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Bruno Mars Costumes from The Lazy Song - Bruno Mars & The Chimps

Updated on February 1, 2013

How to Put Together a Bruno Mars Costume from the video Lazy Song

Bruno Mars' music video for the Lazy Song makes for an awesome costume for Halloween this year. "Today I don't feel like doing anything I just wanna lay in my bed."

Guys and girls can wear the Bruno Mars chimp costume - in fact, a whole group of friends could wear it, with one guys dressed as Bruno Mars.

It's hard for some guys to find a costume that is cool and doesn't make them feel lame. This is one I think will work perfectly. Plus, if you have a job where you may need to shed the costume, this is perfect. Lose the chimp mask and glasses, and you're just a guy in a plaid shirt.

The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars

Start with the Sunglasses

Whether you are putting together a costume of Bruno Mars in the video or one of his chimp buddies, you're going to need sunglasses.

Blues Brothers Wayfarer Dark Black Sun Glasses - Black
Blues Brothers Wayfarer Dark Black Sun Glasses - Black

Nothing fancy here. Just a cheap pair of black glasses like they wore in Blues Brothers.

You may want to bring an extra pair, in case you break them putting them over the mask, or in case you lose them at the bar (lol).


The Chimpanzees in The Lazy Song

If you are going as one of the chimps from the Lazy Song video than this is where you need to start. It's all about the mask!

This is a great mask for the costume because of the over-exaggerated large ears, like they had in the video.

If you can't find this mask, any chimpanzee mask will do - but the bigger the ears, and the sillier the face, the better!

Plaid Shirts on the Chimps

If you are going as one of the chimps in the video, then any plaid shirt will do. Dig through your closet (and then dig through your Dad's). I'm sure you'll find one.

MP3 of Bruno Mars Lazy Song

Bring it with you so you can play it as your theme music for the night.

Bruno Mars in the Lazy Song Video

Bruno Mars Red Plaid Shirt

If you are going as Bruno Mars in the video then you need a great red and black plaid shirt.

Metal Mulisha Men's Blurred Plaid Heavy Weight Flannel Shirt, Red, Medium
Metal Mulisha Men's Blurred Plaid Heavy Weight Flannel Shirt, Red, Medium

Check your local department stores, and even check the local thrift shop for one if you don't want to pay much.


Pompadour Wigs

Bruno Mars' signature hair is a must have, or you simply won't be recognizable in your costume.

If you can't pull this look off with you're own hair, you'll have to go with a wig. These pompadour wigs are perhaps a big exaggerated, but it's all in the styling - and besides, you have to go a bit over-the-top to have people notice that you are Bruno Mars (and not a lumberjack).

How to get the Bruno Mars hair

Bruno Mars is known for sporting his signature pompadour.

Black Jeans & Black Sneakers

Finish our your costume with a basic pair of black jeans and a pair of black sneakers or other black shoes. If you don't have black jeans, run to K-mart and pick up a $12 pair.

It's as easy as that!


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    • bechand profile image

      bechand 6 years ago

      funny idea ! easy costume !