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Christmas Gifts for Children

Updated on February 1, 2015

Welcome to my Holiday Musical Gift Guide!

Children love music. From the time they are newborns to the days when they can play in a high school band, music can have a profound effect on children. We sing them lullabies to soothe them. They hear great songs on their TV programs. They discover the power of hymns, classical music and even classic rock as they get exposed to these themes. Many children like to make their own music at a young age. They sing and drum and will rapidly learn how to make music on toy instruments. Some will even sound pretty good at an early stage.

One key to better music from children is to provide a quality instrument. A nice drum will sound better than a cheap one. A quality toy piano will be better than a really cheap one. Not that you have to spend a fortune, but you should look for quality. You should also get a regular instrument, not a highly computerized one. There is a place for these but better musical appreciation and skill can be directly learned by children with basic acoustic instruments.

While your child may never become a professional musician, they certainly won't with support. Schools have seen severe funding cuts to their music and arts programs. Parents who support music have to provide opportunities at their own cost, petition schools to preserve funding, devote time to fund raising for music or all of these. These are the realities. If you child is a musical prodigy, or displays talent and desires to improve, parents should spend more on their musical interest. Parents should then provide better instruments, music and formal instruction to their children. Consider the various band camps that are available to older children. Any of these musical options may pay huge dividend in your child's future.

Consider, too, the gift of classical music for children. Music by Mozart, Bach, Chopin and the other masters is sure to be a hit for each new generation. They made time honored songs that continue to wield power on our souls hundreds of years after they were composed. If you are lucky, your children will even like some of the same composers as you. They may even become inspired by these pieces.

Parents, it's up to you to champion a musical appreciation in your children. Give them the tools to make and enjoy their own music. Check out the great suggestions in this lens for Christmas musical gift ideas.

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Christmas gifts for children music
Christmas gifts for children music

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Classical Music Christmas Gifts

Although pop music may be an important part of a youngster's life now, classical music has stood the test of time. In 10 or 15 years, will today's music still be popular? Classical music will be. Give the gift of classical music for Christmas and let children find out why Bach, Mozart and Chopin have been revered for hundreds of years.

A Christmas Gift of Jazz

Perhaps you are a jazz fan. Why not give a child some jazz music so they can sample the style. Here's a Christmas present designed to interest young ears.

Musical Christmas Present For The Very Young

Children are never too young to develop an appreciation of music. After all, lullabies have been used to calm babies and toddlers for generations.

Music Downloads as Christmas Gifts

These days most children have electronic devices that they use to store large libraries of digital music. Give a Christmas gift of music.

Keep Children Engaged

Music can be a powerful influence for youngsters. They have to be exposed to it, however. Give them musical items, and instruments to help them develop their love of, and ability in, the fine arts.

Comments and ideas for the children? - Happy holidays!

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