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Christmas Lights with a Variety of Colors

Updated on August 24, 2015

Multi-colored Christmas Lights

Christmas lights with a variety of colors work nicely as part of an overall Christmas decoration theme for the inside of the home or the yard and outside of the house. Strategically placing them around the house and the yard brighten up the night and the hearts of those who see and enjoy viewing them.

Sometimes using a combination of one color on an outside object or tree, mixed in with the multi-colored strings of Christmas lights, adds a nice touch and great look, offsetting the variety of colors that blend together in a design mosaic.

But even if you just love to put up strings of colored Christmas lights, that works as well, as the many colors mesmerize all those who get to see your great color Christmas light designs.

I've included some photos of colored Christmas below to inspire and generate some ideas for you to use this Christmas holiday.

Lots of Colored Christmas Lights

I debated whether to finish this article with this vast array of lights or start it off with the photo below, but I obviously chose to start things off with this very loud colored Christmas light decoration that probably has a little bit of everything with it. Talk about something that catches the eye.

While I enjoy a lot of Christmas decorations and lights, this many-colored group Christmas lights is a little too much for me, but would be a lot of fun to see.

Detailed Christmas Light Display

Large Colored Christmas Light Display

Here's another colored Christmas light display that has an awful lot of lights with it, but one which looks like it didn't have a lot of planning having gone into the design. It's possible that the close up photo hides the overall theme, which in the case of outdoor Christmas light displays, usually look a lot better from a little farther away when photographed.

Busy Outdoor Christmas Decorations Using Numerous Lights and Colors

Colored Christmas Light Display on House

Here's one that gets a little closer to what I prefer in an outdoor Christmas display, where you can see the great design and the colors and figures seem to be thought out some as to where to place them.

While the green light design is a little stoic, it does provide some nice lines and definition for the rest of the Christmas decorations, including that wonderful Santa and reindeer, which are the show piece of the look.

Great Outdoor Christmas Light Display

Now here's a great yard Christmas light display to me. What appeals to me the most is the soft colors used to make such a great colored Christmas yard light decoration scene.

It also has some great symmetry to it, something some of the others lacked.

Subtle Christmas lights

Outdoor Multi-Colored Christmas Lights Display

Here's another combination of colored Christmas lights that works for me. I like how there are in reality only a few colors used, while the additional colored Christmas lights are used sparingly and in a complementary manner. They really add a lot to the overall look and feel of the Christmas yard light display. I'm thinking particularly of the subtle use of the greens and blues.

Variety of colored Christmas light displays

These colored Christmas light decorations were very different from one another, especially the first two, which while very loud and not designed too well, still gave off the sense of a festive atmosphere and fun. The other were more eye pleasing and were built for Christmas eye candy to enjoy looking at.

It confirms you don't have to be a design expert to share some great light displays at Christmas time, and for those that have a better design eye, it also shows that they can be a fantastic way to share good will with friends, family, neighbors and visitors who share in the experience.


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