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Christmas decoration for carousel lovers

Updated on January 23, 2016

Why not add a carousel to your Christmas decoration?

A musical carousel is a wonderful addition to any Christmas decoration and it also makes a truly thoughtful Christmas gift for almost anyone, yourself included!.

The lights and mirrors, the brightly painted horses and other circus animals going round and round to the sound of Christmas all brings back magical childhood memories of dizzily riding on a larger than life carousel set up for Christmas in the town square, hair flying in the wind and the Christmas spirit all around us.

Here is a beautiful collection of hand-picked and hand-made Christmas carousels and music boxes for all the young and young at heart to enjoy for Christmas and not only. In fact, these finely crafted musical carousels and music boxes are so beautiful and decorative that you will want to keep them on display all year round!

Photo credit: rgbstock.

This is a truly beautiful collector's item. A large Christmas carousel (approximately 16 inches in diameter by 14 inches tall) with hand-painted circus animals going round and round and up and down, under the bright led lights and the sound of Christmas carols. It features a mirrored central column which gives a magical quality to the whole scene as the carousel revolves. You can choose between 20 Christmas carols and 20 all-year-round classics by flipping a switch at the back of the unit. Features a real red and white velvet striped canopy and a wood-look base. This carousel is so beautiful and decorative that you will want to have it on display all year round and not just for Christmas. A truly precious gift for Christmas, either to yourself or to beloved ones.

Photo credit: publicdomainpictures.

Wouldn't you love being young enough again to ride on this? It does bring back so many happy Christmas memories doesn't it? But an ornamental Christmas carousel in your home is really enchanting and goes a long way to bringing back those happy memories of past holidays....

Hand Crafted Music Boxes

Hand crafted music boxes with Christmas scenes are also a really beautiful addition to your Christmas decoration and would make a very special gift as well. The music box shown above is absolutely charming with 6 hand-tuned brass bells playing 25 Christmas carols and 25 year-round classics in multi-part harmony. The design is beautiful, with a square wood case featuring an animated scene with hand-painted figurines and LED lights. The clear-glass top and front panel let you admire the interior even when the music box is not operating. It is approximately 10 inches long by 15 inches wide by 8-1/2 inches tall and includes an AC adapter.

Gold Label Train Showcase Music Box
Gold Label Train Showcase Music Box

A beautiful cherry wood music box with glass top lid. When you open the lid, the lovely winter scene inside lights up and everything start moving. Villagers merrily spin around the pond and the illuminated Christmas tree in their horse drawn carriages, and lovely melodies fill the air. The music box includes 15 Holiday & 15 All Time Classic melodies. It is battery operated and measures 7.75h x 4h x 7.75d


Christmas carousels and music boxes on ebay - Great deals on ebay

You can find really good deals on Christmas carousels, music boxes and other Christmas items on ebay, especially right after Christmas!

What do you think of carousels as a Christmas decoration?

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    • joancol lm profile image

      joancol lm 

      6 years ago

      I've never thought of this, but it's really a good idea for this Christmas.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Amazing Carousels and perfect for Christmas decorations


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