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Cute Cat Christmas Ornaments for the Cat Lover

Updated on November 6, 2014

Deck the Halls with Cats for Christmas

Cat are ornaments to our lives at any season, yes, of course, but we who are true feline fanciers know there's just something about the winter holidays that makes it so they reallllllly can't resist the urge to help decorate in earnest.

Rustling paper, mysterious boxes, sparkling things that dangle so enticingly in front of Kitty's nose, delicious scents of wonderful food, and excitement all through the home -

"There's a tree indoors!

Oooh, shiny!"

- so much to love about this season, when you're a furry fiend!

And since our kitties so clearly want to be in the midst of the festivities, why not decorate your tree and home in a feline theme, with cute and colorful cat ornaments for the Christmas holidays?

Featured: The playful white kitten in a Santa hat is the Christmas Cat collectible figurine by Charming Purrsonalities called "I Have Just the Gift for You," one of a totally adorable holiday series.

Funny Black Cats - Hanging Christmas Tree Ornaments

Enesco Our Name is Mud By Lorrie Veasey For Me Cat Hanging Ornament, 4-3/4-Inch
Enesco Our Name is Mud By Lorrie Veasey For Me Cat Hanging Ornament, 4-3/4-Inch

Chubby black cats have something funny to say about celebrating Christmas! Accented in green, red and white hats and scarves, these cat ornaments are hand crafted and hand painted overseas from designs by American ceramics artist Lorrie Veasey of the light-hearted Our Name is Mud.

Located in New Jersey, USA, Lorrie also creates a line of made-in-America originals that you can find online in her Etsy store, lennymud, which she's named after her own cat, Lenny.

Enesco Our Name is Mud By Lorrie Veasey I'M Cute Cat Hanging Ornament, 4-3/4-Inch
Enesco Our Name is Mud By Lorrie Veasey I'M Cute Cat Hanging Ornament, 4-3/4-Inch

My favorite of her Christmas cat designs is the jolly fellow who thinks all the baubles on the tree are toys for him, above - is your cat like that, too? - but a close second is this fat black kitty who gets away with anything because he's so cute. Again, how typical is that? Every cat lover knows that look they give you. It's total innocence - and pure attitude!


Kitty at Christmas

Kitty makes a stealth run for the base of the  Christmas tree.
Kitty makes a stealth run for the base of the Christmas tree. | Source

This blur in the photo above is Kitty, headed for the Christmas tree. My thinking is, since she is bound and determined to climb up there and play with the dangling decorations and garlands, we might as well dangle a few decorative feline friends from the branches for her to bat around, too. No tinsel, though, of course, and the breakables are set up too high for her to reach.

You can bet my collection of beautiful blown-glass ornaments, some vintage and some in vintage style, are always put on the highest limbs of the Christmas tree. That way, I can enjoy my favorite decorations without stress, and Kitty can amuse herself by inspecting (and batting at) the sturdy ceramics and resin ornaments that are more cat-friendly and bring color to the lower branches.

Old-Fashioned Blown Glass Cat Ornaments - Vintage Style Christmas Tree Decorations

If you already collect those shining blown-glass ornaments that a lot of us grew up with (and then artists like Radko brought back into vogue again in more recent years), you really do need a kitty or two to round out the display!And if you - or someone you love - is a cat person, well, a tiny glass replica of your favorite moggie would be just the thing for your Christmas tree. Cats, of course, are decorative all year round... (You'll be sure to hang these and any other breakables up high, of course, away from the batting paws of your resident kitty and any little human friends he may have, irresistably drawn to the sparkling lights and shiny baubles!)

Jim Shore Santa Claus Cat Ornament - Jim Shore Hanging Cat

Jim Shore cat ornaments are absolutely distinctive - there's no mistaking a Jim Shore design - and highly collectible of course. This jaunty Santa Cat is one of my favorite seasonal decorations with a feline flare.

Enesco Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Christmas Cat with Fish Ornament, 4-1/2-Inch
Enesco Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Christmas Cat with Fish Ornament, 4-1/2-Inch

Crafted by hand, painted by hand, and a gorgeous addition to anyone's cat figure collection!


Russian Christmas Cat - Handmade Hand Painted Wood Cat Ornament

Check out the I'm-so-over-it expression on this fellow's face, and the beautiful fine detail in the painting!

Russian Christmas Ornament "Cat"
Russian Christmas Ornament "Cat"

Made by hand at the Kikin Studio in Russia, this highly collectible curled-up cat has lots of personality! Measurements: 2.25 x 3.5 inches.


Tough Zombie Cat Ornament - Let's just see Kitty take on this fun character!

Handcrafted one-of-a-kind zombie cat - what's not to love? This resin ornament is tough enough to hang on a tree even in a home where a wild feline like our Kitty likes to bat at the branches, yet crafted with oodles of detail to make it interesting.

christmas cats by
christmas cats by | Source

Safety First!

Choose your ornaments with your pets in mind

One thing to look out for when you're choosing Christmas tree ornaments or other festive decorations - and that includes the pretty bowls of seasonal snacks we like to put out for guests, not to mention all the ribbons and wrappings on gifts and packages around our homes at this time of year. (Who hasn't seen a trail of tinsel in the litter box, for example - funny? Not at all. That piece of tinsel could have done serious harm to your kitty!)

While you're pet-proofing your house in regard to holiday treats, by the way, don't underestimate how high a dog can jump or a cat can climb, and how easily they can learn to open a cupboard or drawer, if there's an irresistible smell coming from inside! Similarly, if your playful young kitten is a tree-climber, perhaps it's best to put away the breakable ornaments until he's older and settled down a bit, when simply hanging them out of reach is more likely to be effective.

Which cat is purrrrfect for your Christmas tree?

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    • David Stone1 profile image

      David Stone 3 years ago from New York City

      Nice. We do some ourselves, and I wanted to see what you had. Nice work.

    • PaigSr profile image

      PaigSr 3 years ago from State of Confussion

      I see a few that could easily show up as gifts for my parents and their cats.

    • TransplantedSoul profile image

      TransplantedSoul 4 years ago

      I love the cat picture with the Santa hats.

    • annieangel1 profile image

      Ann 5 years ago from Yorkshire, England

      Yeah as a cat love I wouldn't say no to any of these cat ornaments for my Christmas tree this year

    • WriterJanis2 profile image

      WriterJanis2 5 years ago

      I like the Maneki ornament. Very cute.

    • flycatcherrr profile image

      flycatcherrr 5 years ago

      @Camden1: Heheh, now I think I want to meet your sister - and her cat! ;)

    • Camden1 profile image

      Camden1 5 years ago

      I think the "Tree Full of Toys for Me" cat ornament would be a perfect little gift for my sister.

    • kislanyk profile image

      Marika 5 years ago from Cyprus

      Oh these are just way too cute!

    • profile image

      BeyondRoses 5 years ago

      Oh, I just got to add. Love the Black Cat Hanging Tree Ornaments the best, as the cats favor my girl, Cloe Bleu. She has the Tuxedo cat markings, black with white. Delightful little sayings too!

    • profile image

      BeyondRoses 5 years ago

      Your selection of cat ornaments are whimsical and adorable! My favorites are the vintage style. Sweet selection of cat photos too!