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Bob and Doug McKenzie Hoser Costume

Updated on February 1, 2015

Hosers unite!

Canadians won't have to explain their Halloween Hoser costume to anyone in Canada. Everyone else in the world likely will, though. Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas created the characters for a skit on the SCTV television show back in 1980. At the time, everyone in Canada knew people who were like either Bob or Doug, were related to someone similar or they were similar themselves. More than thirty years later, it's still the same in Canada except the winters are usually warmer. We are still friends with, related to, or eerily similar to Bob and Doug McKenzie. The McKenzie brothers are grandparents now and so are a lot of us.

Dressing up as Bob or Doug MacKenzie for Halloween is a great idea for Canadians. We all have most of the gear already. A couple of key purchases from Amazon or Value Village. Lately, more hosers costumes are taking on a distinctive Vancouver Canucks look. People have to cheer for a Canadian hockey team and Vancouver is it this year. Let the hoser costumes take off, eh!

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Bob and Doug McKenzie Poll

Can you identify with Bob and Doug McKenzie?

See results

Bob and Doug McKenzie on YouTube - Get acting tips

If you dress like them, you have to act and talk like them, eh. Learn from the expert hosers.

The Most Important Hoser Thing

Take Off - It's a beauty way to go!

Bob and Doug McKenzie in your home


It's a 24, eh! When this product was released, the Hosers had been around for 24 years! That was then. As of 2015, they have reached the 25 year mark. Their movie, Strange Brew will be 22 years old. That's great pedigree!


Hoping for a Reunion

It has been ages since the McKenzie brothers have been on the stage. It's time for a new adventure. Let's hope they come together to show their talent soon!

Hoser comments about the Great White North here

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Bob and Doug MacKenzie, eh? One of my favorite bits. Great lens!

    • sousababy profile image


      7 years ago

      Oh, I forgot all about these guys! Great Canadian Halloween ideas here. BTW, I only had the song wrong on your quiz (thought it was Take off, eh). Ha, the 'mark left when Tim bites you' - good one. Imagine that, these guys are grandparents now . . time flies. And how cool was Geddy Lee to sing with these guys. Thanks for the memories. Sincerely, Rose

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      The Bob and Doug Mackenzie costume is a great idea probably for the Halloween and costume theme parties.


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