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Best Presents for Cats

Updated on February 4, 2015

Best Cat Gifts

I have four cats, and it can be daunting finding the best gifts and treats for your pets. Soon, the holiday season will be upon us once again. In addition to finding gifts for my family and friends, I am also on the look-out for things that will make my cats happy. One gift does not fit all. You need to choose your presents depending on your cat's personality. In this lens, I will share my thoughts on getting the best gift for your cat(s), whether they are mellow lap cats or more active daredevils.

Best Cat Toys

Cats toys are usually inexpensive so you can afford to mix and match different varieties. Let's start with catnip. Most cats go gaga over catnip, it's fun to watch your cats reaction to it.

The cat toys that can deliver catnip range from small stuffed plushies and larger cat sized pillows to small plastic balls. There are advantages and disadvantages to using both types. The plushies and pillows are already filled with catnip. All you have to do is unwrap and give to your cat to play with. The downside is that eventually the catnip will lose its effect and the toy will have to be replaced.

Catnip balls are very inexpensive and last a long time. You can easily replace the catnip without purchasing a new toy. The downside is you have to buy a separate container of catnip. To keep its potency, store catnip in an airtight container.

A note about catnip: not all cats will like it. Some cats don't have the gene that allows them to enjoy it. So before you buy multiple catnip toys, test one out to see if your cat likes it.

Cat Tunnel Fun

Cats love hiding in things from bags to boxes. A fun toy for your cat is the cat tunnel. This is an expandable nylon toy that your cat can lay in or have a nap. Some tunnels also make a crinkly sound when touched. It's similar to the sound a plastic bag makes that causes constant fascination for cats. You can also connect separate tunnels and have quite the labyrinth. Both laid-back and active cats will enjoy playing in the tunnel.

Best Cat Products

Cat products are often overlooked when buying gifts but I think they are very important. All cats need these essential items: food and water dishes, cat beds, litter boxes, cat litter, grooming supplies.

One of my other lenses discusses cat misbehaviour and it sometimes occurs if the cat is unhappy with their litter box. Get him a new one. I buy the large Rubbermaid containers that are designed to store clothes in and will fit under the bed. These make great litter boxes because the cat has ample room to move around. You can buy them for less than ten dollars.

Cats love to be petted and groomed. You can get a new brush and watch how much they enjoy being brushed. Small toenail clippers can be used to trim your cats claws.

Food and water dishes should be replaced if they have a chip in them. You can find some with really cute designs or even have your cat's name put on the dish. This makes a nice gift for a friend with a new cat in the home.

Cats beds are great, though we know cats can and will sleep anywhere. You can buy cat beds that look like domes so the cat has a nice place to hide and have a nap. You can also get heated cat beds. Cats love heat, especially in the winter so this would be a fun gift for your cat.

Best Cat Treats

Cat treats make great gifts. Even if you don't know what gifts to get for a cat, food is always a hit. You can also use these for training. When you are training your cat a new trick or trying to correct problem behaviour, use food treats as a reward.

There are several types of cat treats. You can buy flaked fish or meat for a quick treat. These usually come in packages that are resealable to keep them fresh. There are also canned varieties. If you want to give your cat a special reward, you can also cook some steak or fish for them to enjoy. I cube turkey and steak and serve to my cats. They love it!

Check out this video of a cat enjoying some treats:

Happy Holidays

Well, that's it. I hope I have given you some ideas for inexpensive cat gifts. I would also like to remind you that most shelter animals don't get any holiday gifts. If you can afford to donate a few inexpensive cat toys or treats, your local animal shelter would be thrilled. Thanks for reading. Have fun and enjoy the holiday season.

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  • catspyjamas profile image

    catspyjamas 2 years ago

    Yes, my cats love the crinkly sound too. I have a couple of cat tunnels that have the same sound. The cats love it.

  • Penny Miranda profile image

    Penny Miranda 2 years ago from Portland, OR

    Mine are always changing their minds about what they like so it's hard to buy presents! Right now the kitten is in love with crinkly balls—like the crinkly tunnels I suppose. He carries them around in his mouth :)

  • catspyjamas profile image

    catspyjamas 3 years ago

    @christine-weston-562: good idea!

  • profile image

    christine-weston-562 3 years ago

    Tiny balls of screwed up paper, particularly any paper that rustles, they love it! When the paper gets worn out or chewed, just throw them away!

  • catspyjamas profile image

    catspyjamas 4 years ago

    @anonymous: The tiny ping pong balls are a hit here too. We never tried the laser pointer though I know they are very popular gifts for cats.

  • profile image

    anonymous 4 years ago

    we know cats who particularly like ping pong balls & springs. The Captain being a young thing loves the high tech laser pointer, even if she can't catch it.

  • catspyjamas profile image

    catspyjamas 5 years ago

    @Mary Stephenson: Yes indeed. I have two mellow, laid-back cats and two energetic daredevils. The quiet ones don't like the same toys as the frisky ones. It's all a matter of matching a toy to your cat's personality.

    Maybe you know other cat lovers that you could give the spider toys to. Or donate the toys to a shelter.

  • Mary Stephenson profile image

    Mary Stephenson 5 years ago from California

    Some cats like one thing and another likes different toys. Our one cat liked the spider toys and since she used to tear them up, we went and got a big supply. She died and I had 10 spiders still in the packages. The new cat happens to like a totally different toy and is not interested in the spiders. Oh well maybe another cat will come along that likes them. They are just like kids!