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Chinese New Year Dragon Crafts

Updated on February 8, 2013

Chinese New Year Celebrations - Dragon Crafts

Liven up your bleak January with another colorful celebration - The Chinese New Year! Help kids create their very own paper dragons, watch a few dragon films, decorate in a bright and exotic theme and serve up a fantastically red meal. There are so many learning and entertaining possibilities for a Chinese New Year Celebration. Be sure to make these festivities a regular part of your holiday season and warm up the final, cold months of winter.

The Dragon Dance - Ringing In The Chinese New Year With A Dragon

Chinese Dragon Cake
Chinese Dragon Cake

Serve some dragon-inspired snacks while working on your dragon crafts

Be sure its red, lucky, and has a dragon or two..

The blog Kara's Party Ideas has a fantastic theme you can recycle for any Chinese New Year celebrations, it's a Ninja Party has some great ideas to turn your Chinese New Year Dragon Papercraft Session into a full-on party! Nothing has been forgotten here: There's a dragon cake, red food and fortune cookies.

I'm thinking she used a simple bundt cake pan, cutting out about a quarter of the cake and using that to create the head and legs..

An Inspirational Dragon Trophy For The Wall - Papier Mache Monsters By Dan Reeder

This is not really a Chinese Dragon, but it sure is a fantastic Papier Mache Dragon. Will you be trying to give this one a go?

You can purchase an instructional book from this papier mache wizard if you like for some future projects. A link to the amazon page for it is right here.

More Intricate Chinese Dragons For Your Inspiration

These Chinese New Year Dragon crafts would take more than an afternoon to complete. They could offer you some inspiration for your simplified Chinese New Year Paper Dragon crafts. Maybe you could make a dragon out of dough. Or maybe you'll make a papier mache dragon head. If you have a larger group of kids you might be able to have everyone make a triangle or two and assemble that long origami Chinese paper dragon. Get inspired!

Toilet Paper or Loo Roll Chinese Dragon

This activity would be a fun and simple one to do with kids of all ages. The supplies are easy to find. Have a look and see how easily this one can be put together!

Kirigami Chinese Paper Dragon PopUp Card

Older kids who have a little more developed hand-eye coordination could make these kirigami Chinese Paper Dragon Pop Up Cards. How pretty and what a fantastic gift for the Chinese New Year!

Do you celebrate the Chinese New Year at home? Do you eat Chinese food? Do you go to see a parade? Do you put up decorations? Have you ever done any crafts? What is your favorite thing to do to celebrate the Chinese New Year?

Do You Do Anything For the Chinese New Year? - What do your Chinese New Year Celebrations Include?

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