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Cat Themed Gifts

Updated on September 13, 2014

Looking For Gift Ideas For A Cat Lover?

You know, it is always hard trying to find gifts for some people. However, if they have a passion - it can be easy to choose a gift related to that passion.

Cat lovers are rather easy to buy for, because cat lovers gift ideas are all around!

The image on the left is a cat clock featuring a gorgeous white cat with striking green eyes. It is available for purchase, along with many other customizable cat related products, including T Shirts and coffee mugs here: Cat Wall Clock

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How To Figure Out What To Choose

Some ideas ...

First of all, find out if the person you are choosing a gift for has a particular breed they love the most - to target better. Maybe they adore the regal Siamese cat, or a fluffy persian ... or maybe my favorite cat of all - the Ragdoll.

Then try and figure out if they LOVE kittens or just like pretty cats.

Then, you can have a quick look around their house or bedroom and choose something that would go well as a decorative item.

Or you can choose a clothing gift, such as a T Shirt with a cute kitten or a funny cat saying.

Another great gift idea is to select something for their kitchen. You can find a vast number of coffee mugs and other useable items. These are the type of gifts that will really be appreciated - and your giftee will think of you each time they use it. So that is a really nice gift idea to go for.

Lots of Cat Lover Gift Ideas

When you are shopping for a gift, It is nice to see a good selection all in the one place, and this is what my page here is all about:

Recently I got this email sent to me via that site ...

"I have a friend who has five cats, and since it is her birthday very soon I am looking for a lovely gift for her. I had no idea what to buy for her until I found your page. Thank you for all the great ideas, now it is not so hard as I first thought. OK, off to purchase her gift now, I have settled on one of the darling cat coffee mugs."

So, feel free to pop over and have a browse around there. You are sure to see some things that you may never have thought of.

A Guide to Great Cat Lover Gifts - Gift selection can be problematic sometimes!

When looking for just the right gift for your cat lover friend, take into account their personal preferences and likes. For example, some people do not appreciate ornaments (they need to be dusted!) and other people simply adore them.

Here are some suggestions and ideas that might help you find the perfect gift for a special cat lover:

  1. Cat Art: You could go for something in the way of decorative cat art such as cat posters and prints to adorn a wall.
  2. Cat Jewelry: If you know the person very well, jewelry can make a lovely gift. There is a huge range of jewelry gifts for cat lovers and something to cover every taste.
  3. Cat Collectibles and Ornaments: For people who like ornaments around their home, you can't go wrong choosing a gift of a lovely cat figurine.
  4. Gifts For Cats: If they own a cat - or cats - then why not give a gift of something they can use for their kitties. Things such as water and food bowls, cat beds, or a nice cat tree will not only be appreciated by your friend, but will also make their cats happy too!
  5. Many cat lovers will like a gift that they can use. So for these people, maybe consider buying them a cat decorated tea cup, coffee mug or glasses. Or maybe a plate. This are things they will use - and also will often think of you when drinking from them or eating off them!
  6. Other items to consider are cat clocks, door stoppers. Useable household items such as cat tea towels and cushion covers can also come in handy. A smaller item such as a keyring chain is another idea.

Some Cat Themed Gift Ideas - To Get Your Gift Giving Juices Flowing!

I must admit that I may sometimes go a little overboard in buying cat gifts for myself, too!

The only problem when buying gifts for people is that you do need to be aware of their personal tastes. It is no good buying a retro cat poster when the recipient is your Grandmother who has very old fashioned tastes.

So how do you go about choosing the right cat lovers gifts for your own someone special?

Gifts that can be used, such as coffee mugs and kitchen towels are a good idea and usually appreciated. When choosing something that is a decorative item for the home, such as a wall clock or cushions, then keep the person's tastes and home color scheme in mind.

If the person owns a cat of a particular breed, then they will most likely appreciate any gift related to that breed. This could be items with the breed picture on them, or even a good book about the breed.

There is a lot to choose from actually, and below I have some great cat gifts cat lovers will appreciate. I hope you find something that you fell happy in giving to your special person. And, feel free to give yourself a gift too!

Chester The Cat/Kitty Coffee Mug Great For Cat Collections
Chester The Cat/Kitty Coffee Mug Great For Cat Collections

Mugs are always a well received and useful gift idea!

The Mountain Green Eyes Cat Face Adult T-shirt S
The Mountain Green Eyes Cat Face Adult T-shirt S

What about a T Shirt featuring the person's favorite cat or kitten breed?

Ladies/Womens Cat Slippers With Ears (9.5/10.5 US) (Pink)
Ladies/Womens Cat Slippers With Ears (9.5/10.5 US) (Pink)

Slippers are useful and these bright pink ones with a darling cat face are really cute.

JA331 Faux Diamond Studded Cat Necklace, Kitten Cat Lovers Necklace Jewelry
JA331 Faux Diamond Studded Cat Necklace, Kitten Cat Lovers Necklace Jewelry

Cat Jewelry! But, when bying jewelry it is important to know what sort of thing the person like to wear.


Gift Basket For Kitty

Cat Gift Basket
Cat Gift Basket

Cat Lovers Gift Basket

Give A Pampered Cat Gift Basket

Why not make it easy? For cat owners, this is a great gift idea that covers a lot of bases. You really can't go wrong by buying a gift that pampers a person's much loved pet. Cat owners always appreciate more toys and yummy treats for their cats.

This pampering cat gift basket comes with the following:

A kitty pounce toy, a glitter play ball, a kaleidoscope ball toy, furry fish toy, yummy salmon and tuna treats, organic chicken snacks, seafood snacks,cheese snacks.

AND this kitty gift basket also includes most cats well loved favorite, and that is organic Catnip!

Please feel free to add your thoughts here...

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