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Computer Toppers

Updated on December 8, 2012

A Great Gift / Companion for Geeks

The computer topper is the perfect gift for your computer geek friends! Since they spend oodles of time in front of their PC or laptop, they will always remember you when they see the cool figurine keeping them company on their monitor or CPU. Toppers come in a lot of different designs and characters, from comic book characters to gargoyles, so you can even cater to another one of their hobbies. Just imagine how ecstatic a DC comic fan / computer geek will be when they see a Batman computer sitter!

Take my word for it: I'm a self-confessed computer geek myself ;)

Photo credit: Amazon

Comic Hero Sitters

Comic Hero Sitters
Comic Hero Sitters

The Batman Computer Sitter - Retro Batman Comic Style

This is the best computer sitter to give to someone who loves to read comic books, especially from DC comics. I love that they donned him in the classic Batsuit - gray and blue. It adds a hint of nostalgia to the piece; not to mention, blue is an appealing color to see on top of the computer monitor. The cherry on top for this topper is the way Batman is crouching on your monitor, like he was scouting Gotham City for bad guys or ready for attack. It's a stance we all associate with this action hero.

Funko Batman Computer Sitter
Funko Batman Computer Sitter

Everyone loves Batman. Who wouldn't want Batman looking at them from the monitor? Who knows, it might improve productivity too, as you imagine Batman giving you a dangerous glare each time you deviate from work.


The Wonder Woman Computer Sitter - Girl Power!

Here's a great one for females and another DC comic favorite! I love how she is holding her ever trusty lasso weapon and how she's seated so daintily.

Funko Wonder Woman Computer Sitter
Funko Wonder Woman Computer Sitter

Here's a fun piece for fans of Wonder Woman, both males and females alike! Aside from being a computer sitter, her head also bobbles for that added touch of hilarity


Spiderman on top of my Computer - Marvel Comics, represent!

If you're a fan of the Marvel Universe more than the DC Universe, then Spidey is for you! I am pretty sure everyone knows Spiderman, considering he's been featured in so many movies recently (and by two different actors no less!) The piece has been made to copy the young hero's most famous stance too.

Spiderman Computer Sitter
Spiderman Computer Sitter

My geek senses are tingling with this bobble head computer topper.


Big Bang Theory Sheldon Computer Topper. A Geek for a Geek Gift. Perfect, no?

Big Bang Theory Sheldon Computer Topper. A Geek for a Geek Gift. Perfect, no?
Big Bang Theory Sheldon Computer Topper. A Geek for a Geek Gift. Perfect, no?

Sheldon from Big Bang Theory

Every geek knows (or SHOULD know) Big Bang Theory and Sheldon!

Funko Big Bang Theory: Sheldon Computer Sitter
Funko Big Bang Theory: Sheldon Computer Sitter

Granted, this bobble head's face does not bear an uncanny resemblance to Sheldon, but anyone who sees it with the outfit (Flash t-shirt) will recognize Sheldon faster than you can say "Bazinga"!


The Force is Strong with these Star Wars BobbleHead Sitters!

The Force is Strong with these Star Wars BobbleHead Sitters!
The Force is Strong with these Star Wars BobbleHead Sitters!

Star Wars Characters on top of your Monitor

Star Wars has enjoyed a cult following since the Harrison Ford flick showed. It's been featured in many movies, too; a notable one is "Fanboys" which focuses on a group of fanatics on a mission to see the screening of Star Wars before anybody else. The characters are so well-known that they have inspired many other movies and shows. With all this in mind, it's hard to go wrong when you give a Star Wars computer topper as a gift!

Funko Star Wars Darth Vader Computer Monitor Sitter Bobblehead
Funko Star Wars Darth Vader Computer Monitor Sitter Bobblehead

Darth Vader on top of your monitor. How's that for epic? Don't worry he's not going to shout "I'm your Father!" all of a sudden

Star Wars - Boba Fett
Star Wars - Boba Fett

Who wouldn't want the most notorious bounty hunter in the galaxy to be poised on top of his/her computer monitor?

Star Wars: Yoda
Star Wars: Yoda

This computer sitter, you must buy!

Joy Toy - Star Wars The Clone Wars Figure With Light & Sound Yoda 14cm
Joy Toy - Star Wars The Clone Wars Figure With Light & Sound Yoda 14cm

Because of its bigger base, this isn't something to be placed on top of the monitor. Instead, place this on top of your CPU or shelf. I had to feature this because it comes with a beaming light saber!


Harry Potter Sitters - Hermione on your Computer

Harry Potter is loved by many - kids and adults alike! Which character would better suit your computer monitor than Hermione Granger, the intelligent know-it-all!

Hermione Granger Computer Sitter
Hermione Granger Computer Sitter

If she spouted some words of wisdom and helped you out with debugging your code, or doing your homework, she'd be perfect! Take note though that she doesn't look anything like the actress, but the robe will help get the Harry Potter vibe across. Also, its base is big so it will only fit old CRT type monitors. For the newer models, it'd be best if she stayed on top of a CPU instead.


Computer Accessories with an Eerie Touch

Computer Accessories with an Eerie Touch
Computer Accessories with an Eerie Touch

Gothic Computer Toppers - From Gargoyles to Skeletons

Here are some realistic looking toppers for those who are fond of the dark. I believe these can effectively drive away pesky office mates who insist on messing with your computer (and posting stupid posts under your Facebook account)

Which one makes it to your Wish List?

Who's your Favorite Computer Topper?

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Duel Debate Module

Do you like the idea of a figurine on top of your computer?

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    • PaigSr profile image


      6 years ago from State of Confusion

      I can see these as gifts for sever people I know.


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