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Oktoberfest Costumes

Updated on September 13, 2013

Costumes for October Beer Festivals and Halloween

On of my favorite Seattle area festivals is the Fremont Oktoberfest. The event is held every September and is designed fun for the whole family - even the dog!

There is face painting for kids, pumpkin chainsaw carving demonstrations, a Buxom Royalty costume contest and a photo contest and fun run to do with your furry friend. And of course there is beer from numerous great microbreweries in the Pacific Northwest.

Beerfests have their origins from the 17 day Munich Germany Oktoberfest beer festival held every year in September since 1810. Oktoberfest is one of the most famous and popular events in Germany, usually attended by more than 6 million people from around the world every year. Beerfests and Oktoberfest celebrations have become very popular and have been started in numerous other cities around the world all based on the original Munich Oktoberfest. Some beerfests have costume contests, but even you attend one that doesn't, it only adds to the fun to wear a Oktoberfest themed costume to a beer festival.

The design of Oktoberfest and beer festival costumes have their origins in the traditional folk costumes worn by the people of Bavaria and the surrounding area. The traditional appearance of the women usually included braided hair with a peasant blouse under a decorative bodice and an apron worn over a dirndl skirt. Often knee-high or over the knee stockings were included held up by a ribbon and bow in a coordinating color.

Men traditionally wore a shirt on top with short leather pants (lederhosen), suspenders and a felt hat with a feather. With costumes for both him and her, Oktoberfest costumes work great as couples costumes.

If you are planning on dressing in costume to celebrate an Oktoberfest celebration or as a fun costume for Halloween, there are many ready made costumes to choose from or you can easily make your own and add a few accessories to get just the look you want.

(Photo Credit: Catlovers on Flickr - Creative Commons License)

A Scene from the Fremont Oktoberfest - Wear Your Bavarian Attire and Join in the fun


The Fremont Oktoberfest is held each September in Seattle and is one of the annual events I most enjoy. It is surprisingly family-friendly with many activities for children and even pets!

(Photo Credit: Sonya on Flickr - Creative Commons License)

Traditional Oktoberfest Costumes for Her

Women's Traditional Beerfest Costumes

The traditional Oktoberfest costume with a long skirt - perfect to attend a beer festival or for a fun Halloween costume.

Alpine Wench Adult Costume

Photo Credit:

Salzburg Festival Babe Adult Costume - German and Oktoberfest Costumes from Costume Craze

Sexy Beer Babe Oktoberfest Costumes

Dirndl Beerfest Costumes for Her

If you want to sign up for the Buxom Royalty costume contest at the Fremont Fair, the more alluring and sexy like these women's Oktoberfest Costumes will give you a better chance of winning.

Photo Credit:

Womens Sexy Beer Garden Girl Costume from Costume Kingdom

Photo Credit:

Sexy Gretchen Oktoberfest Costume - German and Alpine Costumes from Costume Craze

Photo Credit:

Beer Maiden Sexy Costume - German, Alpine and Oktoberfest Costumes from Costume Craze

Photo Credit:

Beer Stein Babe Sexy Costume - German and Oktoberfest Costume from Costume Craze

Women's Plus-Size Oktoberfest Costumes

Sexy Beerfest Costumes in Women's Plus Sizes

There are also Oktoberfest costumes available in Women's Plus sizes.

Photo Credit:

Sexy Gretchen Plus Size Costume - German, Alpine and Oktoberfest Costumes from Costume Craze

Fetching Fraulein Adult Plus Costume

Photo Credit:

XL Deluxe Serving Wench Sexy Costume - German or Oktoberfest Costumes from Costume Craze

Photo Credit:

Plus Size Bar Maid Costume - Plus Size Sexy German Beer Girl Costume from

Photo Credit:

Sexy Beer Garden Girl Plus Size Costume - German Costume from Costume Craze

Fun and Sexy Beer Fest Costumes for Women

Whether for Halloween or an Oktoberfest celebration, if you are looking for something a little more risque than the traditional beer festival attire, there are several options on Amazon.

Octoberfest Costume Wig

Blonde Braids to Complete the Costume

If your own hair isn't long enough to braid, this blond wig with braids adds the finishing touch.

Braided Blond Oktoberfest Wig

Beer Fest Costume Accessories - Complete your Oktoberfest Costume with Accessories

Add accessories to your costume like a purse that looks like a beer stein, stockings and shoes.

Oktoberfest Men's Costumes

Beerfest Costumes for Him

Men participate in the Buxom Royalty costume contest, too, so get ready with a Bavarian costume.

Photo Credit:

Oktoberfest Guy Costume - Mens German Beer Guy Costume from


Mens Lederhosen

Photo Credit:

Beer Guy Adult Costume - German, Alpine and Oktoberfest Costumes from Costume Craze


Men's Oktoberfest Beer Girl Costume

Hilarious Oktoberfest Costume Twist

I've always thought men dressing in drag is hilarious and when I saw this Oktoberfest babe costume for men it really had me laughing. This is a rather naughty four piece costume that includes everything a man needs to be the life of the party, including a hidden beverage dispenser in the bust of the shirt. This costume includes a white blouse with brown vest, long skirt, and blonde braided wig.

Photo Credit:

Mens Oktoberfest Costume - Beer Girl from Costume Kingdom

Men's Oktoberfest Costume Accessories

Finishing Touches for His Oktoberfest Cosume

Complete the look with this traditional green hat with a feather and lederhosen socks.

Mens Oktoberfest Hat - Deluxe

Mens Lederhosen Socks - German and Oktoberfest Costume Accessories

Men's Oktoberfest Costumes on eBay - Bid or Buy it Now

Find bargains on beer festival costumes on eBay.

Celebrating Oktoberfest with Your Dog - Bavarian Dog Costumes

Many Oktoberfest celebrations are pet-friendly. The one in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle even includes several special activities to do with your dog.

Anit Accessories Alpine Girl Dog Costume, Large, 20-Inch
Anit Accessories Alpine Girl Dog Costume, Large, 20-Inch

Your dog can join in the fun with this Alpine Girl beer maid dog costume.

Anit Accessories Alpine Boy Lederhosen Dog Costume, Large, 20-Inch
Anit Accessories Alpine Boy Lederhosen Dog Costume, Large, 20-Inch

Dress up your dog in Lederhosen and alpine cap to join in the fun.


The Fremont Oktoberfest - More Information

For more information about the Fremont Oktoberfest in Seattle or to sign up for the Ms Halfbrau contest, 5K run or other events, visit the link below.

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