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Christmas Yard Displays

Updated on August 9, 2015

Christmas Yard Decorating by Annlee Cakes of Arkansas City, Kansas 67005


For many years we have decorated the house and yard with many Christmas Displays.

Every year we are written up by the Arkansas City Traveler which is our local newspaper.

We also put the following Online:

I invite all residents of Arkansas City to visit my Christmas Yard displays.

They are turned on at dusk and remain on for 4 hours: As we near Christmas I will extend the on times.

Many are animated and have living sounds, so you just may desire to roll down that window a tid

Address: Next door to the Fire Department near Coop

Santa is here! Yes ! Santa and Mrs Claus along with some live Elves and even some visiting Choirs.

Weather permitting:

Santa is here from 6pm to 8pm

Every night the weather permits!

May you and your's enjoy!


Advertise your Christmas yard display, and THEY WILL COME

We give out candy canes to the children. Which gives us an idea of the number of visitors. 2012 year we gave out well over 1145 candy canes.

Some video Christmas Yard Displays of ours are shared on this lens creation: Maybe they will give you some ideas for your yard displays.

Including our Brand New 2012 Video: Christmas Display in Arkansas City, Kansas

An interesting thought to ponder upon?

Is that for many of the Native American people when they heard the story of Christ and Christmas that they accepted the story of Christmas and Christ's birth as fulfilling tribal prophecies handed down generation to generation,and found the message to be consistent with the Winter stories around the fires that were shared by their ancestors.

Before the Bible was written many stories like those within the Scriptures were shared by the Native Americans in stories around the fires. Fact not fiction?

Believe it or not?

Please take into consideration share this article? Because of the fact.

None of our hubs are monetized.

We share them because that is the thing to do.

Basic starting to decorate!

By Annlee Cakes of Arkansas City, Kansas

Staring to decorate your yard and house?

My best suggestion is to find the CENTER PIECE DECORATION.

The center piece decoration is what you build around and highlight. This decoration may be the most expensive Christmas Yard Decoration you can afford at the time of purchase. In our choice we went with Musical Light Show set of three trees. As you saw in the video they are or should I say were at first the center piece decoration we started with years ago.

I also suggest going for the LED LIGHTS which are low electric cost to run. We have thousands lit up for Christmas. Our electric bill does go up in December due to the very ornate Christmas Displays. But, I share this: Only around 20 dollars a month. That is right! Not bad LEDS?

I will add the Video from the year previous also so you can compare the changes?

Adding lights and animations or even blow-ups from year to year will create a very nice display with out heavy costs.

Watch for the sales! We pick up the new displays and lights for the following year after the stores discount this years items. Saves allot.

Amazon and or Fingerhut carry nice and not expensive LED Light sets and remember search the Internet for the end of year sales. Stay away from paper (cardboard type) displays which look great, but do not stand up to wind, rain, sleet, ice and or snow. They simply are not worth the prices.

Join the Blow-Up Display manufacture sites: During the year they offer blow-up deals only to those as members which is FREE.

A new blow up can be as much as 70 percent less than sold in the Chain Stores made by the same manufacture. You also receive Special Discounts for discontinued Blow-ups which will make you smile as you set them up for Christmas Display. Plan ahead and you can save allot of money to buy more displays than you ever thought you could.

Most of all......Have fun doing decorations as a family. Perhaps allowing the small ones to create a specific area just their very own?

As your Christmas Yard-House displays grow........So will the number of visitors each year.

We have some that visit each year and drive well over 50 miles to visit and view our Christmas Displays.

Of course, we have walk throughs the Gardens and Live Santa and Mrs. Clause and FREE PHOTOS or Videos are allowed. Add a few elfs and walking singing choirs and I admit it all explodes into a CHRISTMAS SCENE EVENT.

I also suggest not trying to catch up to the big displays in your area overnight. Remember they probably add items each year so catching up is never the way to go. We started with light sets...then added web lights to bushes...then came the first Center Piece which were the Animated Trees. Take your time? Just a simple set of lights starts the Christmas Spirit flowing.

Watch garage sales for lights, decorations and even blow-ups! Stay away from all "GLASS" ornaments and go with PLASTIC ONES which you discover are safer and far better for outdoor displays.

If you opt for some blow-ups SECURE THEM DOWN, take the time to run extra lines and steel spikes ( We use steel tent stakes). We also found using a pop-up cover and placing the blow-up centered and tied down makes the blow-up safe and working better. As you can see in the videos!

Use timer stakes for timing: They have three or more plug in sections per timer unit and are under 10 dollars normally. We did buy some end of season last year for 1.99 each on sale. Bob says you can never have enough of them...LOL

I hope this aids your starting thoughts to decorate for the Holidays. Even a single string of lights upon a yard or house seeks to brighten the night skies.....Blessings........Annlee

We are on the internet: Type in any search: Annlee Cakes

My Best Suggestion TIP

When you decide what light strings to buy?

Buy "ONE" extra and when you get home remove all the light bulbs and the fuses. Take the spare bulbs and fuses from the other lines which all are the same and place all of these into a plastic bag. Now for many years you can replace bulbs when needed.

"The Light of the World" by pabear48

Copy protected!

The existence of God? Does God exist?

Has always been a human nature pondering. The majority of people upon the Earth believe a God exists as others believe there is no God. Nevertheless, either is based on human nature choice and even upbringing as a child. One cannot prove that God exists? Or can they?

"The Light of the World" by pabear48

I watched as the sun set in the cold orange sky. I asked God, "What does this mean for those today upon the earth?". I sought for wisdom and knowledge about even the setting of the sun. And, God said: " It is the difference between the Light and the Darkness". Then I understood! All know when it is dark and gloomy. They know when they hurt and fear. They cry when in pain and anguish. They seek to be comforted from the bleakness of the dark. For the dark they can feel and let it allude upon their lives. They hate the dark, and yet deny the Light. How poor in wisdom they have become, as they seek not the Light of the world even while they mourn upon their beds all weeping in their own sorrows. They await for help. Yet, they seek not the Light of the world. They wish for the dawning of morning so that they may continue on with what they call life. They come near unto the Light many times during troubled times. But, still they reach not out to take hold of the Light as a most cheerished pearl. They have become cold and waxed lukewarm. For now they hold not unto the Light of the world. However, when in pain they move toward the Light for warmth, understanding and comfort. Thus, they bask in the Light only long enough to be gently warmed and lightly comforted by the Light of the world. Even still they profess the Light when trials and tribulations beset upon them: Nevertheless they continue to remove themselves from the Light as they are comforted and lightly warmed and refreshed.

They want the comfort of the Light. Even while they still deny the POWER of the Light. They openly confess to the Light only that which they fear the darkness has disclosed in the streaks of Light upon them. They are much waxed cold to the Love of the Light. Nonetheless: The secret of the Light they hold in their hearts and spirit. They even openly proclaim the Light while denying the Power of the same Light. They have an appearance of being comforted and bathed in the warmth of the Light: But are still creatures of the darkness.

They walk to and fro trying to bring darkness to meet and cover the Light. For in perpetual darkness do they dwell. Even though they all hate the darkness and still they will fully deny the Light of the world. They want the Light as long as they do not have to give up the darkness within. They want the warmth of the Light only to dispair the pain, and the hurt for the moment. Many do come into the shimmers of the Light. But only for moments, and even in a moment the Light bathes them in comfort and joy.

Even the leaders of darkness know about the Light. They try becoming like the Light, and bring even more condemnation upon themselves. But, They fool many into the deception that they know the Light, and that they bask in the warmth and comfort of the Light. They are pretenders pretending by miraculous deception that they are of the Light, and not of the darkness. They are foul and loathsome creatures of the night.

Our God does call all unto the Light. It is a Loving Light. It dispels all darkness. It is a warm and basking Light. It is the only Light and Life upon the earth. It is God's Son. It is Jesus!

And, no way exists to come to God..Except by the Light of the World. And, that Light is Jesus Christ.

Wherefore it is written: Come to me, I am lowly, meek and mild, My cross is easy to bear and My Love for you is pure and fair. I have opened the doorway and no man can close it upon you, while I 'am still in the world. I'am alive. I'am living just for you. I AM THE GREAT I AM. ...I AM YOUR LORD GOD...I AM GOD...I AM THE SON...I AM THE HOLY SPIRIT...I AM CHRIST JESUS...I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD...I AM THE WAY. Come to me with all your heart, mind, body and soul. I AM THE LIGHT AND BEHOLD: I come quickly..........{paraphrased by scripture}Amen and Amen.........

God exists if you think he exists! That simple!

You are invited to come and explore our newest online Native Crafts Shop. Where shipping is ONLY $ 1.99 Click here to visit our Annlee Cakes Shop

Christmas Yard Light Display 2012 - Arkansas City, Kansas

Have fun viewing and please share the link if you and family enjoy our Christmas video.

We have thousands of visitors every year and add animations every year.

You can see the changes from all the older videos to this new 2012 Christmas Video.

Just shows you start and then add each year and it grows and grows! :)


Amazon carries our newest books!

Hray-Mah! The Earth is Gone?
Hray-Mah! The Earth is Gone?
Hray-Mah is the Word of God shared unto mankind. Behold: Jesus returns quickly: What does that mean Today? What are the SEVEN PRAYERS Jesus asked those following Him to pray? Who wants all the World "NOT TO READ THEIR BIBLE"? Hray-Mah is A WARNING TO CHRISTIANS ! No one is left to remember why the Earth as we knew it ended that day and all life was extinguished from its face: But, the signs were all around long before it happened. The problem was no one believed the signs? Simply, they forgot to read? This book is a companion reference guide to read with your favorite bible translation. You will discover knowledge within your bible that before you read and missed the mark of the scripture's simplicity as revealed by the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth as he spoke to the multitudes and to the Apostles. The author does not write in a style form of general writers? Rather he has his own! Which as you read and use your own favorite Bible translation Hray-Mah becomes a guide and reference companion to assist in depth bible study in a brand new way of gentleness with the reader. Hray-Mah is the spoken Word of God unto mankind and with the Hray-Mah Word you can move a mountain in the name of the Lord exactly as promised by Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Sometimes, even as Christians we need to sit back and regroup our concepts and thoughts as we walk upon this Earth and find the time to study the Word in the Scriptures. As Christians today we face so many denominations and named churches each sharing the Good News from the pulpits: Yet! We as individuals have forgotten that we individually are called to learn for ourselves with the Comforter who is the Teacher of the Word of God and that God shared through writers inspired by the Spirit to write the scriptures and stories we now accept as inspired as the Bible. As you read Hray-Mah you will discover quickly those things written that the church's Do Not Want you to read and understand? Ask yourself? Who does not want you to read and know the Scriptures?
Nine Months Plus One Day
Nine Months Plus One Day
A very humorous story as told by the developing baby from with Creator unto conception and then birth. The baby reveals the answers to age old questions: Like why do pregnant moms crave certain or odd foods? Fully illustrated making it a very useful instructional tool in aiding parents with growing children who ask questions? It will bring joy, tears and laughs to all genders. It explains the "magic wall" and the development within the womb. A babys perspective of leaving the Creator, learning all of life: And then facing death and birth! Based on a true life story! Absolutely PRO-LIFE! This is the must have book of the year. Ladies keep a box of kleenex very close at hand!

Art designed Sippy Cups!

Mothers Helper! The Sippy Cup?

The sippy cup is a spill-proof drinking cup designed for toddlers. It works by way of surface tension that prevents liquid from being spilled even when the cup is upended. The critical element is the sippy top being firmly in place on top of the cup, preventing spills. Truly, a mother's helper!

The sippy cup was invented by Richard Belanger, who licensed the design to Playtex. Over the years the sippy cup is found in almost every country and is used on planes, at home and even at work at times.

Today, the usage of the sippy cup is as normal as taking a breath of air.

What is a sippy cup?

A cup unit used for training a child from bottle to handeling a cup. Normally made in plastic and light weight with a lid that holds secure even when tipped. And, some form of spout so the child may drink and not spill. Some have handles and some do not. The ones without handles are preferred in training a child to actually hold a drinking device that represents a glass like the people around them use daily and at meal times.

A "Sippy cup" is truly a Mother's helper!

We have many beautiful sippy cups designed with the Art Paintings of Arkansas City, Kansas artist and author Robert William Vincent which are available only from Annlee Cakes at our CarfePress shop, and you are invited to come and take a peek!

type pabear48 in CafePress Search Box


Christmas Santa and Mrs Claus - Bear Cave System Zazzle Shop


Christmas is special with art designed Santa and Mrs Claus.

Or Frosty!

Our Christmas section is loaded with wonderful gift ideas, suggestions and that perfect present.

You are invited to come and explore.

Easy safe links from our main site: Annlee Cakes (copy and paste to GO BAR)

2011 Christmas Yard Display

May you find a few ideas for decorating your yard from our 2011 Christmas video.

Blessings............Annlee and Bob


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