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Candy Corn - Halloween Treats

Updated on October 24, 2016

Candy Corn Makes For Yummy Halloween Treats

If you live in North America chances are you have heard of the delicious yummy candy treat Candy Corn. If you are unfamiliar with this autumn favorite you are in for a sweet surprise.

Candy Corn is a striped triangle shaped candy patterned on the colors seen in a single kernel of corn. Classically Candy Corn is white, orange and yellow. Candy Corn is predominately made of sugar and corn syrup. It is usually enjoyed around Halloween as the confection has become linked with the holiday.

Fans of Candy Corn owe a special thanks to George Renninger of the Wunderlee Candy Company who invented the treat in the 1880's.

Image by Harsh Light on Flickr

Candy Corn Acres

Candy Corn Acres in California Adventure by Loren Javier, on Flickr
Candy Corn Acres in California Adventure by Loren Javier, on Flickr

Do You Love Candy Corn?

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Buy Candy Corn

Take a moment and enjoy some Candy Corn!

Candy Corn (1 pound pack)
Candy Corn (1 pound pack)
Candy Corn appears white, orange and yellow in color. This confection is sold in 1lbs gift bag.

Candy Corn Comes in Different Colors & Flavors

Traditional Candy Corn has been re-imagined in various colors and flavors. You can purchase candy corn in a variety of flavors: including, raspberry, cherry and cinnamon apple.

Make Your Own Candy Corn

Ever wondered how to make your own Candy Corn? If so take a moment to let the Harvard Crimson illuminate the process. It is easier than you would imagine to create this sweet treat at home.

Homemade Candy Corn Recipes

If you are not a fan of the waxy store bought candy corn why not make your own homemade Candy Corn. It gives you the option to make this tasty treat more softer. If you are ready to give it a try check out the homemade Candy Corn recipes below to get started.

Your favorite candies and cookies are dressing up this Halloween season to look like Candy Corn.

M&Ms are sporting new candy covered shells with hues of white, yellow and orange. M&Ms Candy Corn set the stage for Holiday party snack with their delicious white chocolate.

Not to be outdone, Oreo has give the classic cookie a new icing color scheme. The Candy Corn Oreos are limited edition cookies marking the fall season and Halloween. The cookie creme filling has been turned orange and yellow to reflect it's candy inspiration.

This is not the first time candy and cookies have been mascarading as Candy Corn. Using Candy Corn shaped cookie cutters and colored icing cookie makers have been dressing up their cookies to herald the fall season. Expect to see lots of treats in costume this season as you make the rounds at your local Halloween parties.

Candy Corn Cookie Cutters

Candy Corn is a perfect disguise for your cookies this Halloween. Get in the spirit of the season and create your own delicious candy inspired treat in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Foose Candy Corn Cookie Cutter 4 in B1362
Foose Candy Corn Cookie Cutter 4 in B1362
The Candy Corn cookie cutter is made of heavy duty tin plated material. It is not flimsy and perfect for cutting out your dough. Cutter is 4 inches tall and 7/8 inch in depth. Clean your Candy Corn Cookie Cutter with a damp cloth. This product is not dishwater safe.

Candy Corn Cupcakes

It is time for the cupcakes to dress up for Halloween. They will need some help with some Candy Corn inspired cake toppers.

Candy Corn Acres by HarshLight, on Flickr
Candy Corn Acres by HarshLight, on Flickr

What do you think of Candy Corn? What is your favorite Halloween treat?

Candy Corn Comments

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    • Jerzimom profile image

      Cheryl Fay Mikesell 

      7 years ago from Mondovi, WI

      Candy corn is my fav at Halloween time! I've never tried cinnamon candy corn or even heard of them. They'd be fun to try. Thanks for sharing! Happy Halloween!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Candy corn has always been one of my favorite candies~ thanks for sharing this yummy lens :)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      oh great! there was a recipe on how to create once. since i dont know where to buy, lets create some!!


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