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Buy St. Patrick’s Day Party Decorations Online

Updated on April 10, 2011

St. Patrick’s Day Party Decorations for a ‘kick’n’ St. Patty’s Day Party

On St. Patrick’s Day – everybody has a little Irish in them, and depending on how freely the green beer flows, some more than others. St. Patrick’s Day, or St. Patty's Day, or just Paddy's Day – March 17th – is a day everyone loves to celebrate, and with just a little planning and the right St. Patrick’s Day party supplies, including lots of green-themed St. Patrick’s Day party decorations, you can create a party everyone will enjoy and remember.

Remember, as you look at the categories below – whenever you click on an image, you will also be able to search other items in that category too!

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St. Patrick’s Day Party Supplies

St. Patrick’s Day Party Decorations – St. Patrick's Day Banners, Signs, and Flags

Moving right along – let’s look at some room decorations for your St. Patrick’s Day Party.

Of course we’re still with the Irish green theme, but it’s up to you how elaborate you want to be. Your decorations can be as simple as a green tablecloth and maybe some green streamers, or you can go full-speed ahead and make everything into an Irish theme. Green shamrock streamers and tape, green & white checked or shamrock print table cloth and napkins, St. Patrick’s designed table & drink ware, St. Patrick’s Day party favors, and on and on.

You can see tons of St. Patrick’s Day party supplies available right now on ebay.

But let’s look at some St. Patrick’s Day party decorations banners and signs. These signs and banners can be used as St. Patrick’s Day decorations anywhere on the walls, door ledges, or mantles.

… of course no party room décor would be complete without green streamers, shamrocks, and maybe a Leprechaun, or two. These streamers and shamrocks can be used around the walls, table edges, or across doorways and archways

St. Patrick’s Day Decorations – Shamrocks, Steamers, and Leprechauns

St. Patrick’s Day Party Supplies Inside the Room

St. Patrick’s Day Party Decorations  - Tabletop

Then the next thing your guests will see are your table tops. For these a suitable St. Patrick’s theme tablecloth and a table centerpiece will set the tone. Your centerpiece could be simply one of those honey-comb fold-outs of an Irish Leprechaun Hat, or pot of gold, or even a shamrock. Or you could use St. Patrick’s Day party-ware holding food like chips and dip or hors d’ oeuvres, or even a punch drink. Some examples of what’s available now are just below.

St. Patrick’s Day Party Decorations – Party Favors

Party Favors and Loot Bags can also be part of your tabletop St. Patrick’s Day Party decorations

Everybody likes party favors – and with the right touch they can be part of your tabletop decorations too! You can use them as place-setting markers on your main party table, or décor groupings on side tables as a way to spread the St. Patrick’s Day theme throughout the room.

These St. Patrick’s Day party favors are available right now on ebay!

... but remember, make a decision - act while you can, not all ebay items are inventory items. Some may not be available the next time you look.

ps. Check out this article for some great ideas on how to use some of these decorations to decorate your St. Patrick's Day Dinner table.

St. Patrick’s Day Party Supplies – Hats

And of course, what St. Patrick’s Day Party could be complete with those famous green Leprechaun hats! (and tiaras for the ladies too)

Free St. Patrick's Day Decorations Updates

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