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A Very Catty Christmas

Updated on February 18, 2015
naturegirl7s profile image

Pets of all kinds have shared Yvonne's life. They seem to find her when they are in need and she helps them find their forever home.

I'm watching you, Dax.
I'm watching you, Dax.

Gifts for Cats and Their People Staff

We Feline mistresses of the house and Dax (the orange terror) need to speak out. I, Blaze Star, have been chosen, by a unanimous raising of paws, to be the spokes-cat for the group. Recently our butler, Albert, and the canine members of our troop, have been burning up the web with stories and shopping suggestions, while we have been enjoying long naps in comfy cat beds and good games of hide and go seek while playing with our cat toys. The dogs are constantly boasting about their attempts at creativity and we cats can not take any more of it. So, today, we start our campaign to share our valuable knowledge with the world.

Since Christmas is right around the corner, we will begin with a shopping list of sorts. We have high standards in what we expect to see under (or in) the tree. Cat toys should be near the top of the list, as well as cat beds and treats.

We hope that our recommendations will help the outstanding humans (like our butler and maid) who love and cherish our kind, to choose just the right gifts for the felines of the world, as well as for other cat loving humans.

Click to Buy Blaze Cat Eyes and other art photo designs by naturegirl7 on Zazzle.

Advice from Blaze, Star Noir and Dax

We all know that of all the four-legged, cats are by far the superior beings with such discriminating taste, that it is only right for us to advise the caring humans who read this page. Humans, please take our words to heart. If you do, you will please every cat and kitten on your list (as well as their housekeeping staff).

Blaze Cat & Afghan Poster

Blaze Cat & Afghan and other art photo designs on Zazzle.

Cat Beds

The most important piece of furniture in a cat's life is a comfy bed to sleep in. Actually we need many beds placed in strategic locations throughout the house so that we can enjoy snoozing in the sun as it moves from the east window to the west windows.

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Heated Pet Bed Small Sage 16" 4W
K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Heated Pet Bed Small Sage 16" 4W

We are particularly fond of this design. It's perfect for curling up on those cool days. At night our housekeeping staff keeps us warm in their large beds.



This is a must for any household in which members of the feline persuasion dwell.

Pet Alert Window Decal

Pet Safety Alert 234001 2-Count Static Cling Window Decal for Pets
Pet Safety Alert 234001 2-Count Static Cling Window Decal for Pets

Let rescue workers know a cat is inside in case of emergency.

Da Bird Single 3 Foot Pole Cat Toy with 2 Extra Guinea Feather Refills
Da Bird Single 3 Foot Pole Cat Toy with 2 Extra Guinea Feather Refills

Star Noir and Dax just LOVE these toys and will play with them as long as the butler will jiggle it.



We enjoy toys, the more realistic the better. Personally, I have always enjoyed a good mouse thrown high in the air so that I can jump several feet to bat it away, then pounce on it and kill it with kicks from my strong back feet. My friend Star enjoys fishing pole affairs, operated by our human butler and/or maid.

Dax will play with anything, but he particularly enjoys laying in wait and ambushing us girls as we walk by.

Play Break

Cute Cats Playing

Pounce Cat Treats

Pounce Cat Treats 12 pack Moist Chicken
Pounce Cat Treats 12 pack Moist Chicken

We pounce on Pounce. Dax will even do tricks for Pounce. (He embarrasses us with his dog-like behavior.)



Since we have delicate tastes, we must have the most flavorful of treats. Here are a few that will be suitable.

Cat Trees and Exercise Equipment

We are indoor cats, but all of us once lived or were allowed to go outdoors. Our humans say that it is too dangerous out there today and though we can't understand it, they say that it is bad to kill flying prey. We cats enjoy climbing and playing in trees and other two-leggeds have built some indoor substitutes for trees.

If you have to stay inside, then you need a tree with many sleeping and hiding places as well as things to climb on and play with.

Outside Enclosures

Frankly, Dax is hoping that our benevolent and loving humans will purchase this for us. It's like the best of both worlds. We can enjoy the outdoors, while still being safe from predators and our humans won't worry that we are killing any of their precious feathered prey or reptiles.

News Flash!! Our benevolent humans came through for us (and for them). We now have a lovely screened outside play area / greenhouse - porch right off of the house. They even put a little door for us! As soon as the sweet woman gets the pictures out of that thing that flashes, she says that she's going to write about it.

Pepper Cat on the Porch

The newest member of our troop, young Pepper she-cat relaxes in a chair on our new porch.
The newest member of our troop, young Pepper she-cat relaxes in a chair on our new porch. | Source

Draft Stopper Ideal Pet Door

Here's the door that they got for us. Star Noir, Pepper and Dax like to use it, but I like the woman to be out there with me because of Dax's ambushes. Still it's lovely to have him out of the house for a while so that I can nap.

The humans say that it saves energy. The irritating Cocker Spaniel dog can use it, too.

Kitty Walk Outdoor Cat Enclosure

We have our own screen porch, but for those unfortunate indoor kitties that don't, this would suffice.

Kitty Walk Town and Country Cat Enclosure

This one is probably more in their price range, but we will have to take turns. Of course, being the ladies, Star Noir and I will have to go first.

Christmas Ornaments

We enjoy the holidays, especially the tree. Our staff has a lovely collection of feline ornaments and decorations, but we have found a few more to add to their display.


Wi-fi Cat

Any Cat Friend Would Like These

Gifts for the Staff

Since it is the holiday season, we feel obligated to recommend some gifts for the human servants. We must not forget them because, we still have not figured out how to open the little can each morning or how to operate the water fountain. These stuffed kitties would be perfect for the little humans.

Friends Forever Mousepad

These people gifts feature our images. Any lover of our kind would be proud to receive one of these lovely gifts. More can be found at my people's Naturally Native Creations Gallery. Click on the blue words to take you to Zazzle to buy an item.

My humans seem to enjoy reading about our kind. Here are some that your humans may like.

Blaze Eyes Tie

Cat Naps Christmas Mug

If your human enjoys musicals and jewelry, Cats and this lovely diamond necklace should make them very happy. I thoroughly enjoyed the show... some of the actresses could move quite gracefully. I also wouldn't mind Santa Paws bringing a lovely trinket with sparklies like the necklace either.

Humorous Door Mats

Star Noir and I are tidy ladies so we recommend these door mats that help keep our house clean. Dax made us include the Day in the Life of the Cat. He may feel that way, but we girls don't.

Cat and Housekeeping Staff Doormat

© 2009 Yvonne L. B.

Please say meow or scratch out a note.

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    • Gypzeerose profile image

      Rose Jones 5 years ago

      What a sweet lens. Great lens with personal touches. Blessed.

    • profile image

      RinchenChodron 7 years ago

      What fun I had visiting your lens!

    • Jack2205 profile image

      Jack 7 years ago

      This is an excellent lens. Blessed by a Squid Angel.

    • darciefrench lm profile image

      darciefrench lm 7 years ago

      Your cats have excellent taste, both in gifts and owners :) Purrfect lens, now, am off to see more of your wonderful lenses about your pets.

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      This lens is as cute as can be, I love all the pictures. ~ I Like This!

      Cats are so neat, when you think about it, its pretty special to have an animal living un your home.

    • profile image

      julieannbrady 7 years ago

      Well this is a mighty fine page and so inspirational .... MEOW ... Boots says HI.

    • poptastic profile image

      Cynthia Arre 8 years ago from Quezon City

      Wonderful collection of cat gifts! I think my kitty will certainly love a lot of these. (: NIcely crafted lens with well-presented information *blessed by an angel*

    • admiralglass lm profile image

      admiralglass lm 8 years ago

      I have to hide this page (and my credit card) from my cats. They would go crazy over these toys:)

    • profile image

      rio1 8 years ago

      Rio says that Blaze did okay...for a cat.

    • groovyfind profile image

      Samantha Devereux 8 years ago from Columbia Mo

      Too funny!

    • justholidays profile image

      justholidays 8 years ago

      Well I have no cat but whenever I would have one, obviously, this lens would give me a lot of ideas... the hardest task would be... which one to choose?


    • pkmcruk profile image

      pkmcr 8 years ago from Cheshire UK

      Oh dear! I can see me spending a fortune here! I love this lens and of course I have to tell you that Charlie's Squid Angel has blessed you :-) Please feel free to add to my Angel Lens :-)

    • naturegirl7s profile image

      Yvonne L. B. 8 years ago from Covington, LA

      Blaze send her thanks. Her little paws are tired and she's taking a well deserved nap. Say purr to Chessie and Patches!

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      Blaze, I can see why your feline friends appointed you spokescat. You have given some excellent choices to make any cat's Christmas a joyful one. My cats, Chessie and Patches, give you a 5 paw rating! And I'm spreading my Angel Wings (glistening brightly with cat fur) to bless this lens.


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