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Clockwork Orange Halloween Costume Ideas

Updated on October 23, 2017

A Clockwork ORANGE Halloween Costume Ideas For Fans Of Kubrick and Alex De Large

Stanley Kubrick must have known that his young protagonist would garner a lot of attention when this movie came out, but I wonder if he had any idea his main character from A Clockwork Orange, Alex De Large, would become the focus of Halloween costume wearers all over the world?

Many different people have successfully created a rather plain looking costume from white pants, a white shirt, a gummy candy eyeball, suspenders, a crotch cup or a codpiece, a simple black derby hat and a pair of black boots. Oh, and the false eyelashes on just one eye. You can also carry a glass of "milk plus" and see who recognizes it, those who do really knows this film. But if you know the story line, it is not the costume itself where the frightening impact lies, it's knowing the character who first wore this costume.

Find out why Alex De Large is one of the most frightening characters in book and film history and learn how to make your very own homemade Clockwork Orange costume. I thought it was very clever of me to post this page on Squidoo as part of the Orange IMMINENT Challenge. But then, I find myself to be a rather clever individual. I bet Alex thought he was pretty cool too.

A Clockwork Orange is based on a book written by Anthony Burgess. It's said that the author's wife was raped by soldiers and had problems all her life because of this attack. This movie script was written and directed by Stanley Kubrick. It starred Malcolm Mc Dowell as Alex De Large. Click here to find the Clockwork Orange Photo Credit.

A Clockwork Orange's Alex De Large Is #12 On The List Of Greatest Movie Villians Of All Time

All I Know About A Clockwork Orange's Alex De Large

Here's what I know about the main character and protagonist of A Clockwork Orange:

  • His Name Is Alex
  • He is 15 years old in the beginning of the film and 17 years old at the end of it.
  • He is a school boy
  • He is intelligent and funny
  • He likes to rape, beat, and maim people, and break things.
  • He loves classical music
  • He finds joy, actually gets real pleasure, from violence.
  • He thinks a commitment to ideals is important.

“But what I do I do because I like to do.”

Alex DeLarge

Alex Commits

Alex chooses violence, he commits to that ideal and it is his free will that allows him to do this. Alex speaks in a slang that is popular with the kids in his area, it's called Nadsat. Alex likes to hang out at the Korova Milkbar and drink "milk plus", another name for milk that has drugs in it. He also likes to hang at the Duke of New York, a bar.

DeLarge is the leader of a violent gang made up of three other boys, Dim, Georgie, and Pete. Alex fights with Dim over an opera when the boys are trying to escape from the Cat Woman's house, Dim hits Alex with a chain, slowing his escape and Alex is arrested. Because he is so violent, Alex is chosen as the first prisoner to undergo an experimental treatment called Ludovico's Technique.This treatment consists of a drug that makes you violently ill, watching violence, and all the while listening to the classical music that Alex loves so much. The treatment leaves Alex as a helpless person In the end, the programming is removed and Alex becomes his old, sick self once again.

What Makes Alex De Large So Frightening?

Alex De Large from A Clockwork Orange is a great Halloween costume idea because he is a memorable character. He is unique looking and yet, he is also everyday and plain looking. He wears a simple white shirt, white pants, suspenders and combat boots. He tops off his white costume with a black derby hat, a man's protective cup, and one upper and lower false eyelash. His shirt cuffs have eyeballs on them instead of average, everyday cuff links. His outfit isn't all that different from the clothes that normal folks wear every day but it's more than what he is wearing that makes this costume. It's the character himself that is so frightening. The lack of humanity in this character is what makes this costume scary. You know there is something missing in Alex De Large. The title of the book means a man who is a robot, and that is what is frightening about this character. If you haven't seen the movie, give it a look. Beware, it is a very violent and disturbing film.

Step By Step Instructions To Make An Alex De Large Halloween Costume

Making An Alex De Large Halloween Costume
Making An Alex De Large Halloween Costume

You will need the following items to recreate the look given to us by Alex De Large from A Clockwork Orange:

  • White button down long sleeve shirt
  • White pants
  • White suspenders
  • A man's cup
  • Black Derby hat
  • Black combat boots
  • Eyeball gummy candies or a plastic eyeball
  • One set of upper and lower false eyelashes

Look at a picture of Alex on this page and you will see how simple it will be to make this Halloween costume. You probably have a pair of white pants and a white button down shirt. If you don't ask a friend or neighbor if they do and borrow them.

Next, look for a pair of suspenders and a man's protective cup (a jock strap or cricket cup). You might have a piece of elastic you can use for suspenders. You would just have to pin them to the front of your pants over your shoulder to the back of your pants. or you can skip them. The cup is worn over your pants, it's an important part of the costume.

The eyeballs are worn like cuff links. You can hot glue them onto your shirt cuff. You can also add some red paint or blood gel to create a gory look with them.

Then apply the false eyelash on your upper and lower eye, put on your hat, and you are ready to go out and party! Take notice of how many people know what character you are dressed as.
Photo Credit - Alex De Large Homemade Costume Ideas

What Character From A Clockwork Orange Do You Want To Dress Up As? - Tell Me Your Clockwork Orange Costume Choice!

I love the Stanley Kubrick movie, A Clockwork Orange. It's a real look into the workings of our society and it makes you think about freedom, choices, government control, right and wrong, and some great Halloween costumes can be recreated from it too.

Which Character From Clockwork Orange Do You Want To Be For Halloween?

Clockwork Orange Halloween Costume Ideas
Clockwork Orange Halloween Costume Ideas

Other Costume Ideas From A Clockwork Orange

Alex De Large isn't the only costume idea you can take from "A Clockwork Orange". Here is a list of other characters you can use to create a unique and interesting group costume idea with this fascinatingly frightening film, or use these ideas on their own and create your own solo costume. There's several character costumes you can assemble easily so you and your friends can go out dressed up as the cast from A Clockwork Orange!

Characters And Costume Ideas
From A Clockwork Orange

  • The Droogs - Alex's gang of bad boys - their costumes are similar to Alex's without the false eyelash. They are Georgie, Dim, and Peter.
  • Mr. Alexander - man' s pants, a shirt, and a robe
  • Mrs. Alexander - an orange jumpsuit with a gold belt.
  • The Cat-Women - white tights and a green leotard
  • Mr. P. R. Deltoid - he is the probation officer at school & he wears pants, a shirt and tie, and a trench coat.
  • The Minister of the Interior - a suit and tie
  • The Prison Chaplin - black minister suit with a white collar

Have You Read The Book By Anthony Burgess? A Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange Character Costumes On Video

Watch some of these video clips from A Clockwork Orange to get some great Halloween costume ideas, but BEWARE - There Are Some VIOLENT Scenes In These Videos!

The Alexanders meet Alex De Large and the Droogs.

A Clockwork Orange DVD

If you want to watch A Clockwork Orange before you assemble your costume, here's the DVD set so you can do just that.

A Clockwork Orange

Stanley Kubrick

Picture of Clockwork Orange Director Stanley Kubrick
Picture of Clockwork Orange Director Stanley Kubrick

Stanley Kubrick has directed some of the most popular films in Hollywood history and besides being one of the giants in the film industry he has worked with along side some of the most famous actors in the film industry. He is the man who brought you:

  • SPARTACUS with Kirk Douglas
  • LOLITA with Sue Lyon and James Mason
  • DR. STRANGELOVE with Peter Sellers
  • SPACE ODYESSY with Keir Dullea and Gary Lockwood
  • CLOCKWORK ORANGE with Malcolm McDowell
  • BARRY LYNDON with Ryan O'Neil
  • THE SHINING with Jack Nicholson
  • FULL METAL JACKET with Adam Baldwin and Vincent D'Onofrio
  • EYES WIDE SHUT with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.

You can get your own collection of Kubrick films right here.

The Writer Of The Book Considers Alex De Large To Be A Robot Of A Man - A Clockwork Orange

In Malaysia the word for man is "orang", as in "orangutan" which translates to man of the jungle. Alex De Large is like a robot, unfeeling and without morals, ergo he is "A Clockwork Orange". (A clockwork man a man who works as a machine)

Clockwork Orange Costume Tutorial

Singing In The Rain From A Clockwork Orange

More A Clockwork Orange Information

Here are some sites you can visit to find out more about Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange and the characters in it.

"What's it going to be then, eh?" Alex De Large


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