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Best Kid's Gift Ideas for $10 or Less | Fun Stocking Stuffers for Christmas

Updated on February 18, 2016

Fun and Affordable Presents under 10 Dollars

Parents often like to add a few little extras into a kid's stocking on Christmas day, and these small add-on gifts are hopefully what this page will give you great ideas for. Not only do the 20 products on this page make fantastic stocking stuffers, but they are also fun small gifts for any occasion, or they can be used as creative party favors.

I've picked a range of items for both both and girls, and for a spectrum of ages. All are accessible on a tight budget and have very good reviews.

I hope you enjoy what I have picked out :)

Image credit: Amazon (see below for details).

Spot It Travel-Size Game - Ages 7 - 12

Although recommended for ages 7-12, this award-winning game is fun for a wide range of ages and great for a family to play together. It's a fast-paced matching game for 2 to 8 players, and is presented in a neat little tin which makes it ideal for taking on holidays and day trips to keep kids amused.

Spot It! Classic Card Game | Game for Kids | Age 6+ | 2 to 8 Players | Average Playtime 15 Minutes | Made by Zygomatic | Color/Packaging May Vary
Spot It! Classic Card Game | Game for Kids | Age 6+ | 2 to 8 Players | Average Playtime 15 Minutes | Made by Zygomatic | Color/Packaging May Vary
Made up of 55 cards, it requires no set-up and is very straightforward to play. The aim of the game is basically to be the first to spot the matching picture on a pair of cards, which sounds very easy but can be frustrating when you can't spot the match and can lead to lots of giggles! To stop anyone getting bored with the gameplay, there are also 5 different ways to play and many different hands that can be dealt so every game is different. A popular game which is appealing to many different people and also encourages quick thinking and improves cognitive skills.

Glow-in-the-Dark Mini Stars Pack - Ages 3+

Such a simple product but it will certainly capture children's imagination and make bedtime more fun, with lots of glow-in-the-dark stars arranged above their bed.

4M Glow-In-The-Dark Mini Stars Pack of 60 - Room Décor For Kids
4M Glow-In-The-Dark Mini Stars Pack of 60 - Room Décor For Kids
Nearly all kids are fascinated by space, rockets and astronauts, and I can't imagine any child not wanting glowing stars decorating their ceiling at night! It's kind of comforting to stare up at the (fake) stars when lying in bed at night, and kids can even arrange the stars in constellations if they want to make it more realistic. The pack contains 60 stars measuring 3/4" across and sticky pads are provided to stick them to any hard surface like the ceiling, walls or wardrobe. Brilliant small gift for either girls or boys.

Sea Themed Eraser Set - Ages 5+

Fun for a back-to-school gift as well as a cute stocking stuffer, these novelty erasers are 3D and are shaped like the following sea creatures; 1 penguin, 1 seal, 1 whale, 2 fish and 2 dolphins.

Iwako Japanese Eraser - Sea Life (38339)
Iwako Japanese Eraser - Sea Life (38339)
Made in Japan, these 7 colorful erasers are good quality and are seaworld themed. They are very sweet designs but best of all - and most fun for kids - they are also assembled from different parts that fit together like a puzzle so are also partly a toy as well as having a practical use. They measure up to 1" in size.

Holiday-Themed Original Plastic Slinky - Ages 5+

I remember having a Slinky as a toy for years and years until I got it tangled irreversibly in a washing line and that was the end of that!

Slinky Original Plastic Holiday Original Slinky Colors May Vary
Slinky Original Plastic Holiday Original Slinky Colors May Vary
It's a nostalgic and iconic toy but hasn't lost any of its fun factor over the decades. This particular version is the same as the original design but is red and green; perfect for Christmas. Such a simple concept but endlessly entertaining to play with, especially the repeated attempts to get it to "walk" down a whole flight of stairs in one go! A timeless toy.

Fun Air Scoop Ball Game - Ages 5+

This is a popular throw-and-catch game for 2 players that is quite similar to lacrosse. A great gift choice for kids who like the outdoors, as this is a fantastic game to play on the beach or in the park especially.

Crayola Washable Paint Set - Ages 3+

There's nothing kids like more than being set free with paints and paper, and the fact that these paints are easily washed off skin and most fabrics means that parents can worry less and give children more freedom.

Crayola Washable Kids Paint Set, 10 Count
Crayola Washable Kids Paint Set, 10 Count
10 vivid colors of paint are included in this pack, and are an ideal small present for kids who enjoy arts and crafts. All of the provided colors can be mixed together to make an endless number of different colors and shades, which is great for teaching kids about basic color theory. Perfect for letting kids be creative without the usual painting messiness restrictions.

Darice 68-Piece Art Set - Ages 6+

This comprehensive set of drawing and painting supplies comprises of 68 different items - all for under $7! It would be much enjoyed by any young artist, and would allow kids to try out a variety of media.

Darice 68-Piece Art Set – Art Supplies for Drawing, Painting and More in a Plastic Case - Makes a Great Gift for Children and Adults
Darice 68-Piece Art Set – Art Supplies for Drawing, Painting and More in a Plastic Case - Makes a Great Gift for Children and Adults
A huge range of art materials are provided in this one box; glue, oil pastels, crayons, color markers, color pencils, a palette of watercolor cakes, a pencil sharpener, a paintbrush, a pencil, an eraser and a ruler. The price is unbeatable for what is included, and the product is ideal to give to artistic children. The plastic case also makes it easy to carry around and store the pieces neatly.

16-Hole Harmonica - Ages 6+

Harmonicas are an ideal instrument for kids to begin with because there's no setup, it can be carried around in a bag or pocket and it's straightforward to learn. This particular example is fantastic value whilst being well-built.

This is a large-size harmonica which means it's easier to hit individual notes and is easier for children to handle. The harmonica itself is has an outer cover of shiny silver-colored metal, and the inside is plastic. The sound quality is actually really good despite the low price. A great first harmonica, and an excellent way of getting kids interested in playing musical instruments and making their own music.

Green Toys Jump Rope - Ages 5 - 9

Kids always need exercise to burn off excess energy, and skipping ropes like this one are ideal because they don't require much space (unlike most games) and all children love trying to learn neat tricks with it. Plus there is a choice of pink, purple and green colored handles, so this rope can be a suitable present for both girls and boys :)

Green Toys Jump Rope Pink, 0.6 Pounds, Standard
Green Toys Jump Rope Pink, 0.6 Pounds, Standard
Not only fun and inexpensive, but also environmentally friendly; the handles on this rope are made from 100% recycled plastic milk containers! Unlike a lot of cheap jump ropes, I particularly like the fact that the rope is 100% cotton so is softer than the usual plastic cord and just feels like better quality. The rope measures 7 foot long in total, although the length can be adjusted for younger kids. Made in the USA.

Crayola Color Bath Dropz - Ages 3 - 8

Bath time is often a drag for kids and can create drama and tantrums, so why not give them something that injects fun into an activity that is otherwise a chore? These bathwater dyes would definitely motivate children to have a bath and to also enjoy it.

Shrinky Dinks Jewelry Kit - Ages 5+

Bound to keep any young girl happily occupied, Shrinky Dinks are a kid's favorite and this cute kit contains all the ingredients needed to make cool jewelry and charms; including 30+ pre-cut Shrinky Dink shapes, beads, earring hoops, string, clasps, barrettes and a selection of colored pencils.

A crafty gift which will keep kids away from TV & computer screens :)

Shrinky Dinks Jewelry Kit Kids Art and Craft Activity
Shrinky Dinks Jewelry Kit Kids Art and Craft Activity
The best thing about Shrinky Dinks is that once the pre-cut shapes have been colored in, putting them into the oven (with adult supervision) causes them to shrink and thicken due to the heat, and produces a sturdy plastic charm. This transformation is what will fascinate children over and over again! The colorful charms are then simply assembled into jewelry pendants, keyring charms or whatever is desired and they can be proudly used and worn. Examples of the Shrinky Dink designs included in the kit are: butterflies, sunglasses, birds, socks and cute dogs. Ideal for creative girls.

Klutz Cat's Cradle Book Kit - Ages 6+

I think Klutz books and kits are great for kids, and this cat's cradle is one of my childhood playground favorites. Unlike other toys, it involves challenging yourself to learn the different techniques, and is fab for increasing manual dexterity.

Cat's Cradle Book Kit-
Cat's Cradle Book Kit-
Inside this book are clear instructions for how to make 5 different shapes using just your fingers and the tie-dyed string provided. The designs you can create include the Eiffel Tower, a witch's broom and a cup and saucer. A top toy for travel trips especially, and since the string can be kept in a pocket, it is easy to carry around and practice when you're bored in the car or anywhere else. A timeless gift which would be fun for anyone over 6 years old - even adults would enjoy this as a bit of nostalgia!

Flexible Flyer Snowball Maker - Ages 4+

A very useful present for a child (or adult) who lives somewhere that sees snow at least occasionally. This lightweight little gadget eliminates the time-consuming part of making the snowballs with your hands, and lets you just get down to the fun bit!

Apparently it's great for making bath bombs too :)

Flexible Flyer Snow Ball Maker
Flexible Flyer Snow Ball Maker
Ideal for snowy climates, I wish I had this toy when I was a kid so I could build up ammo against my brother much quicker! Just close the ball end of the product around a clump of snow and you'll end up with one perfectly compacted snowball straight away. Let battle commence!

My First Sticky Mosaics® Pets - Ages 3 - 7

A charming introduction into mosaics, this low-mess arts and crafts kit is perfect for amusing younger kids and is very satisfying for them when have completed the pictures included.

Inside the box there are 1000+ foam pieces (7 different colors, 3 different shapes) as well as 5 cute pet designs printed on thick cardstock.

12 Colors Face Paint Set (6 Bright + 6 Regular Colors), Bright & Colorful & Vibrant / Removes with Water | Crayon Style for Easy Clean Application.
12 Colors Face Paint Set (6 Bright + 6 Regular Colors), Bright & Colorful & Vibrant / Removes with Water | Crayon Style for Easy Clean Application.
This is a lovely and great value kit which directs children to produce artworks of different pet animals by simply sticking self-adhesive foam shapes (circles, triangles and squares) onto corresponding outlines. Easy enough even for little children to complete, and they don't need to know numbers or letters to get involved. The activity is also useful for helping kids learn and deal with colors and shapes more confidently.

The Everything Kids' Science Experiments Book - Ages 7+

I used to have a book similar to this one when I was a kid and I was kind of obsessed with it! Perfect for encouraging children to read, or providing an interesting book for kids who already enjoy reading, this is both a fun and educational gift choice.

The Everything Kids' Science Experiments Book: Boil Ice, Float Water, Measure Gravity-Challenge the World Around You!
The Everything Kids' Science Experiments Book: Boil Ice, Float Water, Measure Gravity-Challenge the World Around You!
Chock full of experiments and explanations about the science behind each one, this book would be exciting for science lovers as well for those who enjoy hands-on activities. Most of the projects use just common everyday items and include; making an erupting volcano, boiling ice and removing the eggshell off an egg. An excellent resource for rainy day ideas and for exposing children to new processes and information.

Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for Kids - Ages 6+

Kids love telling jokes, and this book is stuffed with hundreds of cute and corny jokes that children will love to laugh at and repeat to all their friends!

Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for Kids
Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for Kids
This amusing book encourages children to read and is thoroughly entertaining to both boys and girls. All of the jokes are clean and suitable for kids, and include one-liners, tongue twisters and knock-knock jokes. Funny for ages approx. 6 to 10.

Whipple Ice Cream Set - Ages 7 - 10

I should point out first of all that these ice-creams are NOT edible (I made that mistake when I first saw them!), they are purely ornamental and the fun is in the making and the decorating with beads, gems and sparkles :) And what girl doesn't love sparkles?!

Whipple Ice Cream Set
Whipple Ice Cream Set
Whipple is a faux crème that is used to add swirls to the 4 plastic ice-cream cones supplied in this kit - and it looks so much like real soft-serve ice-cream that the finished results would make realistic play food. You could also turn the finished designs into cute keyrings or bag charms. The Whipple creme is applied using a piping bag, just like what's used in baking for adding frosting to cakes, and then beads and rhinestones are added for decoration. Lots of fun to be had with this kit.

Sticky Catch Mitts - Ages 4+

This classic throw-and-catch game involves throwing a tennis-like ball and then catching it with Velcro-covered mitts. Can be an indoor game but probably best for outdoors, and the best thing is that the mitt straps are adjustable so that the game can be enjoyed by a wide range of ages.

FLAGHOUSE Sticky Catch Mitts
FLAGHOUSE Sticky Catch Mitts
This popular 2-player game is perfect for taking to the beach or park, or simply using in the yard, and it consists of 2 circular paddle mitts and a ball. Brilliant value, and you can always buy more sets if you want more people to join in with the game!

Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Card Game - Ages 3 - 6

Inexpensive card game which also involves a foam fish-in-a-bowl prop - intriguing!

The (45) cards themselves are split into red, yellow and blue colors, with red cards showing a type of movement, yellow cards showing how to hold the foam fishbowl and blue cards showing a target room/place in the house. Kids simply take turns to pick 3 cards out and if they choose one of each color they must complete the action e.g. hop to the bedroom with the fish under your right arm!

Wonder Forge Dr. Seuss Cat in The Hat Card Game
Wonder Forge Dr. Seuss Cat in The Hat Card Game
Playable with 2-4 kids, this card game is a great idea for getting children involved and moving around more, which is more likely to keep them entertained. Plus it's also good for helping build self-confidence, get kids active and practice their reading skills. A brilliant stocking filler gift.

Mini Rainmaker Shaker - Ages 6 months+

This colorful toy makes the calming sounds of rain when flipped upside down, and has received excellent reviews on Amazon. Lovely present for babies.

Halilit Baby Rainmaker Mini Toy (8 inch) - Rain Stick Musical Instrument for Babies, Toddlers and Kids - Sensory Developmental Rhythm Shaker
Halilit Baby Rainmaker Mini Toy (8 inch) - Rain Stick Musical Instrument for Babies, Toddlers and Kids - Sensory Developmental Rhythm Shaker
A safe and soothing toy for babies, this rain maker is a plastic tube filled with many little beads. As the tube is flipped from one side to the other, the beads run through the holes in the many plastic levels and makes the sound of rain falling on a hard surface. The product is gift boxed too, ready to give.

Demonstrations of Some of the Above Products

How many stocking stuffers do you usually buy for your kids at Christmas?

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