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Clawdeen Wolf Costume

Updated on September 18, 2014

Look Sharp in a Monster High Clawdeen Wolf Costume

With the aid of a Clawdeen Wolf costume, make-up and wig you can step into the fabulous shoes of Monster High doll Clawdeen Wolf.

Find make-up tips and costume suggestions to make a monster transformation into Clawdeen Wolf.

Officially licensed Monster High Clawdeen Wolf costumes are available for both kids and adults; though, there is slightly more selection for the children fans of the character.

If the costumes that are available for purchase you can always go the do it yourself way and put together your own stylish costume.

Photo Credit: Clawdeen Wolf Wig available from The Clawdeen Wolf Wig fits a child comfortably. Attached ears with earings come with the wig to give you the full Monster High Clawdeen Wolf look.

Clawdeen Wolf Costume Inspiration - Introduction to the Monster High doll character

Important Clawdeen Wolf Facts

Who is Clawdeen Wolf?

Clawdeen Wolf is 15 years old daughter of a werewolf (a character in the Monster High franchise). She comes from a big family. Three of her siblings, Clawd, Clawdia and Howleen, are Monster High dolls. The Clawdeen Wolf costume is based on the Basic Clawdeen Wolf Doll

The Clawdeen Wolf costume shows of the Monster High fashionista's style. She is depicted with short shirt, leopard print shirt, and jacket. As she is a wolf her ears sit on the top of her head. Her ears have two piercings in each ear.

Will you make the Clawdeen Wolf Transformation - Will you howl at the moon?

Clawdeen Wolf is the fashion guru of the groups. Does she measure up or do you have another ghoul in mind?

Will you or someone you know be sporting a Clawdeen Wolf Costume

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Clawdeen Wolf Costume - Costume Details

Monster High Clawdeen Wolf Costume - One Color - Medium
Monster High Clawdeen Wolf Costume - One Color - Medium

The Monster High officially liscenced Clawdeen Wolf costume includes jacket with attached shirt, skirt, belt and choker.

Clawdee Wolf costume does not include wig, headband, other jewelry, knee highs or boots depicted in the left picture.


Adult Women Clawdeen Wolf Costume - Become the daughter of the werewolf

For the Adult Monster High Fan

Now Adults can participate in the Monster High costume fun. It is easy to dress up like Clawdeen Wolf with theWomen Deluxe Clawdeen Wolf Costume.

The Deluxe Clawdeen Wolf costume comes with everything you need to become the daughter of the werewolf. Costume includes jacket, shirt, skirt, studded choker and boot tops. Costume is based on Clawdeen Wolf's basic doll attire.

This is an official Monster High costume.

Price: $56.09 USD

Clawdeen Wolf Costume on ebay - Snag a deal

Looking for different price points on the Clawdeen Wolf costume? Try ebay to find a deal on your Clawdeen Wolf Costume needs.

Want to Ditch the Wig?

While the official wig will finish off your Clawdeen Wolf costume you may not want to go that route. Wigs can be itchy and uncomfortable. Some children do not cope well with wearing them. An alternative idea is to style their own natural hair. If they have brown hair you will not have to worry about spraying their hair a different color.

Because Clawdeen is a wolf, her ears are an important characteristic to display. You can make your own set by sculpting a pair of wolf ears out of model magic. When dry just glue the ears onto a headband, preferably brown like the wolf's hair. You can pierce a hole in the ears if you wish to include a pair of earrings on the ears.

Adult Clawdeen Wolf Wig - Monster High Costume Ideas

Monster High Clawdeen Wolf Wig, Red, One Size
Monster High Clawdeen Wolf Wig, Red, One Size

The Adult Clawdeen Wolf Wig is the perfect accompaniment to the Clawdeen Wolf costume. Wig feature the werewolf's brown locks with attached wolf ears


Clawdeen Wolf has an Official New Style

With Clawdeen Wolf being one of the four core characters in the Monster High series it was just a matter of time before Mattel and Monster High released another official costume for the wolf girl. The new costume is based on the Clawdeen Wolf Scaris doll series. The outfit that Clawdeen wears in Scaris City of Fright is supposed to be this fashion forward wolf's own design.

The above the knee purple, black and gold dress is accented with a bright gold belt. Of course, this dress design would feature the color gold as it is said to Clawdeen Wolf's favorite color.

There is no official wig accompanying this particular look but the official signature costume wig would work well.

Clawdeen Wolf Make-Up Tips - Monster High Make-Up Tutorial

Watch as Emma teaches you how to transform you face into Monster High's Clawdeen Wolf.

Emma uses bronzer to get Clawdeen's darker complexion. You could also try using a light brown face paint color to achieve the look as well.

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