed and featured on Squid Angel Mouse Tracks in Crafts.