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Christmas Eve Midnight Mass

Updated on February 11, 2014

Celebrating Christmas Eve With The Catholics

A Jewish woman, a Mormon lady, and a Jehovah's Witness all go to a Catholic Midnight mass one Christmas Eve... I know, it sounds like the beginning of a really bad joke, but this is a night that really happened in my life.

Several years ago I talked my friends into Midnight Mass for the Christmas Eve service. I am always moved by their rituals and the opportunity to sing with their congregation. I hide on the right side of the room in the middle, and sing as loud as I can. I am a soprano and this music is my very favorite of all the songs I sing. I am moved to tears each and every time I am able to do this and I sit through the service in respect for their faith even though it is not my own. Tonight I am Catholic. The rest of the year I consider myself LDS.

Through the beautiful service I reflect on the year gone by and am reminded of where I am grateful. One of these gratitude markers in my life is being able to attend these holiday ceremonies yet again. Attending the Christmas Midnight Mass has been a favorite personal tradition for many years, although I have not attended over the last two years because I have been working on that night.

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Christmas Chamber Choir And Orchestra - Celebrating the holiday

Sounds of Christmas set my heart with a smile and soothe my spirit in a way no other music can do. It is the reason I love going to Christmas Mass so much. The sounds of all of those voices together makes the event truly special

The Christmas songs sung by professional choirs or played by an orchestra can be very beautiful and moving, especially when performed by The Mormon Tabernacle Choir or the Vienna Boys Choir. Chorale music blends many voices in lovely harmony and the effects are wonderful. The Trans Siberian Orchestra shares Christmas in such a way, voices are not needed. I just love the energy in their music!

I enjoy listening to this music of the season while I am taking care of holiday errands,as it brings the spirit of love with it.

Christmas Eve Traditions - For Your Family

My personal tradition is the Christmas Midnight Mass even though the faith is not mine. What are your traditions and....

Would you attend a Christmas Midnight Mass?

For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.

— Book Of St. Luke 2:19

The Christmas Story - From The Book Of Luke

My favorite part of Christmas is reading the passages from the Bible about that glorious birth, but I cannot read it out loud better than the actor, James Earl Jones. The CD below with Mr. Jones' rich, vibrant voice relates the passages from the scripture describing the journey of Joseph and Mary on the night Christ was born. This, to me, is what Christmas is all about and an event I look forward to and carry in my heart year round.

The Christmas Story
The Christmas Story

The Little Golden Book Christmas Story is a wonderful stocking stuffer or gift for a young child who is beginning to read.

The Christmas Story; Words And Music
The Christmas Story; Words And Music

With the Christmas Story recited by James Earl Jones and the wonderful carols shared on this CD your home will have that distinct Christmas flair from the moment you push play.


Christmas Scriptures From The Bible

There are several books in the Bible that tell of the birth of Christ. My favorite is from the Book of Luke.

St. Matthew 1:18-24

St. Luke 2:1-20

Isaiah 9:6-7

Call Ahead For Seating And Parking!

Chances are there is a Catholic Church near your neighborhood.

You should be at the church about 45 minutes early if you want to attend mass. Many have an alcove if the main rectory is full.

If you want to not have to run all over the city, call ahead of time to make sure there will be room for you and what they recommend for an arrival time.

Obviously the meeting begins at midnight, but get there extra early so you may have not only a great parking spot, but a good seat as well.

The night ended for us reciting the Lord's Prayer which in itself is a comfort. The part of the ceremony that asks us to turn to our neighbor and share a greeting is also very moving.

I even love watching it on television when the Vatican broadcasts it directly from Rome.

The event warms my heart and is a great way to pay my respects to my Lord via the carols.

Thank you for visiting,

Merry Christmas!

The Story Of Midnight Mass - On Christmas Eve

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