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Chrisco Hampers 2013

Updated on September 22, 2013

Celebrating 15 Amazng Years!

Well another year has gone by and Chrisco has put out more fantastic catalogs. So far there is the original Hamper Catalog, The Home and Living Catalog and also a small ravel Club Catalog. Seriously what will they think of next? Well how about an amazing 15 fantastic huge prizes to be won to celebrate them turning 15 year olds! I can not believe I have been with them for over 10 years now and I am still like a kid all anxious and impatient for all my hampers to arrive. lol.

Fo all your help

Please feel free to message me. As an Agent with Chrisco I am also taking on new clients. This does not cost you anything but gives you another avenue to go down if you need help with things like ordering, payments deliveries etc. I can be a liaison for you. I am totally dedicated to Chrisco and have been for around 12 years. To add me as your agent just let them know

My name - Bernie and

My agent number - 673451.

Have a look at a sample on what's on offer

Variety Hampers

Variety Hampers

These Hampers have a mix of items from the pantry, freezer, meat, drinks and sweet sections. The image above is the largest Chrisco has to offer. They go all the way down to a hamper for 2


Pantry Hampers

How hard is it to keep on top of a stocked pantry? You almost always run out of something and around Christmas time it makes it even harder to go and get these items, as the shops are either shut or packed! This is where these pantry hampers come in handy, they have everything you will need for Christmas and more. There is also a kids pantry filler!



There are 3 different Hampers dedicated to Breakfast. YOu have a Cereal, Kids Cereal and a Hot Breakfast. SO whatever your taste is Chrisco has you covered!



Do you know your way around the kitchen? This hamper as everything to make Christmas treatsand also comes with colorful measuring cups and bowls

When ordering

Don't forget to let them you have an agent

Agents name - Bernie

Agent number - 673451

It is no cost to you, but gives you another way to get support and help with anything to do with Chrisco. If you work during phone operating hours you can message me with your query and I can find out the answers for you. Don't fret I will not know what your order nor can I change any of your order on you. But I can make enquirers on your behalf

Sauces and spices

Sauces and Soices

This hamper pictured has a great variety of sauces, dressings, gravy and more. You will also find a spice set that also comes with a spice rack.

Spreads and Jams

Spreads ad Jams

You wonts be scrapping the bottom of the jar after receiving this hamper. everything that you could want to go on to your toast and more. A flavor to suit everyone in the house

Snacks Galore and more

Snacks and more

There are so many snack hampers at Chrisco that you will find it hard to choose just one. You will find Potato Chips, Chocolate, Lollies, Crackers and Biscuit Hampers just to name a few. Wats Christmas with out treats!

Italian, Mexican, Asian and fast food

World flavors

Do you have a particularnterest i Mexican, Asian, Italian or Fast Foods? Maybe all of them? Chrisco has some awesome hampers dedicated to each of these. With everything you'll need to make stunning meals for family and friends at Christmas


Buy the Mega Holiday or Mega Christmas or for every 5 creations hampers get a free Topper Hamper valued at $78 each.



These are awesome hampers. there are 14 pages of creations priced at $2 and $3 pw. Get your meat, drinks, alcohol, cleaning, freezer, snacks, pantry, spices, toiletries even a First Aid Hamper. There are over 50 to choose from!

Buy 5 and get a topper free, there are 8 topper hampers to choose from. Of course you can order another 5 and get another topper free, that's $156 value for free!. And if you order the Mega Christmas or Holiday Hamper you can also get a topper free, that a value of $234! The choices are yours you may opt to buy 20 and 4 free toppers.

Meat Lovers

Meat Hampers

Chrisco has a lot of meat hampers on offer, the one above has a variety of meats in it. You can also choose from, seafood, Pork, Chicken, Steak, Mince and more. You can also get other sizes of mixed Meat Hampers.

All Meat Hampers come to you in a Styrofoam box inside a 'red' Chrisco box which keeps the meat frozen til well after you receive it.

Thirst Quenchers


There are loads of Drink hampers, from bottlesd and cans of soft drinks. And also Cordials, coffee and energy drinks. with many of these hampers you also get some snack foods as shown in the picture

Frozen Goodies

Feezer Goods

Like the Pantry this can be quite difficlt to keep topped up. Chrisco can help you out there. The have pages of Fozen goods. They have Veggies, Desserts, pizza, Pies, Chips, Meals and so much more.

Animal Lovers


Yep Chrisco has even thought of your animals. With Hampers for both your Feline and Canine Friends. And no need to fret as There is a hamper for your small or large dog! They have Wet food, Dry food and somuch more

Sports Fans

Sports Fans

Yep you can also get you sports paraphernalia with Chrisco. For the NRL and AFL supporters you can get a Bar Fridge, clothes and accessories and also Scoreboards in your team. Clothing comes in Adults and kids sizes.


Don't forget to let them you have an agent

Agents name - Bernie

Agent number - 673451

It is no cost to you, but gives you another way to get support and help with anything to do with Chrisco. If you work during phone operating hours you can message me with your query and I can find out the answers for you. Don't fret I will not know what your order nor can I change any of your order on you. But I can make enquirers on your behalf

Festive Drinks


Now we are to the good stuff right? lol. Pages and pages of wines, spirits and beers. Get Jack Daniels with a bar mat or CD player and the same for Jim Beam

Get Bundy Rum with a Bundy Flag and a Bundy Bar Stool. These would make for fantastic Gifts!

You will also find Vodka hampers, Cocktail hampers and RTD (Ready to Drink) hampers

Cleaning goods


There are a few hampers for cleaning products. and Once you receive your hamper you will not have to go down the cleaning aisle for some time! Sounds good hey!



Ever gone away and forgot some toiletries? Or are you planning on have guests and want to keep the bathroom cabinet stocked? Well look no further, there are a few different personal care hampers to choose from.

Try Lynx, or a Gift for Him hamper or

Dove or Young Diva for the girls. or go with general one pictured above, YOu could also use the as gifts or stocking fillers


Stationery and Crafts

Chrisco cater for the ayoung artists with crayola hampers for girls and boys, also a huge craft hamper and the stationary hamper pictured above. Many which would be great as either a gift or to put aside for kids going back to school

V8 racing

V8 races

No someone who is a fan of racing? Why not buy them a voucher so they can either go for ride or even drive one themselves! There are a variety to choose from from numerous race tracks around Australia

Theme Park Passes

Theme Parks

These are ideal for those who are planning to go away and want to go to a theme park or Zoo or even both. Go to Australia Zoo, Wet n wild, Sea World and Movie World

Other Vouchers


Not sure what to buy? But have set a budget? Try a voucher. YOu can get vouchers, for entertainment, variety stores, jewellery, clothes, accommodation, Toys and Automotive and Food (for the fresh food not supplied in Chrisco)


Has everything covered. Food and drinks, furniture, electrical, fitness, entertainment, gardening, relaxing, holidays, paraphernalia and what they don't do they have vouchers to cover. It really is your one stop shop. Plus where else can you layby for 52 weeks!

Don't forget my agent name - Bernie and agent number - 673451 when ordering

Home N Living Catalog

For all you home needs



You'll find high quality lounges, units, tables, dining suites and bedroom furniture at Chrisco. Want more? Want about bedding for your new bed? There are also some lovely lamps and Rugs,

Kids Furniture

Kids Rooms

There is also great items for the ids rooms no matter what age. Beds to suit toddlers through to teens. you'll find bunks, trundles, dressers, side tables, dresser, toy boxes, blanket boxes and wardrobes.

They also come come in a variety of themes, like Pirates, Cars, Spider man and Batman for boys.

For the girls there are Princess, btterflies, Pretty in pink and Hello Kitty.

They also have bedding and accessories for girls and boys

Boys - Cars, Spider man and WWf

Girls One Direction, Dora and Princess.

So you can get the whole lot!

Large Whitegoods

Fridges, Freezer, Washers

Not sure you large white good will make it through for another few years? Why not order one of the many Chrisco has to offer and have it delivered to your door! Why not buy a small bar fridge if your family is growing? And if that is the case you might want a dishwasher too! Take the stress out of Christmas

Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances

In Chrisco catalog this year there are many amzing appliances and many of them are in bright and colorful colors as shown ablove. There are toasters, mixers, blenders, ice cream makers and Soda Stream in these amazing colors.

You will also find, coffee machines, sandwich press, juicers, grills, pie makers, ovens, steamers, rice cookers, fry pans and more. Great to replace items or as gifts for Christmas



There are some fantastic items here, get new glasses, cutlery sets, place mats, canisters, bake ware, dinner sets, saucepan sets and tableware. A great way to put on a great spread at Christmas

Laundry goods


Ever wanted to vacuum but not lift a finger? Well now you can with this irobot vacuum, pictured above. ere are also washing machine, Dryers, other vacuums and irons just to name a few.

Order at Chrisco

And don't forget to let them you have an agent

Agents name - Bernie

Agent number - 673451

It is no cost to you, but gives you another way to get support and help with anything to do with Chrisco. If you work during phone operating hours you can message me with your query and I can find out the answers for you. Don't fret I will not know what your order nor can I change any of your order on you. But I can make enquirers on your behalf



Need a new computer or laptop? Chrisco has you covered for these as well. Get a new Mac, or maybe even an Acer branded Desktop?



Chrisco also has sewing machines, over lockers and cutting table and sewing cabinet available for those you have or want their own sewing room.

Game Consoles and more

Game consoles

Chrisco has Xbox 360, Playsation, Nintendo consoles with accessories and games for each available..

Gaming Chairs

Gaming Chairs

Chrisco has 3 Gaming chais to suit your budget and taste. Relax in comfort when playing on you new console and game!

Arcade Games

Arcade Game Machines

Chrisco has 2 Game Machines available this year. Play the old pacman, frogger, alaga. Donkey Kong, Strike 1945, Metal Slug, Streetfighter, King of Fighters 98 and Puzzle Bobble just to name a few. There are over 350 games in total between the 2 and they both come with 2 stool. Turn back time and relive your younger years.

I have

been a member and agent with Chrsco for over 10 years now. I get many of my members who I am a agent for saying how much they love Crisco. If you would like me as an agent for you please tell Chrisco when you order that you have an agent and give them the name - Berne and agent number - 673451. or you are welcome to send me a message

Pool Tables

Pool Tables

Chrisco has 6 branded Pool tables and 5 colored Pool Tablesfor those who like to play. Each one comes with a 2 cues, chalk, triangle, table brush and balls

Stereos and Sound


There are loads of Stereo systems, surround sounds andSpeakers in the Home n Living catalog. You will also find some great Head phones.

TVs and more

TVS and Dvd/Blu rays

There are also TVs, DVD players and Blu Ray players available. Including 3D players with 3D glasses!

Jukebox and other paraphernalia

Jukebox and other paraphernalia

Chrisco has outdone themselves this year. For starters check out that Jukebox! You could pump out the Christmas Tunes on that for sure.

You will also find some Ford and Holden branded bar tools and tables, Scoreboard Clocks,Bar sets and can cooler fridges. Also in the cooler fridges you will find, ACDC,WWE, Jack Daniel, Jim Beam, Playboy and Qld/NSW state of origin.

you can also get Varack for Playboy, Jack Daniels, Jim Beam and ACDC. each pack has twin spirit dispenser, 2 spirit glasses, 2 can coolers, 2 glass steins, Spirit pourer, metal keyring, cooler bag and a bar runner.

Fans and Heater

Fans and heaters

Get this great Dyson fan and heater in one. not blades or exposed elements. It is easy to clean and best of all you can use it all year round, no need to store a heater and get the fan out. it does the lot!

When ordering

Don't forget to let them you have an agent

Agents name - Bernie

Agent number - 673451

It is no cost to you, but gives you another way to get support and help with anything to do with Chrisco. If you work during phone operating hours you can message me with your query and I can find out the answers for you. Don't fret I will not know what your order nor can I change any of your order on you. But I can make enquirers on your behalf

iPods, iPones and iPads plus more

Phones. MP3s and tablets

Get your new iPhone 5, iPod classic/Touch or even a Samsung Galaxy Tablet.

Music Gear

Musical Instruments

For the music lovers, or aspiring musician Chrisco has some great products fr you. Like the electric guitar set (pictures), Drums, Pianos and even a DJ Deck just to name a few



For the fitness fanatics Chisco has it all, treadmills, Bike, Gym, Rower and Yoa plus much more.



Chrisco has all your outdoor cooking needs. There are BBQs of all sizes, Spit roaster, and a 4 basket family cooker.

Tools - power tools


Guys youwill love all the tools available at Chrisco. Yo will see Tool chest, Tool kits and loads of power tools. Great as gifts.



Chrisco even has garden sheds to tore your new tools, garden gear and BBQ and much more.


tents and camping

Chrisco has Tents, swag, camp kitchen, hammocks, camp bunks, eskys, gazebos and picnic tales (folding) and so much more. great for those who want to get away from it all


Swing sets and Trampolines

Swing sets and Trampolines

And not to forget the little ones, there are trampolines, all with safety nets, and also swing sets and Cubby Houses. They also have inflatable water parks! How cool!

Spas and Pools

Spas and pools

Coose from 2 different styles of Spas and 3 different sizes and style Pools. A great way relax and keeping cool during the summer months.

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture

Enjoy the outdoors even more when you get your new outdoor Furniture. Get a lounge suite, Dining set even an outdoor bar. Plus more.

Gargen Gear

Garden Gea

Get a new mower, hedge trimmer, blower vac or maybe a chainsaw for next Christmas.

Outdoor ornaments and lighting

Garden Ornaments

I love a garden with fountains and ornament and lights. Chrisco have all of these. Many of these starting from less than $1pw. They would also make wonderful gifts.



Yep you can even order yournext Holida through Chrisco. YOu can g to the gold coast (use your theme park pass you ordered) what about Hawaii or La Vegas and of course the amazing Los Angeles!! If there is somewhere else you would like to go to that is not listed on the website you can always buy Gift vouchers from Virgin airlines and you can go anywhere you chose to!



You will also find some Cmeras and video cameras in a range of styles and prices.



You can get you linen needs through Chrisco too. Get extra towels, seets, pillows and blankets for yor gests or even buy them as a gift!

Bikes and Scooters

Bikes and Scooters

Yep there are bikes and scooters to suit all ages as well.Buy them for young and old and boys and girls. There are also mobility aids as well.

Don't forget

Chrisco's Famly Gifts catalog is out in January so watch this space for updates

What am I ordering?

I love the idea of the Dyson Hot and Cool fan heater so I am getting one of those.

Plus a voucher from Woolies which is great for all your fresh food needs, and you can use it at other places so I can get alcohol or maybe even some minute gifts.

I am also getting the Mega Holiday which will cover the freezer, meat and pantry side of things, plus I get a free topper!

I am also getting a few creations like the first aid, cleaning, beer, lollies and spices enough that I am getting another 2 free topper hampers, So that is $2234 worth of hampers for me free!

I am also paying off a small amount each week oto the Family gifts catalog, so that way when it is out in January all I have to do is order to my weekly payment and it is all done.

See Chrisco can roll over the amount you pay for the next year. So if you pay $10 per week once the end of year comes you can continue with you payments so that way you get the full 52 week payments and you can take your time ordering.

Do you do Chrisco

See results

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      My wife bought a big trampoline in 2013 for our kids and the net is tearing. I am trying to find out the company that made it to try to get a replacement net, but I don't see the same tramps on the site any more. Can you help me, please

    • profile image

      Monica McNamara 

      4 years ago

      I.m a Big fan of AC/DC and i wold like to get a free Catalogue Please My Address is 121 Johnstone St Castlemaine.

    • Rodaussie profile image


      6 years ago

      I also have this one about the australia's gold coast beaches. This one is getting amazing.... Where in QLD do you live?

    • bernie74 lm profile imageAUTHOR

      bernie74 lm 

      6 years ago

      @Sara Dowling: You are more than welcome

    • Sara Dowling profile image

      Sara Dowling 

      6 years ago

      I had no idea that Chrisco did all of these products. thanks for this


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