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Christmas Gifts for the Work at Home Mom

Updated on January 9, 2017

Gifts for the Work at Home Mom

Do you have a work at home mom in your life that you are wanting to get the perfect Christmas gift for? Some people have problems trying to figure out the perfect gift to get for someone special in their life. If you are trying to get Christmas gifts for a work at home mom, I have a few great ideas that you may want to consider. As a work at home mom, these are gifts I would personally love.

What to Consider When Christmas Shopping for a Work at Home Mom

Work at home moms have a variety of needs, and wants in their life. These are a few basic things to consider when shopping for Christmas gifts, work at home moms need to;

-Stay organized

-Stay awake at times

-Time to relax that they usually do not give themselves

-Help around the house


These Christmas gift ideas give a variety of ideas and price ranges, so everyone can get an idea of the perfect gift.

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Help the Stay at Home Mom Keep Organized

All work at home moms need something to help them stay organized. You can get her a personal organizer, desk organizer, white board, or even a nice pen set would be appreciated by most.

Help the Work at Home Mom Stay Awake!

Most work at home moms stay up late, and get up early. Finding the energy to keep moving is very important. Some people believe that being a work at home mom is easy, it is far from it. Between taking the kids to their functions, making meals, fixing all of the problems, oh; and working, it is hard to stay focused. A coffee pot or a cappuccino maker is almost a must for a work at home mom. If your work at home mom does not drink coffee, consider purchasing a Christmas gift card for their favorite convenience store or grocery store so that they can get the caffeine of their choice.

Give the Christmas Gift of Relaxing to a Work at Home Mom

Most work at home moms forget one person, themselves. Give the gift of relaxation. This can be done in many different ways, and if you know the work at home mom fairly well, you will be able to pick a gift that will truly help her.



-Night out (Dinner, movie, dancing, etc.)

-Give the gift of helping with the kids transportation (taking them or picking them up from school, taking them on errands, etc.)

-Mani, pedi, massage gift cards

I have to say that all of these things are helpful for a work at home mom, and I am speaking from experience. I am wishing for a few of these from Santa!

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Help a Work at Home Mom Around the House

Some work at home moms, and women in general, do not want gifts that have anything to do with cooking or housework. So if you are going to choose a gift like this, be sure that she needs and will appreciate it.

I have found that cooking is one of the most difficult things to make time for when you work at home. There are some things that can help around the house that costs no more than time, or you can get a gift that will help save time when doing things around the house.

No cost help:

-Clean the house

-Cook meals

-Babysit a few times when she needs it

-Walk the dog, clean the litter box, or clean the fish tank

Items that cost, but are really helpful:

-Slow cooker

-Food Processor

-Vacuum cleaner

-Carpet cleaner

-Computer cleaning items

Now if you really love the work at home mom, and have the money to spend;

-A New Washer and Dryer ;-)

Give the Christmas Gift of Comfort

A work at home mom tends to sit at a desk for long periods of time, so comfort is something that we strive for. There are so many things that you can give a work at home mom to help her stay comfortable in her office, and your choice may depend on the like of the mom you are buying for.

Great comfort gifts:


-Comfortable PJ's

-Office chair



-Office desk

-Foot bath


Would you prefer something for your kitchen or for your office for Christmas?

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