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Boo Paper Doll Set

Updated on November 29, 2013

Boo Paper Doll Set

One afternoon my four-year-old grand daughter and I were enjoying the newest videos about books at the Chronicle Books website when we came across Boo.

"Oh grandma, look at the little dog, he is sooooooooo sweet," she cooed as the video traced a day in the life of the world's cutest dog.

After watching the video we returned to the website and did a quick search for Boo.

We found a few adorable books and a calendar AND Boo Paper Dolls!

"Look Steffy, Boo Paper Dolls," I said to my grand daughter.

"Paper Dolls," she answered, "What are paper dolls?"

This is when I realized playtime has gone decidedly much high-tech than when I was a youngster. "When I was young, I loved paper dolls," I answered, "My friends and I would play with them all of the time." The dolls and clothing would come in a book. We would carefully cut them out and when we finished playing we would keep them in a big envelope.

Steffy was looking a wee bit confused..

"We will just have to order the Boo Paper Doll Set, and then you will see!" I told her.

They arrived in the mail this morning. I am SO looking forward to sharing Boo with Steffy tomorrow and introduce her to this classic toy from my own youth!

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Purchase the Boo Paper Doll Set and other fun titles about the world's cutest dog at

Boo Paper Doll Set
Boo Paper Doll Set

Complete with fifteen fashions and accessories for Boo and his best pal Buddy. The collection includes 7 x 9 1/2 in, full-color throughout, in; 2 stand-up paper dolls, 1 wardrobe scene with a Mylar mirror, 15 die-cut outfits and 22 accessories.

Boo 2014 Wall Calendar
Boo 2014 Wall Calendar

Spend a year with Boo through this collectible calendar!


Meet Boo!


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