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Christmas Poems About Mother

Updated on December 16, 2016

A Christmas Present For Mother

She's beautiful as an ornament

Upon a Christmas tree,

Her love for us throughout the years

No measure there could be.

Her song to us continuously,

Like a colorful mother bird upon a holly tree

In magical Christmas time.

Always singing

In poem and rhyme,

To brighten our days

To strenghten our time

To impart imaginenable,

Conquerable acheivements in our minds.

A melody so divine.

What Christmas present,

Do you give a mother,

So sublime?

D. Alsup

The Christmas Gift For Mother

In the Christmas times of long ago,

There was one event we used to know

That was better than any other;

It wasn't the toys that we hoped to get,

But the talks we had -- and I hear them yet --

Of the gift we'd buy for Mother.

If ever loved fashioned a Christmas gift,

Or saved it's money and practiced thrift,

'Twas done in those days, my brother --

Those golden times of Long Gone By,

Of our happiest years, when you and I

Talked over the gift for Mother.

We hadn't gone forth on our different ways

Nor coined our lives into yesterdays

In the fires that smelt and smother,

And we whispered and planned in our youthful glee

Of that marvelous "something" which was to be

The gift of our hearts to Mother.

It had to be all that our purse could give,

Something she'd treasure while she could live

And better than any other.

We gave it the best of our love and thought,

And, Oh, the joy when at last we'd bought

That marvelous gift for Mother!

Now I think as we go on our different ways,

Of the joy of those vanished yesterdays.

How good it would be, my brother,

If this Christmas-time we could only know

That same sweet thrill of the Long Ago

When we shared in the gift for Mother.

Edgar A. Guest

Thanks for visiting our hub. I hope you enjoyed the poems. Do you have any Christmas poems you would like to share about a mother? If so please feel free to do so here. Thanks again.


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