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The Best Chocolate Gift - They Taste Like Little Pieces of Heaven!

Updated on October 31, 2012
Best Chocolate Gift
Best Chocolate Gift

For all chocolate lovers

Though I don't really binge on chocolates, I do like my occasional treat now and then. A piece of awesome tasting, finger licking chocolate after a meal does me a lot of good -- and I start feeling as if the world is a heavenly place to live in again. Not all kinds of chocolate do that to me. Recently, I came across a website online that boasted of incredibly delish chocolates -- they looked awesome and it was love at first sight for me. But I needed to do my research before buying them, and research I did. After all, I didn't want to waste my money on a company that only promised the good stuff but never delivered. After going through oodles of reviews and their official Facebook page (where you will be able to see customers raving or ranting about the products) I decided to go for it. And I wasn't disappointed at all. zChocolat offers some of the best tasting chocolates ever -- so much so that no other chocolate will ever taste that good to you again. They also make great chocolate gifts for someone you know who has a liking for chocolates. You can customize your gifts with messages on the box, on a card or include other items to go along with your box of chocolates. The good thing is you can use the wooden box (in which the chocolates arrive in) for your own personal use or decor. Or maybe you can stash them up again with zChocolat refills which are available at a pretty affordable price.

Dark or Milk?

Do you like dark chocolates or milk chocolates?

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What Makes Them Different?

Forbe's favorite chocolatier Pascal Caffet is responsible for these finger-licking goodies. He is considered as a "World Champion Chocolatier".

If you get the 15 pcs gift box, each piece is entirely unique in its flavor and ingredients. The moment you finish one, you will be craving to know whether the next one will be as delish as the first. A sweet adventure on its own!

Ordering the best chocolate gift

Till date, I have ordered two times from zChocolat. The first time I gifted it to a friend on her birthday, and the second time I ordered it for myself because I was tempted considering the lavish amount of compliments it got from my friend.

The products I ordered -

1. A box with 15 pcs of unique zChocolat milk chocolates - the box containing my friend's name - and a message card.

2. A sample packet for myself.

If you are wary of spending so much on a box of chocolates, you might want to try out their sample packet like I did. Thereafter you can order a bigger box of goodies for your loved ones. Usually they come up with a range of chocolate goodies that suit any particular upcoming occasion or festival - so you're sure to find something that meets your requirements.

These are not available on Amazon however, and you might need to purchase them from here.

An Adorable Package

Even if you decide only to order the samples, you will get the gift in a nice little bag which you can use for storing your items later on. Along with this bag, you will also get a nice booklet which explains the chocolates in detail -- the ingredients each one of them has, and how they are unique. So before you eat, be sure to check out their number ;) Then refer the booklet to know what you just indulged in.

Pascal Caffet at Work -- Making a Chocolate Showpiece


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      jenniferg78 5 years ago from Philadelphia, PA

      Yum! I need some chocolate.