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Book Pillows: Supporting Readers Everywhere

Updated on February 15, 2018
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Fiona is based in SE Qld and is an enthusiast of all things art & crafty. She is a qualified Library Technician, amongst other things.

Book pillows are the perfect Christmas gift for the avid reader of all ages!

As an avid reader myself, I know that sometimes, holding up those big hard cover books at an angle that doesn't result with a crick in my neck or eye strain can be pretty tough - it's usually my wrists and hands that pay the penalty! Add to that, that in this day and age most of us spend a large amount of time doing activities that can result in RSI, and it seems that sooner or later most of us will end up with varying degrees of shonkyness in our wrists.

Upon discussion with a work mate about the difficulty her elderly mother has with heavy books, I was reminded of these novel and wonderful contraptions - book pillows.

They come in numerous shapes, sizes, colours, and textures, you're sure to find one that suits your particular giftee.

Come let's look at some of our options!

Image courtesy of photostock /

Find a book pillow in plenty of time for Christmas!

Peeramid Pyramid Bookrest W/pocket Holder Solid Golden Comfort Reading Home Student Soft Microfiber
Peeramid Pyramid Bookrest W/pocket Holder Solid Golden Comfort Reading Home Student Soft Microfiber
Pyramid shaped book pillows have proven quite popular over time. Not only does it have a good angle for resting your book (or digital device) on, it also has a lip at the bottom to prevent slippage. It's cushy too, which means it shouldn't be *too* heavy, nor leave painful marks on your legs. The flat base also means that you could have it sit on a table at a pleasing angle, which negates the question of marks on legs quite nicely. Come to think of it, I've seen a crochet pattern for a DIY version of this somewhere too... I personally like how it also has a pocket that you can pop some pens in, for those times you're studying hard and want to highlight a particular bit of text or jot down some notes.

Why a book pillow is a great idea!

There really isn't any reason to not get a book pillow for that bookworm in your life, what ever age they may be.

Here's some of the reasons I can think of that they'd be useful for:

  • It will relieve pressure off not only your hands and wrists, but your neck and shoulders also!
  • It can also help preserve those older and/or heavier books by supporting their spines too!
  • Very good to help older readers keep reading as long as they can by supporting books of all sizes (especially some large print books which can become HUGE!)
  • Can double as a lap rest for your eBook reader or tablet device!
  • Can help to eliminate glare on pages and screens by adjusting the angle to something more comfortable.
  • Can be used in many locations: for bedtime reading, on a table or desk, while on a picnic, while relaxing on the beach, chilling in your armchair - the list is only as limited as your imagination!
  • You can have a book open for reading on a table or desk while also keeping your hands busy with certain hand crafts such as knitting for eg.

Speaking for myself, I've recently been diagnosed with tendinitis in both my wrists of the Repetitive Strain Injury, or RSI type. While it wasn't remotely connected to my reading habits, it's certainly impacted on them, and having a book pillow of some description has certainly been a blessing.


The Book Seat

This one looks alright, but I'm not sure I personally like it as much as the previous two.

Again, it's soft and cushy, so no painful leg marks; it has a lip at the bottom to help support the book/eReader/tablet and stop it slipping - I suspect the drawstring cord may also be intended to assist in this.

I think this one is a good size to accommodate a larger number of different sized books and/or devices, which is useful. I suspect that it would keep it's shape and position a bit better than the Book Beanie, as while it's soft it appears to have more body to it.

That could be a plus or a minus, depending on how difficult it is to move the stuffing.

I don't believe that this particular book pillow would be useful for those who like to read at tables. I think the weight of the book is likely to tip it backwards as it doesn't appear to have a flat base to steady it. The Book Seat really looks to me like one you lean against your knees to support it.

What type of book rest would you prefer?

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Book pillows have been around awhile...

Maybe you have an alternative to a book pillow at home already...

I don't have a pillow that was specifically designated for supporting book, although I've used cushions and things as a make-shift.

But what I do have that I've found useful is a lap table! The sturdy, flat top is great for when I'm writing those letters to pen pals or colouring in some lovely artwork to wind down, but flipped on it's head and placed across my lap, it makes a fine support for those heavy books I sometimes like to read!

Incidently, it's also useful for my Kindle and iPad!

An alternative to a book pillow that serves multiple functions...

An alternative to a book pillow that serves multiple functions...
An alternative to a book pillow that serves multiple functions...

Have I convinced you yet?

Are you adding a book pillow/rest/stand to your shopping list this Christmas?

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Final Thoughts

I hope I've given you something to think about when purchasing a gift for someone who's passionate about reading.

For myself, I adore a good book, and even though I'm only just into my 30's, sometimes my body lets me down and I can't handle those big books, so I empathise for those who struggle too.

Let me know if you've got a book pillow or stand or rest; where'd you get it? Do you like it? Would you try something else next time? Did you make it yourself? Does it have an interesting story of its own to tell, or a favourite book?

Merry Christmas bookworms!

© 2012 Fiona Findlay


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