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Corporate or Business Christmas Greeting Cards

Updated on September 11, 2016

Corporate Christmas Cards

When thinking about sending Christmas cards to business colleagues, people and businesses have to be a little more careful than when sending them to family and friends, as you're usually not quite as aware of their beliefs and way of thinking, and so it's far better to think in terms of general Christmas subjects than very specific ones.

Now this would be different if you know the people well and are sure that they wouldn't be offended by a certain type of Christmas card that wouldn't apply to them.

For example, to send an orthodox Jew a Christ child card or nativity scene wouldn't be too appropriate, and at minimum would be considered sloppy of you, and could be looked upon as disrespect.

So with that in mind, and possibly uncertainty about those you may give Christmas cards to on the job, it's best to think generally with cards saying things like "seasons greetings" or "happy holidays."

But as I mentioned, that's not relevant for those you know celebrate Christmas as the Christian holiday it is.

The first card below shows a good example of what most would consider a "neutral" Christmas card.

Happy Holidays Business Christmas Card Example

When targeted corporate Christmas cards work

Now having said what I did above, there are times when targeted Christmas cards could work, and that's when you know the recipient of the card likes a certain thing.

If your boss likes golf or hunting, then sending them a golf or animal Christmas card could make sense, as long as you understand they aren't of a different religion where anything given to them at Christmas would be irrelevant or offending.

Many people don't mind receiving Christmas cards, just do a little homework, and if you're not quite sure, just give a general type of card like mentioned above that will at least let them know you're thinking of them without going overboard.

Of course you may know of some people you work with that would really appreciate a targeted Christmas card, and so don't be afraid to go all out with them with giving out your Christmas cards.

Below is another card showing an example of the type of Christmas cards that should work in the majority of corporate or business Christmas card-giving situations.

Seasons Greetings Business Christmas Card Example

Giving business Christmas cards as a manager

If you're a manager or in a position of authority in a business, you should have a pretty good idea who your employees are, assuming the business or unit you work with is small enough to know one another pretty well.

In that case, it shouldn't be too hard to put together a batch of Christmas cards for your people which will delight them and make them appreciative of your efforts.

Again, the key is focusing on general business greetings cards which give a nice salutation but leaves it open to the interpretation of the one receiving it .

In cases where you're unsure, just check with employees that are closer to the worker you may not know as well, and find out if they'd have a problem receiving a Christmas card from you.

New Rules for Giving Christmas Cards from Businesses

We no longer live in the America of the 1960s, and that's the case with many other countries as well. So we unfortunately have to be much more on guard with our actions than we ever have been in the past, and even giving out corporate holiday cards can result in problems if we aren't careful in what we do.

This isn't to create frustration, just to help you understand that business greeting cards, like anything else, can cause problems if we aren't a little cautious in our giving.

Just follow these couple of rules mentioned here and giving a corporate Christmas card to your people or fellow workers should end up being a happy experience and occasion rather than one that ends in disaster.


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