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Credit Gift Card - AMEX, VISA, Discover and MasterCard Gift Cards

Updated on February 22, 2011

What is a Credit Gift Card?

A credit gift card (aka) gift credit card, allows people or businesses to give a gift of a prepaid credit card to any recipient. It is basically a gift card that carries either a; Visa, American Express, Discover or MasterCard logo on the card.

Unlike traditional gift cards, gift credit cards offers the recipient flexibility and purchasing power of using their gift card at millions of locations where these logos are accepted and do not confine the recipient to just one store.

They can use their card at department stores, grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, for online shopping, gas etc. where these logos are accepted. Talk about a "One Size Fits All Gift."

Gift Shopping and looking for the Ultimate Gift?

Gift credit cards can surely do the trick when gift shopping for holiday gifts, occasion gifts or business gifts. Its a whole lot easier for the recipient because of its flexibility.

Gift Credit Cards
Gift Credit Cards

If you're gift shopping for someone who has everything, picky teenagers, fastidious adults who are hard to gift shop for; Visa gift cards, Discover gift cards, American Express gift cards, and MasterCard gift cards, is always great option when you’re unsure of what gift, person size, favorite color, or style to buy!

Even Corporates and Businesses seek for the most distinguished tokens of appreciation for; promotion, recognition, rewards or achievements for their well-deserving employees, business associates or even to thank customers for strengthening their business relationship and to encourage their continual business support.

Whatever the reason, whether it’s for personal or business, you’d want to choose credit gifts cards; VISA, AMEX, Discover, MasterCard etc. that will leave clients, employees, families, loved ones and friends happy.

Please Note:

  • Remind recipient or even if you're purchasing a gift credit card for yourself, that the back of the card should be signed by recipient or user. By doing this if one happens to lose their card it can't be used by another individual.
  • Its a good practice to write your card number down in a safe place, just in case its loss or stolen you can give the number to the gift card provider ASAP and cancel the loss/stolen card and get it replaced instead.
  • Some gift credit cards are activated instantly depending on the issuer of the gift card and some will need to be activated by the user.
  • Be careful when buying credit gift cards online! Avoid auction sites online, where gift cards may be obtained fraudulently.

Visa Gift Cards

Visa gift cards carries a wide range of gift cards to choose from offering flexibility, protection, personalizing and for teens, Visa gift cards also offer spending independence and responsibility.

With Visa gift cards, you can also customized your own gift cards and be unique by uploading a photo, resize, add custom message, and place your own photo on the Visa gift cards exactly how you want it. Its also accepted at millions of locations worldwide.

American Express Gift Cards

AMEX carries a wide range of American Express gift cards to select from for any occasion and more importantly there are over a million places that accepts these AMEX cards, online and offline, even in Puerto Rico and the U.S Virgin Islands.

American Express now have available, personalized gift cards and photo gift cards, which makes unique gift ideas, simply upload your favorite photo on the card and make your gift giving special... You can also use American Express gift cards to thank clients or reward employees.

Discover Gift Cards

Discover gift cards make wonderful unique gifts for every occasion and carries a wide range of gift cards to select from, its replaceable if lost or stolen, also you can send a gift card with a matching greeting card for any occasion, you can also add a personal touch by personalizing the gift cards with the recipient's name and customize message.

Discover also have e-gift cards which allows the purchaser to instantly send a gift card to the recipient via email.

Discover gift cards can be used any where Discover logos are accepted online and offline.

MasterCard Gift Card

MasterCard gift cards are quick and easy to use, safer than cash, reloadable, deliver peace of mind and can be used just like debit cards, as well as for activities such as paying bills, shopping, making purchases online.

You can even customize a design for your gift card and MasterCard cards are also accepted at millions of locations worldwide.

With credit gift cards anyone can place a certain amount of money on these gift cards; Visa gift cards, American Express gift cards Discover gift cards or MasterCard gift cards and you can rest assure that these gift credit cards will make unique gift ideas, last minute gifts and usable gifts, allowing recipient flexibility and power of choice to choose whatever they desire.


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