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Cat Love Letters

Updated on August 30, 2017
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As a retired librarian, Yvonne finally has time to read! She enjoys sharing some of her favorite books and media with friends.

Blaze Cat Reclines
Blaze Cat Reclines | Source

Blaze Star's Review of Cat Love Letters and Catty Book Suggestions

This is Blaze Star Cat, head cat of Hummingbird Hill. It's been a while since I posted. I am so pleased that my new little protégé, Pepper, has done such a good job with her pages and I thought you'd enjoy hearing about the fabulous book that I just read. It would make a purr-fectly wonderful gift for the feline lover on your list.

Cat Love Letters by Leigh W. Rutledge is for all the romantics out there, whether they have two legs or four. This collection of correspondence of felines in love made me purr with delight and I must confess that I had to wipe my eyes a few times.

This book or one of the others such as the one by the Yorkshire Veterinarian, James Herriot, that I recommend, would make excellent gift for any cat lovers. My lady also enjoyed all of these stories. She's such an wise human.

If You Love Felines, you simply must read this Book!

Blaze's Review

I just loved this book about six pairs of cats in love. The letters are laid out in scrapbook fashion and each cat has his or her own stationary and script. I was very amused by Nefertiti and Boo and was extremely touched by J.B. White Sock's search for his beloved Shasta.

I can't believe that a human wrote it. It's expresses our secret life so well. The human has to be a ghostwriter for one of the cats in the book.

You must read Cat Love Letters and come back and let me know what you think in the Ghost Writer Duel below.

Collected Correspondence of Cats in Love

The couples who wrote this interesting correspondence are:

Tonya and Peaches - a very young cat and an older, gentleman Tom

Snowball and Spitfire - A handsome, loving Tom and a self-centered little Spitfire

Shasta and J.B. White Socks - Star crossed lovers who are cruelly separated

Nefertiti and Boo - A couple who would rather fight than share

Mindy and D.W.Y. - The odd couple

Mabel and Grouch - The couple who shows that age has nothing to do with love.

Somewhere Out There

Surely J.B. White Socks and Shasta were singing this lovely song. I hope you enjoy listening while you view the rest of this lens.

This Could be Shasta

Wisdom Looks Up
Wisdom Looks Up | Source

My Favorite Couple

Shasta and J.B. White Socks warmed my heart with their undying love. J.B. White Socks is quite a Tom. If he weren't so dedicated to his lovely Shasta, I wouldn't mind him coming to take Dax's place in our house. Oh, to have someone so devoted to you that he would search the world to find you. Someone who would write (And I quote J.B.), "Since then I have spent my life, my every waking hour, in search of my beloved Shasta. I will not rest until I find her!" What a Tom!

This Could be J. B. White Socks

Tuxedo Cat
Tuxedo Cat | Source

Blue Ping Pong Ball

I really like to play with ping pong balls, just like J.B. and Shasta. Here are some that are blue with other colors, too. Dax always hits them under the couch, so it's best to get more than one. I wanted to put the ones I picked out, but the lady said that I am only allowed to put books... Rats, I really want those sparkly balls!

Ghost Writer Duel

Do you think that Leigh W. Rutledge is a ghost writer for the cats?

Author Leigh W. Rutledge

This delightful human shares his house with thirty of our kind. I knew he had some help with this book. According to him, he patterned the characters in Cat Love Letters after some of the real cats that share his home.

This is a wise and loving human with a kind heart. Diary of a Cat is another of his books. The orange cat on the cover could be that mischievous Dax Cat's twin! He also fancies himself an author.

My Nemesis Dax

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Now he's 20 lbs and thinks he's so cute sitting in the sink.Here he is when we first got him. I wish he was still so small and cute!
Now he's 20 lbs and thinks he's so cute sitting in the sink.
Now he's 20 lbs and thinks he's so cute sitting in the sink.
Here he is when we first got him. I wish he was still so small and cute!
Here he is when we first got him. I wish he was still so small and cute!

Diary of a Cat

Cat Stories Poll

Do you like stories about cats?

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Oscar, a Cat About Town

If you enjoy stories about our kind, then you will want to read this and other stories by James Herriot such as his Cat Stories and Moses the Kitten. Oscar is a special cat with many human friends in Yorkshire. Herriot's, All Creatures Great and Small about his veterinary practice and life is for grown-ups.

Blaze Cat Eyes

I'm keeping an eye on you, Dax. The cat knows.
I'm keeping an eye on you, Dax. The cat knows. | Source

Some Cat Toys Like in Cat Love Letters

I found some of the toys from the love letters on Amazon. Maybe if Nefertiti and Boo had known about ordering there, they wouldn't have fought so much. Duh!

Blaze Cat Nap

I hope you enjoyed my review of these lovely little cat stories. So sorry that I must say au revoir, but it is now time for my nap.

Cat Poll

How many cats share your life?

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© 2010 Yvonne L B


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