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Funny Tips for Hassle free Christmas shopping

Updated on December 23, 2010

When you have decided to start your shopping for Christmas make sure you follow these guidelines for a complete hassle free shopping experience

Start up a Christmas savings plan

Make a realistic budget and be supported on that by planning your total gifts or things you’re going to buy and start saving slowly to reach your target budget.

Shop around and compare prices

It always is a good idea to peep around nearby shops and checkout the prices of things you want to buy. This makes sure that what you planned is always on the right track.

For Return and warranty purposes, keep your receipts in a safe place

After you buy your things it’s necessary to get the receipts for both tracking your expenses as well as for claiming the warranty for the goods purchased

Before you buy anything check the seller's return and warranty policy

Make sure you check all the necessary service manuals and other warranty documents are in place. Because once you bought the product there is no looking back or claiming anything without the warranty in your hand

Shopping online - use only reputable vendor’s sites

When you have decided to buy things online, keep in mind there are lots of scam sites out there to put a hole in your pocket in return to nothing. It’s always advised to buy through either Amazon or eBay which are highly reputable online stores.

Beware of scams

  • If you buy products from abroad - always check if the manufacturer has provided the service and maintenance for the product in host country. Don’t stick with a product that a local person could not fix.
  • Think twice before paying a deposit to the trader if you change your mind if all or part of the purchase.
  • Make sure the toys you buy for children are not hazardous and also check if it is appropriate for their age.
  • Remember, interest-free deals are not cost-free - you still have to pay ongoing fees.


When you buy an item, you get an independent statutory warranty. The return of the product, for repair or replacement if the product meets:

  • Soon after buying it turns out your product fails to work or breaks
  • Product does not match to the description or sample shown
  • Your objective is not appropriate.

Before you pay extra for an extended warranty, make sure you read the fine print and terms of extended warranties and the exclusion check. Extended warranty may not always be good for the value for money.

Credit Cards

Check your credit card statement carefully and make sure that you have been charged only for those things that you have purchased. Always pay using your credit card to complete more than the minimum payment amount so that you get out of debt faster and pay far less interest than higher interest rates.


Christmas comes once a year, but more commitment and a life-long move! Sp shop safely and responsibly… Merry Christmas hubbers


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