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Budget Halloween Party

Updated on January 9, 2017

Halloween Party on a Budget

I love the large Halloween parties with all of the elaborate decorations but not all of us can afford to pay for a party with such extreme decorations, especially those of us on a tight budget. Just because we do not have the money to put such an elaborate party together does not mean that we cannot have a great Halloween party on a budget. There are many ways for us to save money on your Halloween party as well as on all of the party supplies.

The best tip I have for creating a budget Halloween party would be to be creative with everything, there is so much you can do without spending a lot on Halloween decorations. Look around your home, at local yard sales, discount stores and more. You may be surprised at where you could come up with creative Halloween ideas. The scary decorations may be in your home without you even knowing it.

Family Dollar for Halloween Decoration
Family Dollar for Halloween Decoration

Shop for Halloween Discounts

There are stores such as Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, and Dollar General that have great Halloween decorations and candy for a very inexpensive price. I have to say that most people will not know the difference between decorations from dollar stores or those expensive decorations you would get from hobby stores or even the Halloween stores. The decorations can be purchases for a minimal amount, and then you will not feel quite as bad if you happen to lose the decorations during the year.

Yard sales is another spot to get great Halloween Decorations. Most people will put their decorations in yards sales during September, so start watching the yard sales for very inexpensive Halloween decoration. You may even be able to find something that you can create decorations with. I like to look for inexpensive antiques styled items or even old books. These things can be used to decorate throughout your home for your Halloween party.

Old books to decorate for your Halloween Party
Old books to decorate for your Halloween Party

Use your Enviroment for Halloween Decoration

Halloween decorations can be found everywhere around your home. Use old sheets, shoe polish, paper towels, yarn, and more that you can find that would look spooky. All of these can be used in a variety of ways to decorate for you Budget Halloween Party. Using simple things on your table will give your guests something to look at. Even old books will give a great Halloween appeal.

Some simple things that work great, and can get your creative mind working:

-Food coloring in water with a small piece of dry ice will give you fog

-String or yarn hanging from the lighting, attach plastic spiders or eye balls to give them a creepy appeal

-Use a disposable glove, freeze water in it to make a hand. You can even use food coloring if you like. This works great by placing it in the punch.

-Old books set around, and possibly add the fake spider webs

-Dark colored bedding covering windows and add webbing for more appeal


and much, much more. Look at things you have in your home that you can make a fake person with, decorate with darkness, etc.

Creative Halloween Decorations

Halloween party on a budget
Halloween party on a budget

Halloween Party on a budget

Everyone enjoys a great Halloween party. They can be fun for children of all ages as well as adults. With today's economy it can be more difficult to have a large celebration. Do not let this discourage you. There are still low cost options to have a great party, even if you are on a tight budget.

You need candy. Candy is a necessity for all Halloween parties. Go to your local dollar store, or discount grocer. Most of these stores have bags of candy for around a dollar. You may also be able to find great deals other places, but buy in bulk. The bulk packages tend to be less expensive per unit. The unit price is what you should compare. You may think an item is less expensive, but you will get less candy.

Fun Halloween Food on a Budget

Spider Ice for Halloween
Spider Ice for Halloween

Search for Costume Stores Near You

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