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Cheap and fun holidays in April

Updated on June 20, 2014

Things to do and celebrate in April

April is a month of celebration and holidays, despite what you might have heard. Yes, the month has its share of April showers as depicted in the delightful Felix the Cat April Maze cartoon created in the 1930s but it has its charm, too. For many, April is the first month to load up the picnic basket and head out to the fields of tulips, wildflowers, and bluebonnets. For me it's a birthday month so I am a little partial, but it is full of fun and festivities. Some you probably know but others you may not.

Be sure and watch the full video of Inky and Winky provided below as they attempt to have an April picnic.

April rains Texas blue

Texans love the Texas Bluebonnet Trail.
Texans love the Texas Bluebonnet Trail.
Chase's Calendar of Events 2013 with CD-ROM
Chase's Calendar of Events 2013 with CD-ROM

This is the best resource for all the events that appear throughout the year.

Earth Day Stamp April 22 2012
Earth Day Stamp April 22 2012

April Festivals Around the World

Depending on where you live, these festivals could be inexpensive and fun ways to celebrate during the month of April. For the more ambitious and slightly less frugal, these events might just lure you out of your winter doldrums.

  1. New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival usually starts in late April and lasts for four weekends.
  2. International Beer Festival occurs in the Marina District of San Francisco held in late April.
  3. Semana Sentana or Holy Week celebrated in Antigua or Seville, Spain often occurring during April
  4. The World Marbles Championship is held in a car park in a West Sussex pub in England during April.
  5. The Nepali New Year is celebrated in mid-April for those of you who somehow missed the traditional January 1st New Year celebration.
  6. Witches Night is an annual event on April 30th in Germany's Hartz Mountains. If you're in Scotland, check out the Beltane Fire Festival.
  7. Tyme welcomes the sun back for those living in arctic Canada during the second or third week of April.l
  8. Easter celebrations,/i> are held around the world and often happen during the month of April.

Felix the Cat - April Maze - 1930 animated cartoon of Felix the Cat

Share your favorite April holiday or celebration ideas here. - I love to hear from my readers.

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    • TransplantedSoul profile image

      TransplantedSoul 5 years ago

      I find that April is a good time to holiday because many others do not think of it. There is good availability.