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Big Bang Theory Sheldon Costume

Updated on March 5, 2017

How To Make A Sheldon Cooper Costume - Bazinga!

If you want to dress up as the coolest nerd on TV, Sheldon Cooper is the perfect Halloween costume for you. The Big Bang Theory gives us many costume ideas but Sheldon is the most obvious and the most popular. It's so easy to identify Sheldon with his iconic look ... a long sleeve T-shirt topped with a graphic T-shirt and a comfy pair of jeans, brown or khaki pants. He wears sneakers or shoes, but they are always brown. DC Comic characters seem to be among his very favorites so look through your drawers for one of the many DC Character T-shirts. You can add a watch with a wide brown leather strap and a big dial to finish off this simple, fun and easy to make outfit.

It doesn't take a genius to realize if you are looking for a cheap costume idea, but one that's easily recognizable, Big Bang Theory's Sheldon Cooper is a great idea. That was the easiest costume I've ever helped anyone put together! Now you have to pay attention to the "Sheldonisms" you will find in the show so you can not only look like Sheldon, but act like him to. Cosplay is easy when you study your character. Sheldon is many different things. He is a genius. He is a nerd. He is totally lacking in every day social skills. He is a bit of a narcissist and has so many goofy idiosyncrasies, it's hard to keep track of them all. And Sheldon doesn't match his clothing.

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Here is Sheldon in his T-Rex shirt.   Notice the long sleeved T-shirt underneath.  this is from Entertainment Weekly.More layering with T-shirts from juliareviewstv.blogspot.comGet an idea of the entire look with this picture from
Here is Sheldon in his T-Rex shirt.   Notice the long sleeved T-shirt underneath.  this is from Entertainment Weekly.
Here is Sheldon in his T-Rex shirt. Notice the long sleeved T-shirt underneath. this is from Entertainment Weekly.
More layering with T-shirts from
More layering with T-shirts from
Get an idea of the entire look with this picture from
Get an idea of the entire look with this picture from

Lots Of Fun Costume Ideas To Make A Big Bang On Halloween

Have fun watching these costume filled videos of Sheldon, Amy, Leonard, Howard, Penny, Raj and the rest of the characters from The Big Bang Theory.

Let's Take A Look At Some T-shirts For Sheldon - Bazinga!

The first thing you need is a graphic comic T-shirt, if you don't have one in your drawer you can get it here. This guy really has a distinctive look and you can easily re-create it by wearing a shirt like the ones below along with a long sleeve Tee underneath it.

Sheldon T-shirt ideas:

  • The Flash
  • Robot Evolution
  • 73
  • Star Trek - Big Bang Theory Mash Up - Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock T-Shirt
  • Bazinga Chemical Element Shirt
  • Don't You Think If I Were Wrong I'd Know It? T-shirt
  • I Cry Because Others Are Stupid And That Makes Me Sad Shirt


What are Sheldonisms? They are the bits and pieces of Sheldon Cooper that make him such a standout in the crowd. He is different and it's okay ... it's those differences that endear him to us.

BAZINGA is just one of them.

  1. Sheldon Cooper is a genius with an IQ of 187. He is a theoretical physicist at Caltech. Sheldon is the smartest person he knows and he likes to let people know it.
  2. If you incur his wrath you will be assigned "strikes". If you accumulate 3 of his strikes you must apologize or you will be banned from entering his apartment for one year.
  3. Sheldon has his very own spot on the couch and he won't sit anywhere else.
  4. Sheldon doesn't have any interest in sex.
  5. He was in college by the time he was 11 years old and some of his degrees are a Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, Master of Arts, Ph.D. and Doctor of Science. He got his Ph.D. when he was 16 years old.
  6. Sheldon thinks that Wil Wheaton is his arch enemy.
  7. Sheldon is a big fan of comic books, particularly DC Comics, Star Wars, Star Trek, and Battlestar Galactica.
  8. He speaks the Klingon language.
  9. He is a big video game fan. Some of the games he plays are:
    • Age of Conan (Sheldor the Conqueror)
    • Dungeons and Dragons
    • Guitar Hero
    • Halo - 1, 2, and 3
    • Mario Brothers
    • Research Lab which is his own homemade board game
    • World of Warcraft
  10. Sheldon is a germaphobe.
  11. Sheldon is a great fan of Actor Leonard Nimoy, Astronomer Carl Sagan, and Comic Book Writer Stan Lee. Unfortunately they all have restraining orders out against him! And so does Bill Nye, the famous TV scientist.
  12. There is an asteroid and a monkey named after this iconic character. There is a newly found species of bee named after his famous catch phrase bazinga.
  13. Baby Cooper was born in a Walmart in Galveston, Texas.
  14. On Saturday mornings Sheldon has to watch Doctor Who.

Add Brown Pants To Your Sheldon Costume Top - Brown Shoes, A Watch With A Thick Brown Leather Strap ...

And your costume is just about complete. You will need some brown pants, plaid pants or jeans, a pair of brown shoes or brown sneakers and you've got the look.


Play A Big Bang Theory Version Of Clue - Get A Superman T-shirt Or Watch An Episode

There are so many ideas that will bring Big Bang to your house...check them out and have some fun. BAZINGA!

The Big Bang Theory Bazinga! Blue Adult T-shirt Tee (Large)
The Big Bang Theory Bazinga! Blue Adult T-shirt Tee (Large)

Superman is a great graphic T to wear when you are dressing up as Sheldon.


What's Named After Sheldon?

The Big Bang Theory is so popular that there are some things that have been named after it.

Here's a list of them:

  • A Brazilian orchid bee has been named the Euglossa bazinga.
  • Asteroid 246247 is called “Sheldoncooper”
  • A colobus monkey at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium has been named Dr. Sheldon Cooper


More Costume Ideas From The Big Bang Theory - Dress Up As Sheldon's Friends And Make A Fun Group Costume

Here are some of the other characters from this popular TV show.

  1. Leonard Hofstadter - Lenny is Sheldon's roommate. He is an experimental physicist and no dummy with an IQ of 173.
  2. Howard Wolowitz - Howard also works at Caltech. He is an aerospace engineer but he only has a Master's Degree and that is a source of annoyance for Sheldon. Howard can speak several languages including: English, Arabic, Farsi, Mandarin, Russian, plus Klingon and Sindarin.
  3. Rajesh Koothrappali is Howard's best friend. Like Sheldon and Howard, Raj works at Caltech. He is in the Physics department and works in particle astrophysics.
  4. Amy Farrah Fowler covers up. Dress in a longish straight skirt, a blouse and a frumpy sweater to achieve this ladies look. Amy is Sheldon Cooper's girlfriend. That's a girl who is a friend.
  5. Penny lives next store to Sheldon and Lenny. She is Lenny's girlfriend and she works as a waitress at The Cheesecake Factory.

Shoes For Sheldon

Our favorite Ph.D would def wear these sneakers. They tie and they are brown. They fit his needs perfectly.


Popular Big Bang Theory Episodes

Get some fun costume ideas from these video clips of The Big Bang Theory.

Check out Season 7

Great Costume Ideas in This Clip.

The Big Bang Theory - The Gang All Dressed Up As The Justice League

Where did you get it? How did you make it? How did it go over with your friends?

Did You Ever Dress Up Like Sheldon Or One Of His Friends? - Tell Us About Your Costume

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