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Cars 2 Gift Ideas for Kids

Updated on August 5, 2013

Cars 2 Gifts are Fun for Kids!

Cars are a common gift item for little boys, and big boys, depending on the type, and use...with Cars 2 out this year, though, Cars 2 gift items are especially prevalent. While some Cars 2 gift ideas are as close as your local big box retailer, I'm tracking down some interesting possibilities that you might not see out and about...and if you do see them, be sure to keep your eyes out, as the first part of December often proves budget friendly, with stellar Gold box and lightning deals on popular gifts.

Toy cars are great not only for promoting play but also for encouraging cooperative skills, manual dexterity and sharing. Your youngster can't keep all the fun to himself, after all, and the toys featured here are too fun not to share. Starting in family circles, a child can begin to learn about how to include others just as he would want to be included in fun times.

Electric Cars 2 Ride On...What a Blast!

Ride on toy cars are a great deal of fun for little ones, and this Cars 2 selection is perfect for your youngster to experience the thrill of the race! My youngsters loved the ride-on toy concept, and the actual go power of an electric racer is perfect for creating a memorable holiday or birthday celebration.

Fisher-Price Shake 'n Go! Disney/Pixar Cars 2 - World Grand Prix - Ages 3-7

Shake the cars and watch them go!

Fisher-Price Shake 'n Go! Disney/Pixar Cars 2 - World Grand Prix
Fisher-Price Shake 'n Go! Disney/Pixar Cars 2 - World Grand Prix

Racing car sets are popular Christmas gifts for boys, but are often difficult for younger boys to put together and work with. This is not a new concept, but the Shake and Go Car set is perfect for young boys. My sons had a previous version, several years ago, and loved it. I loved it. The race track pieces are easier to put together, and the cars are big, easy for a younger boy to manage. Shake the car, and it revs and roars, put it down, and it goes! Your son can also run these cars on the floor, which was a fun pastime for my sons. Well worth the price, this is a very highly recommended Cars 2 gift idea!

I will add that the quality of the shake and go track set is much longer lasting than some of the pricier sets, and my son still has his track, and plays with it, at age 9. In comparison, I've disposed of several race tracks that have been given to the kids by well meaning uncles, due to broken and lost parts.

I highly suggest a good storage bin for keeping the parts together...we use a long, flat bin that fits under a bed or couch.


Cars 2 Collectible Sets

Find the entire character collection for the youngster who adores these fun personalities. While Lightning McQueen and Mater may be the most popular, a complete set will definitely encourage new story lines and interactions as your child plays to his heart's content.

More Cars 2 Racing Toys

You'll find racing toys for all ages, but little boys will fall in love with age appropriate choices based on their favorite characters from the Disney film!

Cars 2 Play Rug

Pretend play is one of the most rich and fun ways for a child to spend time. Your son can play with his Cars 2 diecast or pvc car sets, and this rug provides the opportunity for him to imagine, and pretend, to his heart's content.

Cars 2 Themed Games

Popular games are often repackaged to reflect a current hit...these are great choices! Most of the games pictured here are perfect for elementary aged children, with preschoolers being capable of participating in almost all, as well.

Operation will require a little bit of dexterity, but the buzzing of the tweezers hitting the wall of the section holding the part to be removed is fun, and the squeal of a preschooler upon hearing the sound, humorous.

Memory games are outstanding gifts for preschoolers, especially if they include well known characters. The Cars 2 memory set is especially well suited to preschool and early elementary aged children.

Trouble is another great game for preschool and early elementary aged youngsters, and the Cars 2 Trouble game simply introduces familiar characters to the activity.

Uno may require assistance for younger children, but is well suited to just about all elementary aged children (not to mention, tweens and teens).

Cars 2 Video Games

Whether you are looking for software for that LeapPad explorer, or an interactive Cars 2 video game for Wii, or Nintendo DS or Nintendo 3DS, you will find the popular Cars 2 characters happy to oblige.

Cars 2: The Video Game - Nintendo Wii
Cars 2: The Video Game - Nintendo Wii

For Wii: You'll appreciate that there are many variations for different platforms...look for related choices as you explore the link for the Cars 2 Wii Game.


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