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Cordless LED Oregon Fir Pre-Lit Garland

Updated on June 16, 2014

Every since I discovered pre-lit cordless Christmas garlands it has saved me lots of time doing my Christmas decorating. Since there is no cord to struggle with garlands can be easily used on fireplace mantels, staircase railing and other place cords tend to get in the way. The Oregon garland comes is three sizes 6, 9, and 12 feet long complete with cordless lights.

The garland itself has multiple color strands of green for a more realistic lifelike look. Unlike traditional plug-in styles the LED remains cool and can be used both indoors and outdoors safely. It has a timer built in allowing the light to turn on for 6 full hours and turn off for the remaining 18 hour using its built in timer. If you prefer there is also an on/off switch for longer or shorter periods of time.

Garlands are a traditional type of decoration for centuries homes were decorated with live garland and lit with candles. This was a serious fire hazard and when electric lights were used later on there was a great reduction of fires from Christmas decorating. The LED is yet another improvement to Christmas decorating a cool burning light run for hours on batteries with little energy consumption and little chance for fire.

Garlands add a touch of class to Christmas decorating by bringing the greenery of the outdoors inside. If you have a fireplace a garland with give it a beautiful presence. With the twinkling lights and by simply adding some colored ribbon it can help to carry the eye around the room. Don't miss out on the pre-lit garland for your home, order now. These are sure to be a sold out Christmas item.

More Pre-Lit Decorations

9' x 10" Pre-Lit Battery Operated Pine Christmas Garland - Warm Clear LED Lights
9' x 10" Pre-Lit Battery Operated Pine Christmas Garland - Warm Clear LED Lights

Two-tone medium green foliage

Pre-lit 60 warm clear LED lights

"Warm clear" also known as "warm white" has a nice natural warm incandescent like glow similar to candlelight

Bulb size: concave wide angle (mini bulb)

200 tips

1.5 inch wide tips

Bendable wire center allows for you to shape the garland anyway you desire

Both ends of the garland feature a wire hook for easy hanging

21.5 inch green lead cord


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