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christmas greetings sayings

Updated on June 9, 2011

christmas sayings & greeting quotes

    Bless us Lord, this Christmas, with quietness of mind;
    Teach us to be patient and always to be kind.

   It's better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all your life.
  ~Author : Elizabeth Kenny Great christmas greetings Sayings

    Peace on earth will come to stay,
    When we live Christmas every day.

   Virtue has its own reward, but no box office.
  ~Author : Mae West Inspirational Sayings

    Whatever else be lost among the years,
    Let us keep Christmas still a shining thing:
    Whatever doubts assail us, or what fears,
    Let us hold close one day, remembering
    Its poignant meaning for the hearts of men.
    Let us get back our childlike faith again.

   A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep.
  ~Author : Saul Bellow Famous christmas Quotes

    The very word brings joy to our hearts.
    No matter how we may dread the rush,
    the long Christmas lists
    for gifts and cards to be bought and given--
    when Christmas Day comes
    there is still the same warm feeling we had as children,
    the same warmth that enfolds our hearts and our homes.

   Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do, and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.
  ~Author : George S Patton Meaningful greetings Sayings

    Christmas Eve was a night of song
    that wrapped itself about you like a shawl.
    But it warmed more than your body.
    It warmed your heart...
    filled it, too, with a melody
    that would last forever.

   When you laugh, be sure to laugh at what people do and not at what people are.
  ~Author : Author Unknown Wise greetings Quotes

    And the angel said unto them,
    "Fear not!
    For, behold, I bring you
    tidings of great joy,
    Which shall be to all people.
    "For unto you is born
    this day in the city of David
    A Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.
    And this shall be a sign unto you:
    Ye shall find the babe
    wrapped in swaddling clothes,
    Lying in a manger.

   Sometimes I think we're alone in the universe, and sometimes I think we're not. In either case, the idea is quite staggering.
  ~Author : Arthur C Clarke Witty christmas Sayings

    From home to home,
    and heart to heart,
    from one place to another.
    The warmth and joy of Christmas,
    brings us closer to each other.

 Civilization is the art of living in towns of such size the everyone does not know everyone else.
  ~Author : Julian Jaynes The Origin of Consciousness Motivational greeting Sayings

    Heap on the wood! - the wind is chill;
    But let it whistle as it will,
    We'll keep our Christmas merry still.


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