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Best Santa Letter Sites Online

Updated on November 28, 2013

What are the best Santa letter sites for your needs?

Not all Santa letter sites are created equal, as parents all have different needs and wants. Do you want a Santa letter site that offers plenty of background choices? One that lets you write your own text? Maybe one that's affordable if you have several children? Do you want someone else to do all the work or do you want to print your letter at home? There are websites that can help you accomplish all of these goals, but you need to know which ones offer what. These are my choices for best Santa letter sites by type.

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If you don't mind paying for the best, Package from Santa has the ultimate Santa letter packages. Their Platinum Package from Santa is a box of goodies that is sure to wow any child. This package comes in a colorful gift box that contains magic North Pole snow, a sugar cookie from Mrs. Claus in a gift tin, an autographed photo of Santa, a letter from Rudolph, a personalized Nice List certificate, a Santa window decal, a piece of Santa's suit, reindeer food in a collector's tin and, oh, yeah, a personalized Santa letter. They also throw in a free video greeting from Santa, which you can download.

This package will set the bar for all future letters from Santa Claus, so you may want to save it for the Christmas you think will be your child's last one believing in Santa or for a year when they've accomplished something great and you really want to surprise them. Otherwise, every Santa letter after this package will be somewhat of a disappointment.

If you want multiple options for backgrounds and letter text, Santa's Official North Pole Mail is arguably the best Santa letter site for you. They offer more than 40 Santa letter options that you can personalize online, as well as an option to write your own letter completely from scratch. Then you can choose any of the 20 background designs to have your letter printed on. The number of possible combinations is amazing - you'll never have to worry about having letters that are too similar from year to year or from child to child. They also have an a la carte menu of upgrades, such as Nice List certificates, Santa evidence kits, magic snow and more.

You can download a variety of printable Santa letter templates online, but for extras you won't find at most of these sites, Printable Santa is the place to go. They offer eight different letter options, including special letters for baby's first Christmas, first year in kindergarten and a new sibling and 6 background designs to choose from, including a Christian theme that goes well with the Christian letter option.

Whatever your need, one of these Santa letter sites is sure to meet it, so choose carefully and find the one best for you and your budget.

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