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Christmas Apron Designs and Pattern Ideas

Updated on August 7, 2014

Christmas Apron Ideas

The apron has long been abandoned solely for the practical use it was made for in order to embrace the additional role of being a personal statement from the one wearing it through design elements included on it, along with creating a certain atmosphere at times of special times of the year.

There is probably no time of the year where that is especially the case than at Christmas day, when all of these wonderful Christmas images are presented as part of the decorations, albeit one that is worn by those doing the work in the kitchen for the day.

How many of us remember when our mothers or grandmothers were engaged in work in the kitchen and the terrific aromas were accompanied by a wonderful Christmas scene or theme standing out on the front of their Christmas aprons?

And usually these became a part of Christmas traditions in the home, where expectations are high concerning seeing the family matriarch (and sometimes patriarch) putting on their Christmas apron to begin the work of creating the highly anticipated Christmas meal. It doesn't get much better than that for this wonderful day of celebration.

Of course at times there can be an entire Christmas theme for the clothing worn by those producing the meal, and that adds a lot to the fun and enjoyment of the day. Who doesn't remember simple red Santa hats worn by our parents or grandparents; some of which were not only a more traditional Santa hat, but one with some novelty design included with it.

In our home it was a hat with some reindeer antlers that was worn to the delight of the family, and it always brings back a smile to the faces of the family when talking about it.

As for this article, we'll look at Christmas aprons and some of the designs there are out there to choose from.

Homemade Retro Christmas Aprons

While there are plenty of commercially made Christmas aprons that look nice, to me there's nothing like a homemade, or at least commercially made Christmas apron, which includes a retro look so many of us are delighted by and familiar with.

I don't think there is anything better in regard to a Christmas apron than one that includes the designs and images you'll, for the most part, see in the photos of Christmas aprons below.

Not all have the retro design look, but most do, and it's extremely easy to identify them.

For the most part, just about every homemade Christmas apron from times past will include either the traditional Christmas color base of red or green, or they'll have a white background with red and green design elements as part of the completed apron.

Also interesting is the choice of green hue used in the aprons. Usually a darker, hunter green look is used in other Christmas-related products, but with aprons, for some reason a lighter, lime green is usually used as part of the design.

I think it's because it stands out nicely and has a warm, cheery look to it.

For the red part of homemade Christmas aprons, it can include the usual darker red, but also is sometimes combined with pink to lighten up the overall look. Of course many times it's a combination of red and green in the Christmas apron design, and those colors always work together in this seasonal accessory.

Now we'll look at some Christmas aprons to generate some ideas as to what you may want to wear or make for this holiday season.

Christmas Apron with Reindeer and Heart Design

This first homemade Christmas apron embraces a retro look including the two reindeer facing towards a heart in the center of the design.

The shapes used as part of the background are a very retro print, as is the red and white square waistband. They combine to make a wonderful Christmas apron design.

As to the materials, the waistband was made from a gingham cotton print, with the skirt design accents called rickrack. The deer and heart appliques are embroidered by hand.

To me this represents the simplicity associated with the past, which was reflected in the design elements included in Christmas aprons. It's warm and reveals the love of family and friends for one another.

Reindeer Christmas Apron with Heart

Reindeer Apron
Reindeer Apron | Source

Mother and Daughter Christmas Aprons

Next is a terrific example of how a mother and daughter can wear complementary aprons to put together a Christmas dinner and host the event.

These are from a line called Jessie Steele, where in 2001 a mother and daughter saw the demand to restore a feminine touch of fashion, grace and style back to the world of hostessing. To that end they started a fashion line which includes Christmas themes and accessories like these two aprons seen below.

Many families are embracing the practice of moms and daughters working together in the kitchen and hostessing again, and what more fun of a way of encouraging that than to wear aprons together as you go about your jobs?

These are really cute Christmas aprons that complement one another very well.

Christmas Aprons Worn by Mother, Daughter

Christmas Aprons
Christmas Aprons | Source

Mother and Daughter Wearing Same Christmas Apron Patterns

When daughters are younger, they love to dress up in the same way as their mother, and that extends to Christmas season as well, when they like to interact with and learn from mom as to how to make Christmas cookies and other similar goodies.

To that end, a wonderful practice is to get the same Christmas apron designs and wear them as a symbol of being a special part of one another's lives.

All moms know that this stage won't last real long as daughter grows older and wants to of course develop her own fashion sense - even in the kitchen. So realizing this is a short window of opportunity and desire, dressing up in the same way is a fantastic way to bond and work together during the Christmas and other holiday seasons.

The pair of mother and daughter Christmas aprons below are amazing. They're not overly complex and ornate, but embrace the retro Christmas look that is so desirable, and incorporate the traditional Christmas color of red and green into the pattern.

Also nice looking are the scattered round dots or circles that add a little brightness to the design.

I like how the dark, green square pocket sits in the middle of the Christmas apron. Very cute.

Mother and Daughter Christmas Aprons

Christmas Apron Designs
Christmas Apron Designs | Source

Festive Christmas Apron Design

When first looking at this Christmas apron pattern, I wasn't too impressed, but after a little while it grew on me, and I really like the uniqueness of the design and the print used to create the apron.

The little figures scattered throughout the fabric makes for a joyful, fun, festive scene, and the sash or belt with the dark pink background and white polka dots wrapped around the waist as a bow is a nice touch.

What is a little distracting to me is the color of the sash and the apron itself, which seem to clash in color a little bit. But overall, it's interesting, and the wonderful little figures of the boy and girl apparently enjoying themselves immensely, helps to overcome that distraction easily.

Christmas Apron Pattern

Homemade Apron
Homemade Apron | Source

Christmas Apron with Ruffled Layers on Bottom

Even though this Christmas apron has a very busy design pattern and print, I really like it. It's very happy in look and feel, and a lot of fun to look at to take in all the elements included in the print.

Probably my favorite part is the layered ruffles on the bottom; each which has a totally different print and/or material it is made of.

That of course is displayed throughout the entirety of the Christmas apron design, which is much of what makes it so desirable to look at. Who can't help but smile when you see all the happy things represented on the print of the apron?

All of it looks magnificent, but my personal favorite part of the overall pattern and design is the ruffle with the candy canes on them. It is done exquisitely, with the fabric used seemingly done so for the purpose of portraying a snowy Christmas night or day.

Very Detailed Christmas Apron

Christmas Apron with Gingerbread Houses
Christmas Apron with Gingerbread Houses | Source

Christmas Apron Patterns and Designs

This was a wonderful walk through the many Christmas apron patterns there are available to choose from to make or buy; with most of them reflecting a retro theme or feel that not only brings back memories of happy times with the people we love, but also of the aromas and food shared, along with the table that was set and the way it was hosted.

All of it combined for the terrific experience most of us have had, and the choosing, making and wearing of a festive and beautiful Christmas apron is part of the memory many of us have created for or experienced during the holiday festivities.


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