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Celebrate Chicken Month - Hens And Roosters

Updated on August 25, 2017

Chickens - A Whole Month To Celebrate Their Goodness

September is Chicken Month! Hens, roosters and baby chicks -- a chicken family

Yes, Chicken Month is a special designation by chicken producers, of more than 20 years standing. Yet we know our favorite poultry deserves the recognition. You can eat chicken, or find other ways to celebrate an animal that has been important to humans for centuries.

We keep chickens at our house for their eggs. It's enjoyable to watch their interactions, and how they expect "something" whenever they see a human. One of their special requests is some greens, such as turnip greens or clover.

Our chickens are standard breeds, but we have a family history with bantam breeds, which are small. Just read on...

Photo by kimbesa

Rooster crowing at the 4-H fair
Rooster crowing at the 4-H fair

How To Celebrate Chicken Month

There are so many ways to celebrate September as Chicken Month! Here are only a few:

  • Visit a farm to see the chickens, and be sure to take the kids so they can see where their eggs come from
  • Get started on your own backyard chicken project, if you've always wanted some poultry
  • Find some free-range eggs at a farm market and experience the difference
  • Learn some new egg or chicken dishes, and expand your recipe repertoire
  • Create your own collection of chicken motif items

Grandpa Raised And Showed Bantam Chickens

Grandpa chicken and show ribbons
Grandpa chicken and show ribbons

Grandpa Raised Bantam Chickens

My grandfather raised and showed bantam chickens. This photo shows him with one of them, along with a wall through of ribbons from various fairs and expositions.

I remember all the chicken coops at their house. There was a long row of them along one side of the orchard.

This photo would have been taken in the late 1940s or mid-1950s.

Live Chickens And Chicken Stuff

Besides the chickens who live in the coop out back, we have a lot of chicken "stuff" at our house. Art prints, plates, figurines, cross stitch pictures, and all kinds of things to celebrate the chicken.

Grandpa raised and showed bantam chickens for 50+ years, so there is a lot of happy association with chickens in our family.

I remember the rows of chicken coops as a kid. They were large -- so big you could walk in -- and had chicken wire on all sides, to keep out unwanted visitors. And I remember the earthy smell of their clean straw bedding and corn feed.

My grandparent's place was on the edge of town back then, and they had a lot of room for chickens.

Photo and stitching by kimbesa. Cross stitch sampler, Hen by Bent Creek.

Chickens talk, they do!

A Special Bantam Chicken

A Special Bantam Chicken
A Special Bantam Chicken

A Fancy Rooster

This is another one of grandpa's chickens. My they they get him to stand still long enough for the picture?

Chickens On Your Mind?

Are Chickens Your Favorite Farm Animal?

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Weigh eggs?

Vintage Jiffy Egg Scale

Vintage Jiffy Egg Scale
Vintage Jiffy Egg Scale

Chicken Toys Are Fun

Chicken Toys Are Fun
Chicken Toys Are Fun

Do You Enjoy Chickens? - And Did You Like This Lens?

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    • poldepc lm profile image

      poldepc lm 5 years ago

      I love to eat them...and eggs too...

    • BackyardChickenK profile image

      BackyardChickenK 5 years ago

      Nice lens! Obviously I too am a fan of backyard chickens :) Love the pic of the Light Brahma!

    • Charmcrazey profile image

      Wanda Fitzgerald 5 years ago from Central Florida

      I wish I could have chickens but alas I live in a suburban neighborhood and my homeowners association would have a cow! :-) Love the photo of your grandpa.