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Best Gifts for 2 Year Old Girls in 2013 - Second Birthday and 2-3 Year Olds

Updated on July 21, 2013

Getting the best gifts or toys for a two year old (2-3) baby girls!

Considering what two year old girls are like there are so many things you can buy them as a gift. This is the age when their imagination starts running wild, they enjoy pretend play, they love to explore their surroundings and they try to imitate their parents at pretty much everything.

This gift guide will guide you through some of the hottest and most suitable toys and gifts for a two year old, from the expensive playhouses to the budget gifts that everyone can afford.

All of these are hand-picked and are all suitable for this age.


Dolls are perfect gifts for 2 year old girls!

Girls have loved baby dolls for ages and that's one of the main reasons why they make a perfect gift. They will last for ages, girls will grow with them, love them and have a lot of fun with pretend play.

Another reason why these make a great gift is their price! Compared to other toys and sets suitable for 2 year olds these really are inexpensive.

The most popular among baby dolls are Melissa & Dough Dolls.

Another favourite are plush and rag dolls.

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They are old enough to get their own ride


They Will Love Pink Wheels or a Cozy Coupe

At the age of 2 kids like to do all the things their parents do and one of the most interesting things kids see is us driving the car. Why not get them a car of their own?

There's a lot of different models that are suitable for two year olds, you can get bikes, cars, vehicles with and without pedals in various colors - my favourite pick being pink!

They will enjoy pedalling their vehicle and this will help them in their physical development and coordination.

A Wonderful Playhouse!


The Coolest Gift for 2-3 year old girls (and older)

This is probably the best gift you can get! And it will last for ages. You can have the playhouse indoors as well as outdoors (if you are getting the outdoors one I would go with a more natural looking one). The girls will enjoy playing in it, will have their friends visit them and the playhouse will also serve as a home to various toys.

I think kids get most excited when they get a playhouse as you give them a place of their own, a house of their own and they appreciate this a lot. It's different than having their own room. It has that special meaning to them.


A more natural looking playhouse

While girls do love the pink if you will have the playhouse outside you might want to consider something more natural looking to match the surroundings of your house. The girls will be equally excited about this one and I also think their boy friends will feel more comfortable playing in house that has a neutral color.

There's another thing you have to keep in mind if you are looking for a playhouse for outdoors; make sure that it breathes and it should have a good air circulation as these can get really hot in the summer if they are not well made and we all know keeping our kids at high temperatures is not good.

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Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess

Top doll house for 2-3 year old girls

One thing is for sure, there isn't a kid on this world that wouldn't love something Disney and this is why this playset is the best. The doll house is very sturdy which is great for the little clumsy hands, there is a lot of fun to be had in it, one of the most exciting features this doll house has is it's dance ring as it will introduce the characters - when you place a doll on it her or his name will be played.

Cinderella and Snow White are included with the doll house but you can get all other princesses and pretty much every important male or animal character from the Disney universe.

A book or DVD is a welcomed gift also

While kids generally don't know how to read at this age (although I have met a few two year olds that could do some basic reading) they will love a book. They enjoy going through pages and looking at bright images. They also love it when you read them a story and once they have their favourite one be prepared to read the same story every night.

Musical DVDs are also great, they will help teach your kid letters and numbers through fun learning songs and activities. You might have watched Sesame Street when you were little and have loved it, the kids today love it to and it is even more popular today.

Get them something fun to wear


Useful gifts are always welcomed by the parents so if you are buying a gift for a friends daughter do consider getting clothes, especially if you know the family might have some financial issues. Pink and flower patterns are always a great pick. Be sure to get something seasonal so the girl will be able to wear it right away (they do grow super fast at that age).


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