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Cubicle Christmas Decorations

Updated on November 30, 2016

Christmas Decorations for Your Cubicle

Just because you're at work all day doesn't mean that you shouldn't get to enjoy the Christmas holiday!! Miniature Christmas trees and big full wreaths add some much needed green to the office. There's also a whole newer batch of Christmas decorations for your cubicle this - USB powered novelties - snowmen, trees, polar bears, and fiber optics. These plug right into your computer via USB port and brighten up the cube.

Here's some of the fun decorations to spruce up even the dullest of offices.

(All pictures are my own)

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USB Christmas Decorations for Your Cubicle

These are the best! Adorable Christmas decorations that you plug right into the USB port on your computer. I have the miniature green Christmas tree at my desk and I absolutely love it!

You can find all different shapes and designs. You can find polar bears and teddy bears that light up, traditional Christmas trees, wire trees, fiber optic trees and wreaths plus many more!

USB Christmas Tree with Multicolor LEDs
USB Christmas Tree with Multicolor LEDs

Love the colors on this one! They are constantly changing. It's really fun to watch during the day! But don't watch it too long or you'll become dazed and fall asleep at your desk!


These are fun little inexpensive Christmas decorations

My Tree

Sterling 12" LED Lighted USB Burgundy Silver Artificial Table Top Christmas Tree
Sterling 12" LED Lighted USB Burgundy Silver Artificial Table Top Christmas Tree

My tree kind of looks like this one. It's a miniature artificial Christmas tree with big light bulbs on it. I have it sitting on top of my calculator. It's so cheery and festive! One of my favorites things that I've ever bought for my cubicle. It comes on as soon as I start my computer and turns off when the computer shuts down.


Snowmen Add a Warm Winter Chill

Decorations for around the office
Decorations for around the office

Ice Cube Snowman on A Table

The ice cube snowman is my favorite! Again, you can add a little cottony snow fluff and then all the extra snowmen that you've collected over the years and you'll have a nice little wintry scene.

This is a good way to use up the extra Christmas decorations that you don't know what to do with. People give and receive them as gifts and then don't know what to do with them so they sit around the office for years, all over in random places. Put them together and they'll make a nice display.

Snow Filled Village Scene

If you have a little shelf space, villages make for good cubicle decorations
If you have a little shelf space, villages make for good cubicle decorations


If you have a few random Christmas items that you don't know what to do with, buy some cottony snow and put them together to create a little snowy Christmas village scene. Snowmen make perfectly good people to fill up a village scene. You can have a whole town full of them if that's all you have available. No one will even think twice about it.

The Little Blue Tree

Office Christmas Tree
Office Christmas Tree

Tree with a Train

We bought this little tree as an after Christmas clearance item last year but they only had blue or pink. We opted for the blue and it's turned out really pretty so far. Red goes with it okay but the green not so much. We've been able to find a lot of red, blue and silver ornament and we added a few sets of lights. It's so much fun looking at it during the day! We also added a little silver garland around the file cabinets and they look really nice too!

You don't have to spend a fortune decorating your cubicle. We found this great little train and the battery operated lights at a local store that sells things for a dollar. The track didn't stay together very good but for a dollar, we weren't expecting too much. They also have small ornaments there and the garland.

Although it's easy to do with a small tree, try not to overdo it too much. It's easy to all of a sudden have 50 different ornaments that couldn't possibly all fit on such a little tree. A few little candy canes like we did with our tree is really all you need. A couple extra ornaments are nice but 25 more is too much!

A Big Wreath Takes a Little Effort

Pull the big wreath out of the closet, dust it off, and your office will have instant holiday cheer!

A Little Wreath

USB Powered Mini X'mas Christmas Wreath
USB Powered Mini X'mas Christmas Wreath

This little wreath will light up a dark area on your desk. It plugs into your computer and then you just have to find a place to hang it. You can find different colors and different shapes of wreaths that will hang in your cubicle. If you get an adapter to add more USB items, you can have a bunch of these hanging around your cube.


Around the Office, A Wreath Makes Things Bright

Big wreaths or small ones, they all add a lot of Christmas cheer. The office can get to be a very mundane place. It looks the same all year long except for a few weeks around Christmas. It's nice to get that change of scenery.

Fresh Pine Tree

Small trees make great cubicle decorations
Small trees make great cubicle decorations

Pine Branches

If you have a few extra pine branches, you can build up a nice small tree, add a big red bow and a few pine cones and voila! .. a nice Christmas decoration for the office counter.

This Christmas tree could probably use a little sprucing up. It's a nice tree but instead of pine cones, maybe a few small ornaments or a little set of battery operated lights.

Little Trees Pack a Big Punch

Bright Lights

This little tree brightens up the whole room! It may look small but in a drab office, the light it gives off is huge!

Keep it small but keep it bright! Anything bright with a lot of lights will appear larger than it really is. It's one way to make it seem like you have a lot of decorations when you really don't. Wrap up a picture in wrapping paper for a big yet simple change. Add lights along your shelf or around your computer monitor.

Add Garland to Your Knick Knacks


Brighten up your shelves!

I have a little wooden horse that my mom carved for me and by adding the garland, the horse has a nice new festive look! I also have some battery operated lights that I put around him and it brightens up the very drab shelf.

BEWARE! - Even holiday decorations go out of style

Update or Replace Older Decorations

When you only see things once a year, they always look fresh and new. Don't be fooled! Holiday decorations that have gone out of style can add more gloom than cheer. Sometimes it's time to let an old decoration go and replace it with a new one.

In a case like this one, we could take all of the old decorative pieces off the wreath and put new updated ones on. Then we might be able to use it for a few more years. We could give it a new theme that everyone agrees on like a certain color or type of ornaments.

Vintage Christmas Decorations

If you happen to be looking for vintage decorations, go for true vintage.

White Elephant Gifts

Another use for those old Christmas decorations around the office is to use them for white elephant gifts. You can get them out of the office and everyone can get a laugh. You can even change them up like using paper clips and rubber bands as ornaments on the wreaths or small trees.

Christmas Light Show - Enjoy!

Do You Decorate Your Office for the Holidays?

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    • favored profile image

      Fay Favored 

      5 years ago from USA

      Decorating is fun no matter where it is. It's funny how you mentioned some decorations go out of style. It was hard for me not to put up some things after so many years, but it's true, they looked really bad. The memories were the only things holding some of them together :)

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Well, I am semi-retired and work at home in my home office -- but YES, I like to have it decorated for the holidays -- it actually showcases decorations for all the holidays. I love lighted decorations personally!

    • LiteraryMind profile image

      Ellen Gregory 

      5 years ago from Connecticut, USA

      These are really cute. I like your ice cube snowman.


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