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Cheap Gift Basket Ideas-Create your Own Gift Baskets of Abundance

Updated on March 30, 2016

Cheap Gift Basket Ideas - Gifts For Her - Gifts For Him

Have you ever received one of 'those' gifts where you open it up and your very first thought - the one that 'accidentally' slides across your lips is the one that mimics the sentiment, "'Cheap Skate.' Why did she (he) get me 'that!' " Too often we associate cheap to tacky and unthoughtful or unimaginative, but in this economy - many people are on a budget, a Cheap Gift Basket may be their only alternative.

Cheap doesn't have to mean tacky. But lazy sure does.

These tips on How to create a look of prosperity with a cheap gift basket make perfect sense. Follow these simple guidelines and just watch the smiles that evolve and the memories that will be re-told for generations because of your thoughtful gesture with a cheap (thoughtful, affordable, sentimental, abundant, luxurious, green, . . . memorable) gift basket!

Just imagine your success now! . . .

One Cheap Quiz

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A Healthy Cheap Gift Basket

One Gift Idea Tip At A Time

Probably your least expensive choice is a theme that emphasizes the outdoors, sports, exercise, or health. These can be arranged easily with just a couple of simple gift basket ideas.

1 - Plan a picnic theme - Do you have less than perfect weather conditions? Did you know that you can barbecue smores on an outdoor grill in the winter? Take it outside - Invite friends, bundle up even if all you have is a small porch - Take pictures or video to make it more fun and take your mind off the weather then take it inside to sit on the floor and finish your picnic off with a great movie (you don't have to go to the video store anymore - order a great movie from your TV set (Netflix offers an affordable monthly movie rental plan).

2 - Call your local Parks & Recreation Department in your city and find out what kind of lessons or classes they are teaching that you both find interesting and take them together. You'll find these more affordable than private lessons - Most are group lessons, taught by local professionals, who would charge you triple what parks and rec charges, for individual private lessons.

3. - Have a gym date - Prepare your cheap gift basket "GREEN." Fill it with healthy snacks and use hair ribbons and bands to hold it all together (wrist cuffs sweatbands for guys to hold it together), bike pant-leg straps for male and/or female work great too - No leftover junk to clog up the landfills that way!

These outdoor tips for a cheap gift basket are just screaming at you to,


Make Your Own Name Tags!

$30.00 And Under - Save Money With Cheap Gift Basket Ideas

4 - Use your imagination when you build on a theme. Everyone drinks something - Coffee, tea, or some kind of beverage. So, if you are so low on cash that a mug is all you can afford then pick up a couple of sample size tea and coffee to add to your gift basket. Along with a $0.99 notepad, special pencil, and some bright tissue, this is always a hit.

When you expect nothing in return you are giving a gift. When you expect something in return you are doing business.


Stay Within Yours!

5 - Plan Your Budget

6 - Stick To Your Budget

Straying away from a planned budget can be SO EASY if you are preparing your own cheap gift basket. That's because we get distracted by filling in those 'empty spots' that only we can see. Feeling guilty because you can't buy tickets to Paris is only wasted energy and takes away from the gifts meaning and sincerity. If you charge a gift you are not being generous. You are, instead satisfying an urge to please yourself only - A very Selfish urge that will have you crying 'Buyer's Remorse' within . . . about 30 seconds after you actually make your gift purchase (or it may last until you get your credit card bill).

Here is why - When you give a gift that the gift receiver KNOWS you can't afford, or that you had to charge on your credit card - because you don't have the money to pay for it - they do not feel good about your gift. All the thoughtful preparation in the world for your gift basket (at that point) is a waste of time - yours and theirs. Nobody is happy with your gift. Because you both know that you can't afford it.

$30-$50 - More Cheap Gift Basket Ideas

$30-$50 - Giving The Appearance of Abundance

7 - So you have your cheap gift basket laid out, it looks terrific, but the prosperous image you hoped to convey is lacking. What more can you do - that won't cost a fortune - to dress it up a bit and give the appearance of abundance?

Ribbons and Bows or colorful pipe cleaners to decorate a basket handle are PERFECT for this task!

Head on over to the clearance bin at your local thrift store or sewing store and grab what you need there - Tie a pretty bow and "TA DA," You are a HERO!

Need some help propping up or stabilizing gift basket items - Bubble Wrap!

A Cheap Gift Basket Of Time

It's All About Making Memories!

8 - Gift basket giving, Or any kind of giving really boils down to one thing - Making A Memory that will last, Seeing the smile of appreciation on a loved one's face, and hearing squeals of joy and laughter from that special person receiving your gift. Those are the things that matter-Nothing else.

I saved the best for last. It will be the most difficult for most people, but the most appreciated because it comes from the heart.

9 - Write a love letter. Write a romantic love letter and take your special person on a scavenger hunt. Use rose petals or goofy articles they pick up along the way as 'clues.' If you need help writing a love letter scroll down.

When Does Making Memories Count? . . 100% Always

$40 And Up - For those Of you Watching Your Budget With Fewer Budget Limits

$40 And Up - For those Of you Watching Your Budget With Fewer Budget Limits

We don't all have the same budget. Here are a few choices to help those of you struggling with Cheap Gift Basket ideas. If you still need help after seeing and reading this then you'll find more great ideas just by asking your partner's good friends what they want or like - Just make sure you are asking someone they like AND respect!

Cute "How To" Basket Idea!

Write That Love Letter

Oh Ho hum, the ever present, "Love Letter" Request. You'll only benefit from this if you see it's value.

IMHO I find it sad that so few people write letters and cards. We have become so wrapped up in instant gratification and, 'things,' that this symbolic gesture has become 'passé,' in a modern technology age.

I personally hope one day to see an upsurge of interest in this seemingly mundane task if only because it truly means something to the gift receiver.

Simple steps to meaningful communication: Writing A Love Letter Tips

  1. Make it meaningful to the receiver with personal information only the two of you may know.
  2. Say Why you are writing this letter - i.e. special holiday, or remembrance
  3. Spell check, proof read and rewrite
  4. Finish strong with a quote, poem or personal mention of something - for instance, "In Love with you is where I am. Forevermore is where I'll be."
  5. Want more love letter writing tips - Go Here

Don't Forget Balloons!

Although often ignored or over looked, Balloon gift baskets are fun AND compliment any gift basket - Giving a look of abundance to any theme!  They are simple, and magical, sure to bring a smile.  Bonus-Your local $1 store probably has a huge choice!
Although often ignored or over looked, Balloon gift baskets are fun AND compliment any gift basket - Giving a look of abundance to any theme! They are simple, and magical, sure to bring a smile. Bonus-Your local $1 store probably has a huge choice!

To your Success!


Here's To Your . . . . E v e r y. . . . Success!

Cheap Gift Basket Comments - Thanks!

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    • CoffeeDude LM profile image

      CoffeeDude LM 

      6 years ago

      Nice lens with great ideas. Always stress over finding gifts.

    • Mischelle LM profile imageAUTHOR

      Mischelle LM 

      7 years ago

      @anonymous: Hi JFK - That is awesome! Thanks for stopping by! I hope your Birthday and Easter work out to be very special!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Great article. Packed with some awesome gift ideas. We have a Birthday coming up this weekend and a gift basket will be a hit for sure. Thank You.


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