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Christmas Mouse Costume Ideas

Updated on August 21, 2015

Mouse Costumes for Christmas

For some unknown reason, mice and Christmas go together well, and that has resulted in a number of costumes being designed for those who want to dress up like a mouse during the holiday season.

I think the reason behind the popularity of Christmas mouse costumes may go back to many of the cartoons we watched as children which include mice as part of the Christmas story. That probably has become part of our memories, and so, whether consciously or unconsciously, we gravitate towards the mouse Christmas theme.

Whatever the impetus or reason behind it, mouse costumes for the Christmas holiday season are embraced by many, and we'll look at several of them in this article.

Most of you reading this will immediately think of Disney's Mickey Mouse, and rightly so, as he, along with Minnie Mouse, are cultural icons, and Walt Disney himself told his people to always remember that it all started with a mouse, referring to Mickey.

Mickey Mouse has also been the subject of Christmas stories, so all who are aware of Mickey will relate to him in that way as well. There is also the popular Santa Mouse, and a number of others costumes simply based on interesting looking mice.

Let's look at a few mouse costumes now to generate some ideas on what you may want to wear.

Christmas Mickey and Minnie Mouse Mascot Costumes

Since Mickey and Minnie Mouse are almost surely the most popular mice on the planet, we'll start off with a look at a set of mascot Christmas costumes to the duo.

These are everything a Christmas costume should be, with the traditional red color, and in the case of Mickey, some nice white accents on the hat and costume. The costume for Minnie Mouse was designed with a solid red color in mind, although it does include white gloves.

The green top on Minnie includes the additional traditional color of green, making her stand out in red and green. Also cute is the red bow in here hair, differentiating her from Mickey and his Santa hat.

Both of these costumes are fantastic, and would be an option for couples, as well as wearing one individually.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Costumes

Mickey Minnie Mouse Christmas Costumes
Mickey Minnie Mouse Christmas Costumes | Source

Christmas Mouse Mascot Costume

This is a funny Christmas mouse mascot costume, with the highlight being that friendly, smiling face, with the big set of teeth giving him a really funny and compelling look.

But what I also wanted to show with this mouse costume is how easily you can take a couple of accessories and make a regular costume into a Christmas one.

All you have to do is have a red hat and scarf and you've transformed a mouse costume into a Christmas mouse costume. You could of course do this with other costumes that would be appropriate and related to the Christmas season.

Mouse Costume

Christmas Mouse Mascot Costume
Christmas Mouse Mascot Costume | Source

Santa Mouse Christmas Costume

While not as well known as the famous Mickey Mouse, for those that do know and are aware of him, Santa Mouse is a much beloved character coming about from the endearing story of how he lived all by himself in a large house but wanted to give Santa Claus a gift.

Eventually Santa Mouse became one of the top helpers Santa simply could get along without.

This costume is a great depiction of Santa Mouse, and would be an awesome one to wear at Christmas gatherings, with both adults and children delighted and surprised by the discovery of Santa Mouse in their own house.

Santa Mouse

Santa Mouse Costume
Santa Mouse Costume | Source

Regular Mickey and Minnie Mouse Costumes

These Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse costumes aren't technically Christmas costumes, although the red and white colors would easily be complemented by a couple of accessories like a red scarf or other items that instantly transform it into a Christmas costume. A little red Santa hat is another accessory that can be added to create the Christmas look.

That's what's so great about the simple Christmas colors of red and green, and also of white as the secondary color behind them, which points to the snow most areas of the country experience during that time of the year.

Again, this shows how quickly and easily a costumes can be made into a Christmas costume.

Micky and Minnie Mouse

Regular Mickey and Minnie Costumes
Regular Mickey and Minnie Costumes | Source

Huge Christmas Mouse Costume

This is really an awesome mouse Christmas costume, one that I haven't seen before. I like it because it gives a different, more sagely look to the costume character, with what appears to be a white beard growing down the sides and front of his face.

Also looking great is that unique hat that sits steadily upon his head. Having his sidekick bear buddy is a nice complementary touch that adds to the overall look and feel of the mouse. Very cool costumes.

Giant Mouse Costume

Giant Mouse and Bear Costume
Giant Mouse and Bear Costume | Source

Christmas Mouse Costumes

Mouse costumes in general are a lot of fun, and they can range from cute and sexy to very realistic, as you see in the above photos.

For Christmas, the mouse costumes there are mostly made from the color of the clothing worn, and/or the Christmas accessories added; usually in the form of a Santa hat or red scarf.

To me what makes a mouse costume what it is is primarily that set of years on the head which also generates some good laughs and delightful appreciation for the funny costume.

And for Christmas time, adding that to the already wonderful time of the year by dressing up in a mouse costume, makes it just that much better.


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