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Cute Bug Baby Costumes

Updated on September 23, 2014

Does your baby love bugs? From ladybugs to butterflies your sure to find the perfect costume for that spring photo shoot or even a first night trick or treating! Each costume is well made & ready to make your kiddo stand out in a crowd!

Spider Infant Newborn Baby Bug Costume
Spider Infant Newborn Baby Bug Costume

Spider Infant Newborn Baby Bug Costume

Spider Infant Newborn Baby Bug Costume

Look out! It's the itsy bitsy spider. Costume features a plush vest with web print and eight legs and a hat. A great Halloween costume!

Rubies Cute Baby Caterpillar Bug Infant Halloween Costume

How ridiculous is this costume?

Includes bunting with attached headpiece. THIS ITEM INCLUDES Zip-up Bunting and Detachable Headpiece

Deluxe Costume, Dragonfly

This adorable Dragon Fly outfit is perfect for a variety of celebrations, from the cool Fall weather at Halloween, to the warm sun filled days of Spring. Your youngster will be a standout in this outfit.

Lil Characters Unisex-baby Infant Lady Bug Costume

Lil Characters Unisex-baby Infant Lady Bug Costume
Lil Characters Unisex-baby Infant Lady Bug Costume

Lil Characters Unisex-baby Infant Lady Bug Costume

Lined zippered jumpsuit with snap leg closures for easy diaper change

Slip-on booties with skid resistant bottoms (booties for indoor use only), character hood with snap/velcro closure.

Lil Characters Unisex-baby Newborn Spider Costume

This eight-legged insect cutie won't be climbing up any water spouts in our Itsy Bitsy Spider Infant Costume. He'll be out getting cuddles and candy this Halloween. Our Itsy Bitsy Spider Baby Costume includes a soft jumpsuit with attached stuffed legs and footsies with skid resistant soles and a hood with cartoon eyes, felt fangs and a black tuft of faux fur on top. The purple jumpsuit features orange striped sleeves, green tummy insert with black polka dots and orange striped leg attachments. The snap closures on the inner legs make diaper changes more convenient. Miss Muffet couldn't even argue who her favorite little creepy crawly insect is with our Itsy Bitsy Spider Baby Costume.

Newborn Baby Bumble Bee Costume (0-6 Months)

Comes with a black and yellow bunting, with black wings, and headpiece

Costume is made to accommodate clothing underneath

Bunting size 0 to 6 months of age

Little Bee Infant Toddler Halloween Costume

Buzz, buzz! The life of a bee - flying from flower to flower, pollinating them to bring forth the spring bloom. Dress your child in this Little Bee Toddler Bee Costume and let them loose on the garden! (Well, the azaleas are pretty nice, so maybe protect those.) They'll blend right in with the other critters!

This adorable Little Bee Toddler Bee Costume will keep them protected in the elements and make them look as though they belong amongst the buzzing of Nature's workers! And hey, you never know - maybe they'll even bring back some honey!

Rubie's Costume Deluxe Baby Bunting

This Infant Butterfly Costume features a soft, one-piece bunting with fabric fastener on back and a butterfly headpiece.

Darling Dragonfly Baby Costume

Adorable Mullins Square dragonfly costume features poly cotton blue and lime green body with attached wings, separate headpiece.

Bre the Butterfly Costume

The Baby Butterfly Costume is one big pink and green mass of cute. Besides ladybugs, butterflies are probably the most tolerable and likable insect there is. Actually, they're one better than that, they're actually beautiful, little creatures. It's the perfect costume for a baby.

The Baby Butterfly Costume comes with a lined zippered jumpsuit, a hood with antennae and detachable wings, and slip on booties. It's a pretty cute costume so there's no reason not to make your little caterpillar into a butterfly today!

Lil Characters Infant Bee Costume, Black/Yellow

Your little one will be all the buzz in this detailed and stylish insect toddler costume. This Lil' Stinger Bee Toddler Costume includes a completely lined zippered velour bodysuit with an attached stinger, booties, detachable wings, and a character hood with antennae. The bodysuit features inner leg snap closures for easy diaper change. The slip-on booties feature skid resistant bottoms and are for indoor use only. This adorable bee costume is perfect for Halloween, birthdays, or just creating picture perfect memories!

That is one cute little bee!

Includes jumpsuit with hood. Does not include tights...or adorable baby.

Unique Infant Baby Caterpillar Costume, 12 Months

* Costume fits babies that wear size 12M clothing

* Costume is made of a soft high quality fabric

* Comes with a detachable headpiece

* Colorful back piece detaches with velcro

Mullins Square Butterfly Baby Costume, Lime/Blue - 6-18 Months

Butterfly baby costume (One size up to 25lbs) tights and undershirt not included 100% polyester.

What was your favorite bug?

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